What is a Smart Home and What Can it Do for Your Home in Manassas, VA?

Smart Home technology, also referred to as home automation provides Manassas, VA homeowners comfort, security, convenience, and energy efficiency by allowing them to control smart devices with a smart home app from their Smartphone, tablet, or other networked devices.  

The term “Smart Home” is commonly used to describe a Manassas, VA home which has lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, appliances, entertainment centers, and security systems with cameras that can communicate with each other. These devices can be controlled remotely from any room within your Manassas, VA home as well as any other place such as at the office, at school, out shopping or on a remote vacation off some island in the Bahamas, actually anywhere in the world where you can hook up to wifi.

The Jetsons debuted on primetime TV in the fall of 1962. Americans who tuned in were dreaming that would be their future one day and here we are 56 years later. Some of the same technology introduced in the few seasons that the Jetsons aired on TV is now present and even more will come in the future. At this time, we aren’t flying in our cars (unless you are going over the speed limit) or live above the clouds.

Let’s see some of the smart home technology that Manassas, VA homeowners now have that the Jetsons got to enjoy.

  • Video calling was the only way the Jetsons communicated, but their video equipment was quite bulky compared to the compact hand-held devices we use today. People now use apps such as Facetime, Skype, and Messenger. There are other video calling platforms as well. These can be used on cell phones or computers. This technology is replacing going to work for meetings; most are turning to video calling from the comfort of their Manassas, VA homes. This smart home technology has come a long way since the Jetsons.

  • Robot Vacuums are popular in smart homes in Manassas, VA. Preset a robot vacuum such as the Roomba to come on at a set time or set it manually if you need a quick cleanup.

Turn your Manassas, VA home into a Smart Home and start controlling your lighting, appliances, thermostats, blinds, security cameras, TVs, speakers, locks, and irrigation, all from the palm of your hand.

When to Call an Electrician for Home Electric Repairs in Potomac, MD

Although some homeowners take on the task of a few minor electric repairs around their homes in Potomac, MD, some electric repairs should only be performed by a licensed electrician, such as the ones from Pullin Electric. The dangers of electricity can be a fatal disaster so why put your family members at risk to take on an electric repair that you are not sure how to do.

Some electrical issues that you may face one day but should never attempt on your own include—

  • If you notice that an outlet is burned, smoking, or sparking at your Potomac, MD home, now is the time to call in a professional electrician. Electric repairs such as this could mean your electrical circuit is overloaded and has sent a risky surge of energy to the outlet. Your electric repair may entail the need for rewiring services, and this should only be done by an electrician.
  • Some older homes in Potomac, MD do not have the capacity that is needed to power certain modern, electrical devices and will constantly trip different circuits in your home when used. Any rewiring should be done by a licensed electrician. It could be that just the circuit itself needs to be rewired or it could indicate that you need major rewiring done at your Potomac, MD home.

If you live in an older home in Potomac, MD, more than likely, you do not have GFI outlets installed at your home. Anytime you update your home with new outlets, it should be done with a GFI unit (Ground Fault Interrupter). These electrical outlets are designed to keep your electrical circuits grounded even if the outlet is overloaded.

Any electric repair that pertains to the electrical panel box and most definitely where the electrical wires come into your house in Potomac, MD should always be done by a professional, licensed electrician. These are areas of electric repairs that you should never attempt to do. Electricity is a dangerous area that you never want to think, “I can do this.”

Regular Service Saves on Home Generator Repair in Manassas, VA

During a power outage in Manassas, VA, having a home generator can be a great relief. A generator can power anything from a sump pump to a charger for cell phones. It can also provide power to run a refrigerator or freezer, your heating or air conditioning unit and anything in-between. As a generator owner in Manassas, VA you know that in order for it to work, occasionally a home generator repair may be needed. You want to make sure it is operating properly at all times, so it is available when you have a power outage.

A home generator repair cost in Manassas, VA depends on the type of generator, the parts that need to be replaced, and the fuel type of your home generator. Generators come in many different sizes. The larger generator models are much more complicated and more expensive when it comes to home generator repairs. Smaller ones will cost less.

Your home generator is either fueled by propane or natural gas and is hardwired into the electrical system at your home in Manassas, VA. It starts automatically whenever the power goes out and then the power is cut off to the generator whenever the power comes back on.

You should run a brief test every week so that you know it is working properly. To avoid unnecessary home generator repairs make sure your unit outside is clear of debris and keep the battery terminals tight and clean. Check and change the oil, replace the air filter and spark plug according to your owner’s manual service schedule. Always have your home generator serviced by an authorized service dealer in Manassas, VA such as Pullin Electric. Regular service can save on costly repair bills.

Any home generator repair should be done by an authorized service dealer to make sure the repairs are done properly. By having a licensed professional such as Pullin Electric to handle your home generator repairs, you can rest assured that whenever your power goes out, you will still be able to enjoy the comforts of home in Manassas, VA.

Necessary home generator repairs will keep your generator working at all times so you will never have to be inconvenienced.

What Homeowners in Manassas, VA Need to Know About Electric Installation

Do you pick up the phone every time you need an electric installation for some new gadget or appliance you bought? Maybe it is time to tackle some of your own home wiring projects. Learning some of the basics of home wiring will help you to understand the different types of wires that you will find behind your wall in light switches, outlets and some appliances.

Wiring for homes in Manassas, VA must accommodate the load it needs to carry and the elements it is exposed to. Some wires are designed to be used indoors, while others are used outside, some even buried in the ground.

For electric installations at your home in Manassas, VA you will need to know the variety of colors that wiring includes such as the black, red, blue, and yellow wires are hot and green is most often the ground.

One of the most common electric installations you will want to do at your home in Manassas, VA is installing an outlet. You may also want to understand how to wire a split outlet in case you want to be able to plug a lamp into an outlet and turn it on from a wall switch.


A light switch is another electric installation you might want to attempt on your own. Most homes in Manassas, VA have what is called a single pole switch. You may even run into a three-way switch.

One electric installation at your Manassas, VA home you never want to mess with is when you need to install a new electric panel box. This should be left up to the experts. Always hire a certified electrician such as the team at Pullin Electric.

The electric panel box is the hub for your entire Manassas, VA home’s electricity. Make sure to label each breaker and update if any changes are made. This makes it easier to work on later so you know the outlet you are working is turned off safely. It is best to put a piece of colored tape on the panel box so that someone else doesn’t come along and flip the switch back on while you are working on an electric installation such as a switch or outlet, installing a ceiling fan or wall or ceiling light at your home in Manassas, VA.