End the Stress with a Kohler Backup Generator in Potomac, MD

Severe weather is the number one reason for power outages in Potomac, MD. These outages have increased dramatically over the past decade causing hardships for many homeowners. With a Kohler backup generator installed at your Potomac, MD home you will no longer have to be stressed out about the next major power outage.

A Kohler backup generator plus installation normally starts under $6000. You might prefer just a simple, more economical unit and installation that will only provide backup for the bare essentials such as your refrigerator, furnace and sump pump. Alternatively, maybe you are looking for whole house coverage during an outage because you want to have your entire home powered.

Whatever coverage you are looking for, there is a Kohler backup generator unit to meet your family’s needs during any power outage at your home in Potomac, MD.

During any power outage, most Potomac, MD homeowners get really stressed out because, for one, you do not know when your power will be restored and second, without a time frame on restoration of power, you are at a loss as to what you should do.

A couple of hours without power will not cause frozen pipes or spoil all your food in the refrigerator. Power companies are fairly adequate in giving you a time frame, but in the case of a major power outage in a large area, you can be waiting for days to have your power restored which can cause a lot of damage to your property.

A Kohler backup generator installed at your Potomac, MD home can relieve any stress for future outages for you and your family. Pullin Electric, a Kohler backup generator dealer, will be glad to come to your home and give you a free in-home assessment.

This assessment will give you an idea of the correct size generator you need for your Potomac, MD home based on your individual requirements that you need to be powered during an outage, not based on just the size of your home.

Pullin Electric will provide you with a free no-obligation quote that includes the size Kohler backup generator that will service your needs during an outage and the price of the installation. Call them today and be on your way to a stress-free power outage the next time one hits your home in Potomac, MD.