Must Do Electrical Repairs for Manassas, VA Homes Using Two-prong Outlets

Older homes which were built prior to the late 1960s and whose electrical systems have not been updated probably still have two-prong outlets and need some much needed electrical repairs. Some Manassas, VA homeowners only tend to replace the ones they use most often because most of the new appliances all use the three prong outlets. Many times homeowners may only change the two-prong outlets into a three-prong outlet when they want to plug in more modern devices and the rest they use for older two-prong devices.

A lot of Manassas, VA homeowners who live in these older homes with two-prong outlets have chosen to use what is called a “cheater plug.” This is an adapter with three-prongs plugged into a two-prong outlet so that you can use for your three-prong appliances. Is this safe? Not really.

Why? Two-prong outlets are not grounded which means they do not have an extra “ground” wire which protects your electrical surges. It puts you and your family at a higher risk of danger. A better option would be for electrical repairs to replace any existing two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets.

What could possibly happen if the proper electrical repairs are not done for your Manassas, VA home to replace two-prong outlets?

  • Electrical shock
  • Damaged devices
  • Electrical fire

What are the two options for electrical repairs when upgrading a two-prong outlet?

  1. The safest option for the electrical repair requires running a ground wire from the main electrical panel to the two-prong outlet and any additional ones that need to be replaced. This should always be done by a Manassas, VA licensed electrician. Never attempt to do any electrical repairs yourself which involve your electrical panel box.
  2. An alternative option to adding a ground wire would be to add ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) at your Manassas, VA home. Even though the outlet will still be “ungrounded,” the GFCI monitors the flow of electricity that travels to the outlet and cuts off the power to the outlet when the voltage gets too high.

Call the team at Pullin Electric in Manassas, VA, and they will be happy to help you with any electrical repairs you need. Bring your outlets up to date before it’s too late. With the correct electrical repairs, you can enjoy peace of mind when you use your outlets.

A Smart Home System for Elderly Homeowners in Centreville, VA

In order for those Centreville, VA residents with disabilities to foster self-reliance and be able to live the life they want, having a truly accessible home with smart home systems will certainly give them an added advantage and convenience.
If you or a member of your family has a specific disability, you might consider using some of these devices for a smart home system at your Centreville, VA home—

Smart Automated Lighting

Reduce falls in high-risk areas such as stairways, bathrooms, and hallways by installing motion sensor lights as part of your smart home system in Centreville, VA. Lights automatically turn on once a disabled or elderly adult enters the space and then turns off once they leave the space. This also saves on energy loss as well as protecting against dangerous falls.

Smart Programmable Thermostats

Adding smart thermostats to your smart home system for your Centreville, VA home enables the temperature to be automatically regulated. For those retirees who may do a lot of traveling, you can control the temperature at your home from your Smartphone. For elderly homeowners who live on a fixed income, having programmable thermostats are a great way to lower your energy bills.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can provide elderly or disabled homeowners extra security along with convenience. Locks can be opened remotely, and it can allow guests to enter your home if you can’t be there.

Smart Security Systems

Security systems as part of a smart home system can provide elderly or disabled residents with added peace of mind whether at home or away from home. Door and window sensors are controlled and monitored by a Smartphone. Adding security cameras will allow you to see who is in your home or outside your home in Centreville, VA, depending on the place cameras are located. What better way to keep an eye on your home while you are cruising around the world.

Smart Shades

Some elderly people with certain restricted mobility find it hard to open and close their window shades. Adding smart blinds or shades to their smart home system at their home in Centreville, VA will make this job much easier by just using an app on their Smartphone.

These are just a few of the basic devices that Centreville, VA homeowners can incorporate into a smart home system.