Investing in Backup Generator Maintenance in Great Falls, VA Makes Sense

A backup generator is one of the best investments you can make for your business in Great Falls, VA. Having enough power to keep your Great Falls, VA business up and running during a power outage is essential to continue to profit from your business. A few days of being shut down can cost a business lost revenue and employees, lost wages.

It is extremely necessary for periodic backup generator maintenance so that when you need it, it will start up and provide your business in Great Falls, VA the power it needs to continue your company’s daily operations. Installing a backup generator is an expensive investment, so investing in backup generator maintenance just makes good sense.

Setting up a schedule for backup generator maintenance is as simple as calling the team at Pullin Electric. Depending on its use will determine how often you should have it serviced. With that said, if you have just recently installed a backup generator for your Great Falls, VA business, even if you have never experienced a time yet that you have used your generator, it still requires a minimum amount of maintenance.

Your backup generator maintenance schedule for your business in Great Falls, VA should include–

  • Once a week, run the generator to ensure it is operating properly and check to see that there are not any fluid leaks.
  • Once a month, check fluid levels while the engine is cool and make sure the areas around your backup generator are clear of debris. Check the battery charger as well.
  • Once every six months, inspect the enclosure, inspect the belts, lines, hoses and connectors, exhaust system and air filter. Test the battery.
  • Once a year, check the electrical connections flush the cooling system, change the oil and filter, change fuel and air filter, and perform load bank testing and fuel reconditioning if needed. Change spark plugs.

It is recommended that every six months you should have backup generator maintenance by an authorized independent service dealer in Great Falls, VA such as Pullin Electric. The owner’s manual that came with your generator unit will have a routine backup generator maintenance procedures and schedules that you should follow to get the best performance from your generator.

Why a Commercial Electrician is Essential for Manassas, VA Businesses

A commercial business in Manassas, VA needs to ensure that their electrical system is maintained correctly in order to be protected and reliable. It is essential for a Manassas, VA business to have a commercial electrician such as the ones at Pullin Electric to do regular maintenance and have regular electrical inspections to keep their electrical system in excellent condition.

Here are a few reasons why a commercial electrician is essential for your business in Manassas, VA—

Prevents Major Electrical Issues—

Even though your property’s electrical system seems to be running smoothly, there could be serious issues about to happen that you are unaware of. With proper maintenance from a commercial electrician, these issues can be addressed and repaired before your business confronts major problems.

A commercial electrician can diagnose and repair problems that could likely cause major problems that would go unnoticed without regular maintenance or inspections at your business in Manassas, VA.

Keeps Electrical Equipment Reliable—

Whatever kind of commercial business you own or run in Manassas, VA, you rely on your electrical system and equipment every day. It is imperative to properly maintain your electrical system, equipment, appliances, machines, and outlets.

Your commercial electrician can prevent major shutdowns due to malfunctioning equipment and keep your electrical system and equipment functioning to its full potential at all times.

Keeps your Employees and Customers Safe—

Owning a commercial business in Manassas, VA is a great responsibility that can’t be taken lightly. When you have employees that you are responsible for along with customers and tenants, depending on the type of business you own or run, your first accountability is for everyone’s safety.

Any issues you have with your electrical system could result in accidents, fire, and even death. No business owner in Manassas, VA wants to be held accountable for any injuries resulting from a malfunctioning electrical system or equipment. By simply having regular maintenance on your electrical system and any electrical equipment and appliances, you can prevent this from happening.

Pullin Electric is a local family-owned electrical company that services the local businesses in Manassas, VA. With over 35 years of experience with different commercial businesses, they offer high-quality electrical services at a competitive price. Call Pullin Electric for all your business electrical needs.

Industrial Electric Contractor Keeps Potomac, MD Businesses Up and Running

An industrial electric contractor is essential in keeping your Potomac, MD business up and running so you don’t lose profits. Electrical systems at industrial facilities are much more complex because they involve different types of machinery, more sophisticated equipment, high-voltage cables, conductors and transmissions. This requires hiring a professional certified industrial electric contractor in Potomac, MD such as Pullin Electric.

Industrial electric contractors perform maintenance, routine checks, and repairs for industrial facilities on their equipment and circuits so that their business will continue to run smoothly. When you trust a less qualified electrician, your business could result in significant losses, injuries, or even the possibility of someone’s life. Miscalculating the loads that pass through power converters could lead to underloading, which results in inefficiency and could potentially damage expensive equipment and possibly a fire.

Services an industrial electric contractor offers your Potomac, MD business includes—

  • Installing and servicing industrial standby generator power systems
  • Maintaining and servicing energy equipment
  • LED retrofits and new installations
  • Installing sight lighting and lighting control systems
  • Wiring of hazardous locations
  • Wiring for new tenant build-outs
  • Data/low voltage wiring
  • Wiring and installation of switchgear
  • Troubleshooting and service calls
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Service upgrades
  • Automation systems

If you have been considering adding an industrial standby generator for your business in Potomac, MD, your industrial electric contractor is whom you should go to for the installation and for periodic service to maintain your system after it has been installed. Regular maintenance is relevant if you want it at peak performance when you have a power failure. Your industrial electric contractor can guide you into making a better-informed decision about what size generator would keep your business up and running during a power outage.

Proper lighting for employees is essential for them to be productive. Maybe now is the time to check into a better lighting system for your Potomac, MD business and while you are at it, you might want to automate your lighting system to cut down on energy expenses.

Whatever your electrical needs are, call the team at Pullin for you Potomac, MD business and keep your facility up and running at all times.

Keep Your Centreville, VA Home Safer with Home Electric Repair

If you have an outdated electrical system, you could be putting your family in danger. The longer you let these electric repairs go, the higher risk your home in Centreville, VA becomes for residential fires and power outages. Electric repairs can boost your properties value, improve your electrical bill, and give you the confidence that you are living in a safer home.

Lights that keep flickering and breakers that keep triggering could mean that you may need an electric repair to upgrade your wiring. Homes built in the late 1960s and 1970s may be equipped with aluminum wiring because it was more cost-effective than copper at the time and later proved to be reasons for electrical fires. Also, knob and tube wiring in homes that date back to the late 1800s should be replaced. Electric repairs for these wiring issues are essential to your Centreville, VA home’s safety and that of your family’s.

Electric repairs should include upgrading any of the outlets in your Centreville, VA home that are near a water source to GFCI outlets in your kitchen and bathrooms. Also, lighting may be outdated and not be sufficient, which would require electric repairs to upgrade to newer and more efficient lighting for these areas of the home in Centreville, VA. Poor lighting can lead to falls and eyestrain.

Another electric repair you might consider is improving outside lighting at your home in Centreville, VA by adding or replacing older lights to motion sensor lighting and pathway lighting that gives your home extra protection from intruders and increases the safety of your family when coming home in the dark.

Depending on how old your home is in Centreville, VA, you may still have some outlets with only two-prongs, and these should be upgraded to three-prong outlets to accept modern-day devices that require three-prongs. If you notice blackening around any of your outlets, replace these outlets immediately. Quit using these outlets until the electric repair has been done.

Any electric repairs should be done by a licensed electrician such as one of the team associates at Pullin Electric. Their electricians can advise you on any upgrades you should have done at your Centreville, VA home to make your home more efficient and safe for you and your family members.

Why Great Falls, VA Homeowners Should Never Attempt Electric Repairs at Home

Don’t take electric repairs in your own hands. Most Great Falls, VA homeowners are trying to save money by doing projects, including electric repairs, themselves, but working around electricity could be deadly if you don’t know precisely what you are doing.

Protect your family from the risk of electrical fires or electrocution and hire a licensed electrician for any electric repairs at your home in Great Falls, VA. Electricity is something that unless you are qualified and licensed, you should not attempt to try and fix if something is not working correctly.

Residential homes in Great Falls, VA average 110 volts for lighting and power outlets which can give you quite a jolt. However, certain appliances such as dryers and ovens can reach 240 volts, which is a deadly amount of current.

Often times a do-it-yourselfer will turn off the power at the breaker box and then someone comes along and turns it back on not knowing that someone was working on the electrical circuit or they turn off the wrong breaker. For this reason, an inexperienced, do-it-yourselfer should not attempt any electric repairs for around their home in Great Falls, VA.

Doing any electric repair around the home can lead to an electrical fire if you aren’t sure of what you are doing. With building codes changing, it is hard for a homeowner to know what is safe and what isn’t nowadays. When you hire a qualified, licensed electrician, this guarantees that the electrician has gone through years of training to learn how to work with electricity safely.

Most electrical work in Great Falls, VA homes need to pass inspection, although minor electric repairs shouldn’t present a problem. When you hire a professional electrician, you should have peace of mind the electric repairs will pass an inspection. This way if you ever go to sell your home, you can rest assured that you shouldn’t run into any problems with it not passing a home inspection.

Call the team at Pullin Electric for your electric repairs that need to be done around your home in Great Falls, VA. Pullin Electric is a family-owned business which has been servicing homes in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. metro area for over 35 years.

Why Backup Generator Maintenance is Essential for Homes in Potomac, MD

Backup generators are becoming the norm for homeowners in Potomac, MD, an essential need for all residential properties of all shapes and sizes. All across the country generators are become a necessity.

As you know, most Potomac, MD homeowners don’t want to do without their generator so regular backup generator maintenance should be scheduled to keep it up and running. Investing in a backup generator will do you no good unless it is adequately maintained.

Generators provide a solution to unwanted situations such as power outages, by continuing to keep your electrical system running at your Potomac, MD home once the power grid is out and until it restores power; however, they do require a little bit of TLC for several reasons such as—

  • Functions Properly—Backup generator maintenance will keep your generator functioning to its optimal potential. Just a periodic inspection, oil, filter and coolant change and a few minor adjustments should keep your generator working well. Backup generator maintenance is the only way to guarantee it will perform when you need it most and for more extended periods if need be.
  • Fuel Alert—With backup generator maintenance for your Potomac, MD home generator, you can keep better track of the type fuel your generator runs off of with regular backup generator maintenance.
  • Carbon Monoxide Protection—If your Potomac, MD home generator is not functioning correctly, it has the capability to produce carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that when breathed in, can be fatal. Not having regular backup generator maintenance puts you at risk for it to possibly produce and release excess carbon monoxide in your Potomac, MD home. This can lead to slow carbon monoxide poisoning for your family members.

Protect your investment by always having backup generator maintenance at your home in Potomac, MD. Nothing would be worse than to invest all that money and not have it running at full speed when you desperately need it. Contact the team at Pullin Electric for all your generator needs—sales, installation, or maintenance. Pullin Electric does it all.



Know the Importance of Outdoor Lighting with an Electrician in McLean, VA

Have you ever thought about exterior lighting for your home in McLean, VA.? It just makes good sense to be able to see outside your home as well as inside your home at all times. There are plenty of important reasons electricians recommend homeowners to add functional exterior lighting to their McLean, VA homes.

  • Safety— Most accidents happen at home and quite often in the dark. McLean, VA electricians recommend outdoor lighting for pathways so families can see late at night to get in and out of the house. High traffic areas such as decks, outdoor seating, or around swimming pools should definitely have outdoor lighting installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Radiance—Lighting up the outside of your house is especially nice when you are entertaining guests, and they aren’t familiar with the layout of your property. It is also a great way to illuminate light on your deck so that you can still grill late into the evening. This helps to prevent accidents from happening around your McLean, VA home. Your electrician can recommend lights that would best suit your landscaping.
  • Curb Appeal—The right lighting can showcase your home in the areas you want people to see, and it can take the focus off the areas you don’t want to be seen. Outdoor landscape lighting adds to your home’s curb appeal and will add significant value to your home as well. Work with an electrician for ideas of how to add curb appeal with outdoor lighting at your home in McLean, VA.
  • Security—One of the main reasons any electrician will recommend outdoor lighting for homes in McLean, VA is to add security for you and your family. Most criminals are looking for a dark area where they are not easily seen when they are burglarizing or vandalizing a neighborhood. Moreover, when a home is lit up like a Christmas tree, they usually move on to another home.

Another thing your electrician may recommend for your McLean, VA home is home automation where you can put your lights on sensors or timers to come on at a certain time or to come on when someone walks by. You can even control your lighting with your fingertip and your cell phone. Call the team at Pullin Electric for all the details about outdoor lighting for your home in McLean, VA.


The Thought Process for Home Automation in McLean, VA

Should you? Are you ready for the latest technology? Are you willing to learn how to turn on your lights a different way than flipping the switch on the wall? Reprogramming yourself to do things differently may take some time, or if you are tech savvy, you may already know how it works and what you might possibly want for your home automation system in McLean, VA.

Whatever thought process you have going on with deciding on home automation in McLean, VA, once you do it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Probably the biggest reasons that McLean, VA homeowners give for installing a home automation system is for the safety it offers them and their families, second reason would probably be savings.

Savings—Smart lightbulbs and smart thermostats save energy, which eventually may cut your monthly electric bill.

Security—The first thoughts usually when someone is pondering about a home automation system for their home in McLean, VA is the cost. However, for the well-being of one’s family, most homeowners overlook costs, especially when it comes to their home and family’s security.

Convenience—Anyone with home automation will definitely boast about its convenience. With so many different smart devices out there today, you can almost control anything from your phone. You can set your smart locks to switch on your smart lighting when you unlock your door.

Control—Nothing beats knowing exactly what is going on at your McLean, VA home while you are away. With security cameras placed throughout your home indoors and out, you can watch from your smartphone who dropped off your package at the front door, who your children bring home from school, and know exactly what time your children arrive home from school.

Among all of the thoughts, you may have on home automation, knowing the peace of mind it can give homeowners far surpasses any costs involved. You don’t have to go full blast, add a few devices at a time and in a couple of years, you’ll have it the way you want it. Or then again, if you are tech savvy, you may just keep adding to your home automation in McLean, VA.

Why a Commercial Electrician is Significant for Businesses in Centreville, VA

Whatever type of business you have in Centreville, VA, the most important resources you have to run the business is electricity. Daily operations of any business require electricity, and it should be one of your biggest safety concerns for your building and employees as well as customers or vendors who you deal with regularly. Having a commercial electrician on your speed dial is significant for your Centreville, VA business to operate effectively and efficiently.

Reasons why you should have regular electrical maintenance for your Centreville, VA business by a commercial electrician include—

Safety—Owning and operating a business in Centreville, VA comes with great responsibility, and one of those responsibilities that should be high on your priority list is keeping your property safe for your employees, customers, and vendors that you do business with. Prevention is the key to keeping your property safe. A commercial electrician can maintain your electrical machines, appliances, equipment, lighting, and outlets to keep your business safe at all times.

Reliable—Any Centreville, VA business you run or own needs to have reliable equipment to continue to generate income. A commercial electrician can keep your electrical system and any equipment or machines running with periodic maintenance. Maintaining your equipment might also extend the lifetime of your equipment and appliances.

When you deal with a company such as Pullin Electric, their commercial electricians are familiar with your business’s electrical system and can inform you of any issues that they see or any upgrades they feel should be made to your electrical system or equipment. Identifying repairs before they become serious issues is best done when you deal with the same commercial electrician for your business.

A commercial electrician can diagnose and repair any problems that might otherwise go unnoticed and could cause critical problems, including a major fire at your Centreville, VA business. Catching problems before major issues do damage to your property is the best prevention you can provide to your employees and customers. The last thing you want is to be held accountable for damages or injuries that could have been prevented.

Home Wiring Repairs for Your Home in McLean, VA

Homeowners in McLean, VA who own older homes experience strains on their electric system with newer, hungrier appliances and electronics. Older homes in McLean, VA were not designed to power all of the gadgets that most families try to power today.

If you find you have a tangled web of extension cords and power strips coming from a single outlet, you may need some home wiring repairs to add additional outlets to your McLean, VA home. It is unsafe to run extension cords through the house.

Frequent and straightforward home wiring repairs might be to replace light fixtures to handle bulbs with a higher wattage. Never use higher wattage bulbs in light fixtures designed for lower wattage bulbs. The heat from the bulb can melt the socket and wires increasing the risk of arcing, which can cause an electrical fire. When this happens, you will be left with home wiring repairs that might consist of replacing the wiring in your McLean, VA home and possibly a whole lot more repairs if your home catches fire.

Other frequent home wiring repairs for homeowners in McLean, VA with older homes might be to replace older outlets with GFCIs anywhere there is an increased risk of electrocution because of wet areas such as bathtubs and sinks, and kitchen sinks. Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) shut down circuits before current can cause a deadly shock, within four milliseconds. All outside, garage and basement outlets should be replaced as well. These home wiring repairs are something that most any do- it-yourselfer can do.

Most of your newer electrical devices are using 3-prong plugs. Some McLean, VA older homes have not been upgraded to accept these plugs. Home wiring repairs to replace these receptacles will bring you up to date so that any device you purchase, your electrical system can handle it.

You might want to consult with an electrician if you are not sure about your electrical wiring system. Some older homes in McLean, VA may need more than just simple home wiring repairs and for that, call the team at Pullin Electric, and they can help you with your electrical system updates and bring you up to code.