Indicators When Businesses Could Use Commercial Electricians in Manassas, VA

If you own a business in Manassas, VA what indicators have you noticed that commercial electricians are needed for your facility? Several things can be indicators that should not be overlooked such as—

  • The same light bulbs burn out more frequently than others.
  • The breakers in your panel box are constantly flipping off.
  • You have several outlets that do not work.
  • Some of your appliances either don’t work or overheat.
  • You have exposed electrical wires in your facility.
  • You are not sure if your facility’s electrical system is up to code.

Any of these indicators are reasons you need commercial electricians to provide their expert knowledge and workmanship. Your employees deserve a safe place to work, and your customers need a safe place to do business at your Manassas, VA business facility. Putting off electrical repairs can be detrimental to the future of your business and a great risk to workers and customers.

Commercial electricians can inspect your electrical system and advise you of any updates required to bring your building up to code. They are also whom you want to turn to whenever you are upgrading any equipment, remodeling, or adding additional space to your building in Manassas, VA.

Your Manassas, VA business should always have commercial electricians whom you can call for any emergency situations that arise. Dealing with the same electricians such as the ones at Pullin Electric will guarantee your business will be well taken care of for all your electrical needs. Once established, a commercial electrician will be familiar with your electrical system and can better help your situation.

Pullin Electric can also install a commercial standby generator for your company to keep your Manassas, VA business up and running at all times. A generator will provide electrical power to your facility in the event of a power loss in your area. The commercial electricians at Pullin electric are equipped to handle the installation process as well as any routine maintenance, and they offer 24/7 emergency service for their standby generator customers which gives you that extra bit of confidence that your business deserves in Manassas, VA.

Why Businesses Depend on a Commercial Electric Contractor in McLean, VA

If you are running a commercial business in McLean, VA, you are responsible for maintaining all aspects of the business. You want to make sure the building is structurally sound and in good shape so that it represents a pleasant place for customers to come and employees to work. Even though you may cut a few corners, the one thing you never want to cut corners is on your building’s electrical system. Every business owner in McLean, VA should have a commercial electric contractor that they can depend on especially in an emergency.

A commercial electric contractor can make necessary repairs at your McLean, VA business as well as rewire your electrical system if deemed necessary to bring your building up to code. If you are adding an addition to your facility, you will want a commercial electric contractor to do the job. Wiring a business is different from wiring a residential home. A commercial electric contractor is up to date on regulations and codes that come into play.

A McLean, VA commercial electric contractor can offer your business these electrical services—

Inspect your overall electrical system and make the necessary upgrades

  • Make the necessary changes to office wiring when upgrading equipment
  • Install and maintain standby generators to keep your business up and running at all times
  • Repair and upgrade new tenants in retail and office spaces
  • Install outside lighting to keep your parking lots well lit for the safety of your employees and customers
  • Diagnose and repair electrical failure problems

If you are interested in automating your business in McLean, VA, Pullin Electric is a commercial electric contractor that can help you with that as well. Securing your building once everyone has left for the day is imperative to staying in business. If you depend on other employees to secure your building, more than likely they do a great job. However, to add additional security, you might want to invest in a security system that you can control from the palm of your hand, on your Smartphone.

Pullin Electric is a commercial electrical contractor servicing the McLean, VA area, a family-owned business offering high-quality products and excellent service for your business needs.

How Businesses Survive with an Industrial Power Generator in Centreville, VA

With an industrial power generator for your Centreville, VA facility, your business can survive and no longer has to be without power when there is a major power outage in the area. The team at Pullin Electric provides the professional sale of industrial power generators along with installation and service once installed. Besides the excellent customer service Pullin Electric offers its customers, they also provide 24/7 emergency service to ensure your business will have uninterrupted access to reliable emergency power.

Pullin Electric is a dealer for both Generac and Kohler industrial power generator systems. These generators are built to power any application such as airports, hospitals, gas stations, data centers and much more. Whatever your industrial power generator needs to power, you can’t go wrong with Pullin Electric to keep your Centreville, VA facility up and running under the worst conditions of power outages.

Industrial power generators for businesses in Centreville, VA are developed to ensure a continuous supply of power in the event of the failure of grid systems. These generators have the ability to guarantee efficient performance in cases when there is a break in the electric supply.

Some Centreville, VA businesses have to rely on emergency power generators such as airports, hospitals, and hotels. Many other businesses as well are turning to industrial power generators so that they do not lose revenue. The food industries experience major food spoilage whenever there is an outage for any length of time. Having an emergency generator keeps restaurants and hotels up and running to service customers who have lost power at home and need a warm meal or someplace to go to get warm or spend the night until their electric has been restored.

Medical facilities in Centreville, VA have to maintain care for their patients or lives could be at stake if their facility was not equipped with a standby generator. Heating and cooling systems, lighting systems and life support machinery would not operate without the proper industrial power generators for these businesses.

Call today and inquire about an industrial power generator for your Centreville, VA facility so that your business doesn’t suffer for the inconveniences and lose revenue when the power goes out.

Industrial Electric Contractors Keep McLean, VA Businesses Up and Running

An industrial electric contractor is critical to keeping businesses up and running in McLean, VA. Being able to interpret drawings and blueprints and understand electrical codes are skills that an industrial electric contractors need to have to install, replace or repair wiring, conduits, fixtures and lighting and other electrical components for your business facility in McLean, VA.

The skills needed to service electrical equipment and install new equipment is vital to your business, and that is exactly why you will at some point need an industrial electric contractor to keep you in business. You may have a new addition or faulty equipment repair that you will need to rely on an industrial electrician.

Industrial electric contractors in McLean, VA work within the structures of the industrial facilities such as manufacturing and production plants. This takes skills far beyond your regular electrician. Production plants in McLean, VA often purchase new machines, mostly large-scaled that need special skills of an industrial electric contractor to assemble and have them function day in and day out in a productive and reliable way. This is high powered electrical equipment, and quite often, industrial electricians are needed for repairs or troubleshooting to keep it up and running.

Some things you might need an industrial electric contractor for at your business in McLean, VA include installing, repairing and maintaining electric motors, regulators, generators, switchgear, and transformers plus switch boxes, electrical wiring and various other electrical equipment for your business.

Industrial electric contractors know the importance of safety, especially when setting up industrial facilities in McLean, VA. Pullin Electric is an industrial electric contractor servicing the McLean, VA area that can help you with all your industrial electrical needs rather small or large. They will make sure your business can run smoothly while putting the welfare of your workers and employees safety first and foremost.

Give Pullin Electric a call for any electrical problems that you have at your business facility. Pullin Electric has been servicing the McLean, VA area for over 35 years and is well known for quality workmanship. These are the experts you want to trust your business to.

Preparing for Outages with a Generator Installation for Potomac, MD Homes

Having an emergency standby generator installation for your home in Potomac, MD will supply power during an outage in your area. These generator installations are permanently connected appliances that will operate automatically whenever the utility power supply is interrupted. It will begin to supply your Potomac, MD home with power seconds after the power outage occurs.

Most generator installations for homes in Potomac, MD operate either off of natural gas or propane gas (LP gas) depending on what is available in your area. A generator installation is a relatively large project and requires several trade skills; therefore, you should always hire a professional such as the team at Pullin Electric who have years of experience with generators. They are an authorized Generac generator dealer who provides sales, service and the installation of residential and commercial generators for homes and businesses in the Potomac, MD area.

You will first need to determine the size generator that will be right for your Potomac, MD home. Outages can last for a couple of hours, days or even weeks so you should envision being without electricity for long periods and what you can and cannot live without. Consider which appliances such as your refrigerator, freezer, heating and air-conditioning unit that you will definitely need during an outage. Food is costly to replace and depending on the time of year, why be miserable in cold or hot weather when you can remain comfortable with a new generator.

A professional generator dealer like Pullin Electic will come to your home and access the number of appliances and circuits you will need to be comfortable when you lose power. More and more people are working from home these days and can’t afford to go without power too long. A generator installation will help make your life and your family’s much, much easier.

A generator installation will require an electrician to connect the generator to your electrical panel at your home in Potomac, MD. It also requires your natural gas or propane provider to connect the generator to your fuel source. Call Pullin Electric for your generator installation for your home in Potomac, MD and be prepared for the next outage.



When to Call an Electrician for Great Falls, VA Homes Built Before 1970

Unless you are an electrician, leave all electrical work at your older Great Falls, VA home to a professional electrician. Sure there are minor electrical issues you might be able to take care of on your own, but to be completely safe, it is always best to hire a certified electrician. Anytime you own an older house, there could be electrical dangers that are hidden in your home which you may know nothing about.

Hidden Dangers of Older Great Falls, VA Homes

Knob and Tube Wiring—This particular type of electrical wiring was used between the years of 1800 to 1930 in Great Falls, VA homes. Wiring runs through ceramic tubing and then is connected to knobs which prevent it from coming in contact with wood framing. If you notice this type of wiring in your older Great Falls, VA home, you should highly consider having your entire home rewired by an electrician. Knob and tube wiring is not safe and is considered a fire hazard because it is not a grounded system. It is recommended to call a professional electrician such as the team at Pullin Electric.

Arc Faults—An arc fault happens when electricity is unintentionally released from wiring or cords.

Common causes of arc faults include—

Damaged cords or wires which are caused by age, heat, or rodents.

  • Pierced wires come from nails or screws pierced into the wiring behind hidden walls or from a chair sitting on extension cords.
  • Overheated wires or cords come from too many lights or appliances connected to one circuit causing your fuse box or circuit breaker to trip.
  • Improper electrical connections could be from a loose connection in an outlet or light switch.  

No GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)—Any electrical outlet close to water at your home in Great Falls, VA should have GFCIs installed by a certified electrician. These improve the safety of your outlet by continuously monitoring the electrical flow in and out of the circuit. These should be installed in all bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any other room in your Great Falls, VA home where the outlet could come in contact with water.

These new outlets should be installed by a professional Great Falls, VA electrician.

Reasons to Hire an Electrician for Electric Repair in McLean, VA

Even though you may be one of the do-it-yourself homeowners in McLean, VA who attempts to do all things pertaining to home repairs or new projects for the home, there are plenty of reasons you should leave electric repairs to a professional electrician.

Concerns for Safety—Any electric repair that you have done at your home in McLean, VA should be done by a licensed electrician. Electricity can be dangerous and even fatal if you do not know precisely what you are doing. Don’t chance it. Hire a professional electrician.

Long-term Safety Concerns—When novice do-it-yourself homeowners in McLean, VA attempt to do an electric repair thinking they know how to do it when they are not 100% sure, often times it works fine for a while. However, too many times, these do-it-yourself electric repairs lead to safety hazards which can include fires, electric shock, and other risks at your McLean, VA home.

Less Stress—Working with electricity can be extremely complicated, and you might get in over your head or try to shorten the process. You might possibly get into other circuits you weren’t aware of while thinking its okay, only to cause more problems for yourself, more stress, and more money to have your failed electric repair redone correctly by a licensed electrician.

Saves Money in the Long Run—Depending on the age of your home, hiring a professional electrician could save you in the long run. Yes, you are paying him for an electric repair you needed, but while the electrician is at your McLean, VA home, he might make some major recommendations to you about bringing your electrical system up to code that could save you a lot on future utility bills. It might take a period of time to recoup whatever upgrades he might suggest, but one day it will pay off. Not to mention, your house would be up to code and much safer.

Pullen Electric is a local company who services the McLean, VA area. Electric repairs by the team at Pullin Electric will guarantee you the best-quality electrical services in the area. They offer an array of services from electric repairs and full-house wiring to home backup generators and automated home systems.

Why Homeowners in Potomac, MD Benefit from Hiring a Licensed Electrician

If you are a Potomac, MD homeowner, your first concern for your family is their safety. Even though most Potomac, MD homeowners, like everyone else, are trying to cut back on expenses of running their household, cutting back on their family’s safety is not even in the equation. When it comes to anything electrical, most often these homeowners protect their families by hiring a licensed electrician for anything pertaining to electricity.

What happens if you attempt to do some electrical work around your home in Potomac, MD and it fails? Unlike the do-it-yourself home projects like building a bookshelf for your home office or a workbench for your garage, if you don’t get it right with electricity, you could actually burn your house down.

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Electrician

  • Safety—Licensed electricians have the knowledge to do the job and do it right. A licensed electrician does work according to the safety guidelines set by the National Electrical Code.
  • Troubleshooting—You may have an issue at your home in Potomac, MD such as lights flickering and you don’t know why. If you live in an older home, the wiring may need to be brought up to code. An electrician can troubleshoot the issue and diagnose the problem better than a novice do-it-yourselfer. Homeowners in Potomac, MD know hiring an electrician will save them time and money while ensuring their family’s safety.
  • Protection of Equipment—Poorly designed circuits or those that are worn can damage appliances or electronics. A licensed electrician in Potomac, MD has the proper equipment to test your electrical system and recommend any upgrades or repairs you might need to make your home safer.
  • Guarantee—Hiring an electrician will guarantee the job is done correctly. Most companies will come back out later if you develop any problems with any repairs done by the company.
  • Experience—Homeowners who just dabble in home repairs do not have the knowledge or skills of a licensed electrician. These electricians have years of hands-on experience that is necessary to get the job done properly and safely.

Pullin electric has 35 years of experience in specialized electrical expertise is new construction wiring; installation of home generators, security lighting, and home automation systems; and diagnosis and repair of electrical systems. They provide high-quality service at a competitive price for their customers in Potomac, MD.


Why You Might Need Electric Repair Service in McLean, VA

Whenever you own a home or business in McLean, VA there is always a certain amount of electric repair service that will eventually be needed from a professional electrician. The team at Pullin Electric handle many of the electric repair services that you will need for your McLean, VA home or business. Some of these services include—

Residential Services

  • Home standby power generators
  • Security lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Appliance installations
  • Security video cameras, DVR and smart home systems
  •  Service upgrades
  •  Additions and renovation wiring
  • Wiring for septic and well water systems
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance

Commercial Services

  • Commercial standby generator power systems
  • Wiring for tenant build outs
  • Limited energy systems
  • Site lighting and lighting control systems
  • Wiring for hazardous locations
  • Data/low voltage wiring
  • LED retrofits and new installations
  • Installation and wiring of switchgear
  • Energy equipment maintenance and service

Electric repair services done by the professionals at Pullin Electric will guarantee safer electrical systems for McLean, VA businesses and homes.

As a homeowner, you may wish to upgrade your electrical system, or maybe you are interested in the latest home automation system. Other electric repair services that most homeowners will definitely want to have done is upgrading any outlet in their home that is close to water with the latest GFCI outlets.

If your breakers in your panel box keep switching off, you might need to have an electrician come to your home in McLean, VA for an electric repair service to your electrical panel box. It could be you need to upgrade to a bigger box or just replace a few breakers.

If you have a business in McLean, VA you may require electric repair services to upgrade your lighting system. Many older businesses do not have adequate lighting for employees to do their work properly or safely. You may want to install outdoor lighting so that it comes on automatically when it becomes dusk. This gives your employees in McLean, VA a safer environment in which to work. If you would experience an expensive loss if your business would shut down for an hour or two or several days because of a power outage, you might want to invest in a commercial standby generator so your business can carry on when there is a power outage at your business in McLean, VA.

Whatever your electrical needs for home or business, call the professionals at Pullin Electric for all your electric repair services.