Common Mistakes Made Undertaking Home Electrical Repairs in Manassas, VA

Most do it yourself homeowners are easily ready to pick up a saw and hammer, but when it comes to a home electrical repair, they recoil. No one wants to get the shock of their life, or maybe even their last. If you know nothing about anything electric, other than flip the switch on and off, then you might want to sit out on attempting even the easiest home electrical repair in Manassas, VA.

Even if you have dabbled with electrical projects before at your Manassas, VA home, sometimes it pays to employ the hands of a professional electrician from Pullin Electric once in a great while to see if your electrical projects are up to electrical codes. The last thing you want is an electrical FIRE.

Common mistakes to avoid when doing your own home electrical repairs in Manassas, VA—

  1. Failure to use a junction box—Not using a junction box or otherwise known as an electrical box or connection box is a fire waiting to happen. These are inexpensive boxes, and these devices protect the electrical connections while containing sparks or heat if a short circuit would occur; plus, it’s required by code in most areas. During any home electrical repairs at your home in Manassas, VA, always, remember to use a junction box when adding outlets, light switches, and ceiling lights and fans.
  2. Wires cut too short—Electrical wires that are cut too short can cause poor connections; therefore, creating a potentially hazardous situation.
  3. Filling a junction box too full—It is extremely dangerous to overfill a junction box with too many wires; plus it is against the National Electric Code. Always protect yourself and your family by reading up on any of the home electrical repairs you want to take on at home in Manassas, VA.
  4. Not installing GFCI Outlets—Any outlet you install near a water source when doing a home electrical repair at your home in Manassas, VA must be a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet.

If you have any home electrical repairs that need to be done in Manassas, VA and are a little tense in making a common mistake don’t hesitate to call the team at Pullin Electric and let them help.

Reasons to Employ an Electrician for Home Electrical Repairs in McLean, VA

Every day in McLean, VA, homeowners experience problems whether it is their air conditioning or heating unit, a flickering light, breakers that trip frequently, or just maybe they don’t have enough electrical outlets or need a new electrical device installed. Whenever these situations happen, it is always best to call a certified electrician for all home electrical repairs for these reasons—

  1. Peace of Mind—When you hire a professional electrician for home electrical repairs in McLean, VA, you can have peace of mind that you and your family’s safety is their priority. Working with anything electrical can be extremely dangerous, and often times can be fatal. Never risk the safety of the members in your household. Even the most avid do-it-yourselfers are, more often than not, up to date with the newest electrical codes. Save yourself the time and the money by having any home electrical repairs done by the professionals, such as the ones at Pullin Electric in McLean, VA.
  2. Guarantee—Remodeling your bathroom or any other room takes extreme skill which generally involves some home electrical repairs. When you employ an electrician for your home electrical repairs in McLean, VA, you are also getting a guarantee backed up by their insurance company, and their many years of experience in their professional field.
  3. Property Protection—Attempting to do your own home electrical repairs only to find out later something is not quite right, first can be a fire hazard, and second, will involve getting an expert to come your home in McLean, VA to fix the damages. There is no shame to not knowing how to do home electrical repairs yourself. It is best to be safe than sorry. Money is well spent when you hire a professional electrician for your home electrical repairs so you can keep your family safe. Keeping your family safe at all times is well worth the investment of hiring professionals.

Call the team at Pullin Electric for all your home electrical repairs at your McLean, VA home. Let our team give you peace of mind knowing your electrical system is up to code.

Why You Might Need Electric Repair Service in McLean, VA

Why You Might Need Electric Repair Service in McLean, VA
Whenever you own a home or business in McLean, VA there is always a certain amount of electric repair service that will eventually be needed from a professional electrician. The team at Pullin Electric handle many of the electric repair services that you will need for your McLean, VA home or business. Some of these services include—
Residential Services
* Home standby power generators
* Security lighting
* LED lighting
* Appliance installations
* Security video cameras, DVR and smart home systems
* Service upgrades
* Additions and renovation wiring
* Wiring for septic and well water systems
* Electrical repairs and maintenance
Commercial Services
* Commercial standby generator power systems
* Wiring for tenant build outs
* Limited energy systems
* Site lighting and lighting control systems
* Wiring for hazardous locations
* Data/low voltage wiring
* LED retrofits and new installations
* Installation and wiring of switchgear
* Energy equipment maintenance and service
Electric repair services done by the professionals at Pullin Electric will guarantee safer electrical systems for McLean, VA businesses and homes.
As a homeowner, you may wish to upgrade your electrical system, or maybe you are interested in the latest home automation system. Other electric repair services that most homeowners will definitely want to have done is upgrading any outlet in their home that is close to water with the latest GFCI outlets.
If your breakers in your panel box keep switching off, you might need to have an electrician come to your home in McLean, VA for an electric repair service to your electrical panel box. It could be you need to upgrade to a bigger box or just replace a few breakers.
If you have a business in McLean, VA you may require electric repair services to upgrade your lighting system. Many older businesses do not have adequate lighting for employees to do their work properly or safely. You may want to install outdoor lighting so that it comes on automatically when it becomes dusk. This gives your employees in McLean, VA a safer environment in which to work. If you would experience an expensive loss if your business would shut down for an hour or two or several days because of a power outage, you might want to invest in a commercial standby generator so your business can carry on when there is a power outage at your business in McLean, VA.
Whatever your electrical needs for home or business, call the professionals at Pullin Electric for all your electric repair services.

Why Great Falls, VA Homeowners Should Never Attempt Electric Repairs at Home

Why Great Falls, VA Homeowners Should Never Attempt Electric Repairs at Home
Don’t take electric repairs in your own hands. Most Great Falls, VA homeowners are trying to save money by doing projects, including electric repairs, themselves, but working around electricity could be deadly if you don’t know precisely what you are doing.
Protect your family from the risk of electrical fires or electrocution and hire a licensed electrician for any electric repairs at your home in Great Falls, VA. Electricity is something that unless you are qualified and licensed, you should not attempt to try and fix if something is not working correctly.
Residential homes in Great Falls, VA average 110 volts for lighting and power outlets which can give you quite a jolt. However, certain appliances such as dryers and ovens can reach 240 volts, which is a deadly amount of current. Often times a do-it-yourselfer will turn off the power at the breaker box and then someone comes along and turns it back on not knowing that someone was working on the electrical circuit or they turn off the wrong breaker. For this reason, an inexperienced, do-it-yourselfer should not attempt any electric repairs for around their home in Great Falls, VA.
Doing any electric repair around the home can lead to an electrical fire if you aren’t sure of what you are doing. With building codes changing, it is hard for a homeowner to know what is safe and what isn’t nowadays. When you hire a qualified, licensed electrician, this guarantees that the electrician has gone through years of training to learn how to work with electricity safely.
Most electrical work in Great Falls, VA homes need to pass inspection, although minor electric repairs shouldn’t present a problem. When you hire a professional electrician, you should have peace of mind the electric repairs will pass an inspection. This way if you ever go to sell your home, you can rest assured that you shouldn’t run into any problems with it not passing a home inspection.
Call the team at Pullin Electric for your electric repairs that need to be done around your home in Great Falls, VA. Pullin Electric is a family-owned business which has been servicing homes in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. metro area for over 35 years.

Why Hire an Electrician when you Need Electric Repair Service in Potomac, MD

Why Hire an Electrician when you Need Electric Repair Service in Potomac, MD
Even though you might consider yourself a do-it-yourselfer homeowner who likes to save a little money and doesn’t want to wait around on an electrician, a lot of homeowners in Potomac, MD still call in a professional for several reasons including—
Permits and Inspections
Home repair service at your Potomac, MD home might end up being an extensive rewiring project that you are not up for. In this case, permits and inspections are usually required and by hiring a professional electrician, sometimes they will get the permits for you and by them doing the electrical repairs, hopefully it will pass inspection. If not, it is up to the electrician to make sure the home repair service at your home was done up to code.
Electricians Know More Than You
You always hire people who can do the things you can’t do. Professional electricians who come to your home in Potomac, MD for electric repair service know their jobs. Even if you know a little bit about electric repair service, electricians know it all. Sometimes a little knowledge that homeowners think they have can be dangerous. Protect your family. For anything electrical call an electric repair service company such as the team at Pullin Electric. Even though you may know about 90 percent of electric repair service, Pullin Electric knows the other 10 percent. That 10 percent could mean the difference in a dangerous fire starting from faulty wiring at your Potomac, MD home.
Electric Repair Service Can Be Dangerous
Depending on the type of electric repair service you need, it never hurts to go ahead and hire an electrician. Even the basics repairs sometimes can turn into a nightmare and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you are putting yourself and your family in danger.
Trying to save money to steer clear of a professional electrician when you need electric repair service in Potomac, MD can cost you so much more in the long run. Electricity is not something that you want to think you know and find out later you didn’t know enough.

Must Do Electrical Repairs for Manassas, VA Homes Using Two-prong Outlets

Must Do Electrical Repairs for Manassas, VA Homes Using Two-prong Outlets
Older homes which were built prior to the late 1960s and whose electrical systems have not been updated probably still have two-prong outlets and need some much needed electrical repairs. Some Manassas, VA homeowners only tend to replace the ones they use most often because most of the new appliances all use the three prong outlets. Many times homeowners may only change the two-prong outlets into a three-prong outlet when they want to plug in more modern devices and the rest they use for older two-prong devices.
A lot of Manassas, VA homeowners who live in these older homes with two-prong outlets have chosen to use what is called a “cheater plug.” This is an adapter with three-prongs plugged into a two-prong outlet so that you can use for your three-prong appliances. Is this safe? Not really.
Why? Two-prong outlets are not grounded which means they do not have an extra “ground” wire which protects your electrical surges. It puts you and your family at a higher risk of danger. A better option would be for electrical repairs to replace any existing two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets.
What could possibly happen if the proper electrical repairs are not done for your Manassas, VA home to replace two-prong outlets?
* Electrical shock
* Damaged devices
* Electrical fire
What are the two options for electrical repairs when upgrading a two-prong outlet?
1. The safest option for the electrical repair requires running a ground wire from the main electrical panel to the two-prong outlet and any additional ones that need to be replaced. This should always be done by a Manassas, VA licensed electrician. Never attempt to do any electrical repairs yourself which involve your electrical panel box.

2. An alternative option to adding a ground wire would be to add ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) at your Manassas, VA home. Even though the outlet will still be “ungrounded,” the GFCI monitors the flow of electricity that travels to the outlet and cuts off the power to the outlet when the voltage gets too high.
Call the team at Pullin Electric in Manassas, VA, and they will be happy to help you with any electrical repairs you need. Bring your outlets up to date before it’s too late. With the correct electrical repairs, you can enjoy peace of mind when you use your outlets.

Home Wiring Repairs for your Home in McLean, VA

Home Wiring Repairs for Your Home in McLean, VA
Homeowners in McLean, VA who own older homes experience strains on their electric system with newer, hungrier appliances and electronics. Older homes in McLean, VA were not designed to power all of the gadgets that most families try to power today. If you find you have a tangled web of extension cords and power strips coming from a single outlet, you may need some home wiring repairs to add additional outlets to your McLean, VA home. It is unsafe to run extension cords through the house.
Frequent and straightforward home wiring repairs might be to replace light fixtures to handle bulbs with a higher wattage. Never use higher wattage bulbs in light fixtures designed for lower wattage bulbs. The heat from the bulb can melt the socket and wires increasing the risk of arcing, which can cause an electrical fire. When this happens, you will be left with home wiring repairs that might consist of replacing the wiring in your McLean, VA home and possibly a whole lot more repairs if your home catches fire.
Other frequent home wiring repairs for homeowners in McLean, VA with older homes might be to replace older outlets with GFCIs anywhere there is an increased risk of electrocution because of wet areas such as bathtubs and sinks, and kitchen sinks. Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) shut down circuits before current can cause a deadly shock, within four milliseconds. All outside, garage and basement outlets should be replaced as well. These home wiring repairs are something that most any do- it-yourselfer can do.
Most of your newer electrical devices are using 3-prong plugs. Some McLean, VA older homes have not been upgraded to accept these plugs. Home wiring repairs to replace these receptacles will bring you up to date so that any device you purchase, your electrical system can handle it.
You might want to consult with an electrician if you are not sure about your electrical wiring system. Some older homes in McLean, VA may need more than just simple home wiring repairs and for that, call the team at Pullin Electric, and they can help you with your electrical system updates and bring you up to code.

How to Find a Good Electric Repair Service in McLean, VA

How to Find a Good, Quality Electric Repair Service in McLean, VA
An electrical system is one of the most important and likely dangerous systems of a home or business in McLean, VA. Anytime your building has faulty wiring, it can lead to shock, electrocutions, fires and other hazards. Many homeowners these days are taking on more and more home projects on their own, but hopefully, when it comes to any type of electrical work, they are smart in leaving anything electric up to a good professional, quality electric repair service in McLean, VA.
McLean, VA homeowners in search of a good quality electric repair service for their homes should not base their choice solely on the price but instead, do their homework and research and confirm the electrician’s credentials that they are considering so they don’t make a risky mistake.
So how do you go about finding a good, quality electric repair service for your home or business in McLean, VA? Consider these thoughts before hiring an electric repair service the next time you need some sort of electrical work done at your home or business.
1. Word of Mouth—Ask your friends or family members if they have used an electric repair service from McLean, VA recently. Inquire about their experience with a particular electric repair service they used. Would they consider using them again when needed? Coworkers are also a great source to ask. Always check with the Better Business Bureau when considering a company to see if they have any complaints lodged against them. Also, research them on the internet, some business sites have references; although be careful, not all sites are trustworthy.
2. Check for Credibility—Check the electric repair service’s licenses and insurance to protect yourself against any unnecessary lawsuits and liability.
3. Referrals—Always ask for referrals for the electric repair service you are interested in hiring and then make sure you call the references and inquire about their experience with the company. Be sure to ask if the company cleaned up after themselves.
Discuss too with the electric repair service you are thinking of using about their area of expertise. Some McLean, VA electrical companies specialize in one field whereas others are more broadly experienced in multiple fields.

Electric Repair Jobs for D-I-Y Homeowners in Manassas, VA

Electric Repair Jobs for D-I-Y Homeowners in Manassas, VA
Although working with any type of electricity can be tremendously dangerous there are some minor repairs that the do it yourselfer homeowner in Manassas, VA should be able to do on his own. Some electrical work requires a permit and should be done by a licensed electrician. If any damage occurred from the unlicensed work, your homeowner’s insurance might not cover any of the damages.
Anytime you begin any electric repairs at your Manassas, VA home, SHUT OFF THE POWER to the electrical circuit you will be working on. This needs to be done at the electrical panel box. Mark the circuits with a piece of electrical or colored tape as a warning to others so someone doesn’t accidentally turn it back on. Check to see for sure that the power is off. It is best to use a voltmeter or other testing device to be absolutely sure.
It is a good idea to take a digital picture so you can see how the original wires were connected.
Electric Repairs for Manassas, VA Do-it-Yourselfers
* Installing a Ceiling Fan—An experienced Manassas, VA homeowner do-it-yourselfer should be able to install a ceiling fan especially if you are just replacing one. If you are installing it where there is already an existing fixture such as a ceiling light, the mounting bracket must support the weight of the ceiling fan. Just follow the instructions that come with the fan.

* Light Switch—This is usually a simple electric repair. Replace the existing switch with the right type of switch for the circuit so it will work properly. The common style switches include single pole, double-pole, three-way, and four-way.

* Installing a Light Fixture—Another common electric repair for Manassas, VA homeowners is replacing a light fixture. The wiring should already be there for the new fixture. Be sure that the mounting brackets can support the new fixture’s weight.
These three electric repairs for homes in Manassas, VA should be reasonably easy to do for the do-it-yourselfer who enjoys doing home projects. If you are not a d-i-y homeowner, call the team at Pullin Electric, and they will be glad to come and do the electric repairs you need.

Easy Electrical Repairs for Homeowners in McLean, VA

Easy Electrical Repairs for Homeowners in McLean, VA
If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer you may want to attempt certain electrical repairs for your home in McLean, VA yourself rather than hire an electrician. Doing any kind of electrical work around the home can be extremely dangerous, so it is not recommended for all homeowners. However, if you are your own handyman around the house some things you should be able to do include—
Install Light Fixtures
Installing light fixture are usually simple do-it-yourselfer electrical repairs that most homeowners attempt to do, some to save money, others because they enjoy DIY projects around their McLean, VA homes. This electrical repair should already be prewired for the fixture; otherwise if not, you should call an electrician for that particular type of electrical repair for your home in McLean, VA.
Replace Light Switches
Another reasonably easy electrical repair that most do-it-yourselfers in McLean, VA attempt to do on their own are replacing light switches. There are different switches including single-pole, double-pole, and three-way and four-way. Make sure to replace the existing switch with the correct type so it will work properly.
Install Ceiling Fans/Lights
When you already have an existing fixture such as a ceiling light fixture, you can replace it with a ceiling fan. Make sure the mounting bracket supports the weight of the ceiling fan. Follow the instructions that come with the ceiling fan assembly. The ceiling fan blades need to be balanced for them to operate smoothly.
Safety is the number one concern when handling anything electrical in McLean, VA homes. Be sure before starting any electrical repairs around your home that you shut off the power to the electrical circuit you are working on. This should be done at the electrical panel box.
For extra safety, it is smart to mark the circuit in the electrical panel box with colored tape so that someone else in the home doesn’t accidentally switch it back on or try to turn something on and think a breaker has flipped so they start flipping breakers on and off. With a piece of colored tape, it will send out a signal as an alarm that something isn’t right and hopefully the person will leave it alone until they find out why the piece of colored tape is on one on the breakers.
Some homeowners who are not too savvy doing any type of home repairs may definitely want to leave all their electrical repairs to qualified, licensed electricians such as those at Pullin Electric who services the McLean, VA area.