How to Boost a Home’s Value in Potomac, MD with Electrical Repairs

Does your home’s electrical system need a boost? Maybe you have outdated electrical features at your home in Potomac, MD and are uneasy that you may have an electrical fire. Upgrading your home’s electrical system not only ensures your family’s safety, but it can add value to your home. If you ever decide to sell your Potomac, MD home, having an updated electrical system could add dollars on to the sale price of your home.

Flickering lights or outlets that are loose on the wall or have black marks are signs it is time for some electrical repairs to protect your family. Electrical repairs that are common for homes in Potomac, MD include—

Electrical Rewiring:   If your house was built between the 1960s and mid-1970s, your Potomac, MD home could very well have aluminum wiring. Copper prices were high back then so aluminum wiring was more cost-effective but not as safe, and unfortunately, residential fires were the outcome.

Some older homes in Potomac, MD still have knob and tube wiring. This particular type of wiring dates back to the late 1800s. Although it was acceptable back in the day, it is not very efficient for today’s modern electrical needs. Updating your home with the need electrical repairs and rewiring will make your home a much safer place while also improving its value.

Panel Box Replacement:  With today’s modern gadgets and appliances, you might find that your breakers are being flipped off when too many things are running at the same time. A new panel box installed should take care of this. Once you start having problems with appliances operating properly, you need to consider this much needed electrical repair for your home in Potomac, MD.

Other home electrical repairs might include—

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Replacement Lighting. These are probably the most used lights in your home. If these lights start to flicker or give you trouble, you might consider replacing them with a newer more modern type of lighting.
  • Exterior Lighting. Because of the weather elements, electrical repairs might require replacing these lights to keep these lights working properly so your home in Potomac, MD is well protected.
  • Switch and Outlet Replacement. If your home still has 2 prong outlets, electrical repairs should include replacing all of these types of outlets with newer outlets that are up-to-code. Most appliances you buy today cannot be plugged into the older type of outlets.

Invest in your home and boost its value by taking care of any electrical repairs you need before it could be too late.

Must Do Electrical Repairs for Manassas, VA Homes Using Two-prong Outlets

Older homes which were built prior to the late 1960s and whose electrical systems have not been updated probably still have two-prong outlets and need some much needed electrical repairs. Some Manassas, VA homeowners only tend to replace the ones they use most often because most of the new appliances all use the three prong outlets. Many times homeowners may only change the two-prong outlets into a three-prong outlet when they want to plug in more modern devices and the rest they use for older two-prong devices.

A lot of Manassas, VA homeowners who live in these older homes with two-prong outlets have chosen to use what is called a “cheater plug.” This is an adapter with three-prongs plugged into a two-prong outlet so that you can use for your three-prong appliances. Is this safe? Not really.

Why? Two-prong outlets are not grounded which means they do not have an extra “ground” wire which protects your electrical surges. It puts you and your family at a higher risk of danger. A better option would be for electrical repairs to replace any existing two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets.

What could possibly happen if the proper electrical repairs are not done for your Manassas, VA home to replace two-prong outlets?

  • Electrical shock
  • Damaged devices
  • Electrical fire

What are the two options for electrical repairs when upgrading a two-prong outlet?

  1. The safest option for the electrical repair requires running a ground wire from the main electrical panel to the two-prong outlet and any additional ones that need to be replaced. This should always be done by a Manassas, VA licensed electrician. Never attempt to do any electrical repairs yourself which involve your electrical panel box.
  2. An alternative option to adding a ground wire would be to add ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) at your Manassas, VA home. Even though the outlet will still be “ungrounded,” the GFCI monitors the flow of electricity that travels to the outlet and cuts off the power to the outlet when the voltage gets too high.

Call the team at Pullin Electric in Manassas, VA, and they will be happy to help you with any electrical repairs you need. Bring your outlets up to date before it’s too late. With the correct electrical repairs, you can enjoy peace of mind when you use your outlets.

When to Call an Electrician for Home Electric Repairs in Potomac, MD

Although some homeowners take on the task of a few minor electric repairs around their homes in Potomac, MD, some electric repairs should only be performed by a licensed electrician, such as the ones from Pullin Electric. The dangers of electricity can be a fatal disaster so why put your family members at risk to take on an electric repair that you are not sure how to do.

Some electrical issues that you may face one day but should never attempt on your own include—

  • If you notice that an outlet is burned, smoking, or sparking at your Potomac, MD home, now is the time to call in a professional electrician. Electric repairs such as this could mean your electrical circuit is overloaded and has sent a risky surge of energy to the outlet. Your electric repair may entail the need for rewiring services, and this should only be done by an electrician.
  • Some older homes in Potomac, MD do not have the capacity that is needed to power certain modern, electrical devices and will constantly trip different circuits in your home when used. Any rewiring should be done by a licensed electrician. It could be that just the circuit itself needs to be rewired or it could indicate that you need major rewiring done at your Potomac, MD home.

If you live in an older home in Potomac, MD, more than likely, you do not have GFI outlets installed at your home. Anytime you update your home with new outlets, it should be done with a GFI unit (Ground Fault Interrupter). These electrical outlets are designed to keep your electrical circuits grounded even if the outlet is overloaded.

Any electric repair that pertains to the electrical panel box and most definitely where the electrical wires come into your house in Potomac, MD should always be done by a professional, licensed electrician. These are areas of electric repairs that you should never attempt to do. Electricity is a dangerous area that you never want to think, “I can do this.”

Why Hire an Electrician when you Need Electric Repair Service in Potomac, MD

Even though you might consider yourself a do-it-yourselfer homeowner who likes to save a little money and doesn’t want to wait around on an electrician, a lot of homeowners in Potomac, MD still call in a professional for several reasons including—

Permits and Inspections

Home repair service at your Potomac, MD home might end up being an extensive rewiring project that you are not up for. In this case, permits and inspections are usually required and by hiring a professional electrician, sometimes they will get the permits for you and by them doing the electrical repairs, hopefully it will pass inspection. If not, it is up to the electrician to make sure the home repair service at your home was done up to code.

Electricians Know More Than You

You always hire people who can do the things you can’t do. Professional electricians who come to your home in Potomac, MD for electric repair service know their jobs. Even if you know a little bit about electric repair service, electricians know it all. Sometimes a little knowledge that homeowners think they have can be dangerous. Protect your family.

For anything electrical call an electric repair service company such as the team at Pullin Electric. Even though you may know about 90 percent of electric repair service, Pullin Electric knows the other 10 percent. That 10 percent could mean the difference in a dangerous fire starting from faulty wiring at your Potomac, MD home.

Electric Repair Service Can Be Dangerous

Depending on the type of electric repair service you need, it never hurts to go ahead and hire an electrician. Even the basics repairs sometimes can turn into a nightmare and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you are putting yourself and your family in danger.

Trying to save money to steer clear of a professional electrician when you need electric repair service in Potomac, MD can cost you so much more in the long run. Electricity is not something that you want to think you know and find out later you didn’t know enough.

Easy Electrical Repairs for Homeowners in McLean, VA

If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer you may want to attempt certain electrical repairs for your home in McLean, VA yourself rather than hire an electrician. Doing any kind of electrical work around the home can be extremely dangerous, so it is not recommended for all homeowners. However, if you are your own handyman around the house some things you should be able to do include—

Install Light Fixtures

Installing light fixture are usually simple do-it-yourselfer electrical repairs that most homeowners attempt to do, some to save money, others because they enjoy DIY projects around their McLean, VA homes. This electrical repair should already be prewired for the fixture; otherwise if not, you should call an electrician for that particular type of electrical repair for your home in McLean, VA.

Replace Light Switches

Another reasonably easy electrical repair that most do-it-yourselfers in McLean, VA attempt to do on their own are replacing light switches. There are different switches including single-pole, double-pole, and three-way and four-way. Make sure to replace the existing switch with the correct type so it will work properly.

Install Ceiling Fans/Lights

When you already have an existing fixture such as a ceiling light fixture, you can replace it with a ceiling fan. Make sure the mounting bracket supports the weight of the ceiling fan. Follow the instructions that come with the ceiling fan assembly. The ceiling fan blades need to be balanced for them to operate smoothly.

Safety is the number one concern when handling anything electrical in McLean, VA homes. Be sure before starting any electrical repairs around your home that you shut off the power to the electrical circuit you are working on. This should be done at the electrical panel box.

For extra safety, it is smart to mark the circuit in the electrical panel box with colored tape so that someone else in the home doesn’t accidentally switch it back on or try to turn something on and think a breaker has flipped so they start flipping breakers on and off. With a piece of colored tape, it will send out a signal as an alarm that something isn’t right and hopefully the person will leave it alone until they find out why the piece of colored tape is on one on the breakers.

Some homeowners who are not too savvy doing any type of home repairs may definitely want to leave all their electrical repairs to qualified, licensed electricians such as those at Pullin Electric who services the McLean, VA area.

An Electrical Repair Should Be Left to the Pros in Manassas, VA

Minor electrical repairs to your Manassas, VA home may seem doable for the do-it-yourself-er, but to be on the safe side, it is always best to hire an electrician. A certified electrician is up-to-date on the local codes and laws pertaining to any electrical repairs in Manassas, VA. Being up to code is for your safety and the safety of your family.

Most homeowners hire professionals because they can do something that they cannot. Although you might be quite the handyman around your home in Manassas, VA, things can get a little murky with any type of electrical repair especially when it is hooked up to power. What you think you might know, might not be enough for some electrical repairs around the home.

As a homeowner in Manassas, VA, you are probably trying to cut costs on the electric repairs that you want to have done at your home. Although some electrical repairs might be able to be put off, like additional outlets or hanging the new ceiling fan; however, if you are having problems with any lighting fixtures or outlets, don’t put it off. It could turn into a dangerous situation and possibly catch your house on fire.

To cut costs of hiring an electrician, bundle any electrical repairs you have at your home in Manassas, VA into one visit. Electricians usually charge by the hour plus a trip charges so by combining several electric repairs into one job, you can save quite a bit of money.

Look around your home in Manassas, VA and see if there is anything that needs to be repaired or added. If you are running a bunch of extension cords to different appliances, you may want to have your electrician install more outlets. This is not something you want to attempt to do. It takes a lot more skill and know how to install additional outlets than merely replacing one.

With so many do-it-yourself books screaming out at every checkout counter and aisle and aisles of outlets, cable, lights, and electrical boxes on shelves in home improvement stores in Manassas, VA, it sometimes encourages the homeowner to think, “oh I can do it myself, here’s all I need.” Wrong, it is just not that easy.

All electrical repairs should be done by experienced professionals who actually know what they are doing. This is the only way to ensure a safe electrical repair has been done at your Manassas, VA home.

At Home Safety Electrical Repairs for McLean, VA Homeowners

For those do-it-yourselfers and some who are not in McLean, VA, repairing and replacing switches and outlets might be within your reach of common sense electrical repairs for your home.

With numerous help books and websites, with a little bit of guidance, patience, and persistence, you might even be able to handle electrical repairs such as installing a new light fixture or possibly a ceiling fan.

However, when it comes to changing a service panel or adding a new circuit to your home in McLean, VA, these electrical repairs should be left to the experts.

Anyone who attempts any home electrical repair should have a healthy respect for electricity. Practicing safety for home electrical repairs in McLean, VA includes—

Turn the Power Off—The most critical safety tip for electrical repairs. Never work on anything electric that is hooked up to power.

Turn the Breakers Off—Turning off the switch is not enough. Someone could come along and turn it on. Make sure you turn off the breaker in the panel box.

Tag or Tape the Breaker—Take the time to tape the breaker to warn others in the household that you are working on this particular circuit breaker. Tagging each breaker with its location at your home in McLean, VA helps to know which breaker goes where within the home, so you do not have to keep flipping breakers to know which one you need to turn off for electrical repairs or if you trip a breaker.

Let Others Know—Whenever working on anything electrical in your McLean, VA home, make others aware so they will not accidentally turn something back on.

Check for Power at the Boxes—Even though you have turned off the power and turned off the breaker, make sure the power is off. It could be possible that you might have turned off the wrong breaker. Always use a voltage tester to make sure the power is off at your McLean, VA home.


  • Never work on electrical repairs at your McLean, VA home in locations that are wet.
  • Never work near power lines. You cannot shut these power lines off. You might be killed if you come in contact with these lines.

How to Perform a Minor Electrical Repair in Manassas, VA

As a homeowner living in Manassas, VA, there are certain simple electrical repairs that you can do on your own. Some minor electrical repairs you can do around your home in Manassas, VA includes:

Repair a Light Fixture

Do you have bulbs that flicker, bulbs that burn out quickly or possibly doesn’t work at all? Turn the power off to the light socket. This simple electrical repair for a light fixture at your home in Manassas, VA can be easily fixed by bending the tab in the bottom of the socket upward with a flat tip screwdriver to restore good contact with the bulb.

Repair an Extension Cord

The cost of extension cords has gone up in price so with a quick electrical repair at your home in Manassas, VA you can fix a damaged one with a new plug or receptacle end and save a few bucks.  Cut off the old plug or receptacle end. With a sharp razor knife, make a shallow cut lengthwise through the rubber insulation jacket and then score around the cord until you can remove the jacket to get to the electrical wires. Strip the wires and separate and screw them into place into the new plug. Close the plug or receptacle end and screw it together tightly so the cord is locked into place.

If you ever accidently cut your good, heavy-duty extension cord, do not splice. If both pieces are worth saving,  add a new high-quality plug on the piece with the receptacle and a new receptacle on the piece with the plug. Now you have two cords instead of one, just a little bit shorter or plug them into each other to make longer.

Replacing a Plug on a Lamp

Plugs on lamp cords sometimes get weak where the cord enters the plug leaving you with a lamp that flickers when you jiggle the cord. This electrical repair can be done at your home in Manassas, VA by replacing the plug instead of buying a whole new lamp.

To be safe with this electrical repair in Manassas, VA, buy a polarized plug which is a plug that has one blade wider than the other that can only be plugged into your outlet one way. Buy a plug with the same SPT-1 or SPT-2 which refers to the thickness of the cord’s sheathing so that the plug will fit over the sheathing. Split the two halves of the cord being careful not to expose any wire. Strip the wire ends with a wire stripper and make your connections. The neutral wire must connect to the wider blade.

These simple electrical repairs around your home in Manassas, VA are just a few things that you should be able to fix on your own.

Electrical Repair Safety in Potomac, MD

Electrical wiring is usually not for the novice but for some do-it-yourselfers an electrical repair can be done without a master electrician on duty. Before attempting any electrical repair, you need to take safety precautions such as turning off the power before you mess with any electrical wires in your home in Potomac, MD. There are a lot of online articles on wiring and good home repair books that explain the basics of wiring.

Major Electrical Repair – Call in the Pros

Changing a service panel or even adding a new circuit to your Potomac, MD, home should be done by a certified electrician to be safe. Checking, repairing and replacing outlets and switches is certainly within the realm of most do-it-yourselfers with some electrical knowledge. Installing a ceiling fan or a new light fixture is also quite possible for the do-it-yourselfer.

You need to have a healthy respect for electricity for any electrical repair you attempt at your home in Potomac, MD. Electrical safety is extremely important and can be dangerous and even cause injury or death. The most important safety tip is to never work on any electrical devices or wiring when the power is on. If you are uncertain in any way, do not attempt any electrical repair, always call a licensed electrician.

Electrical Repair Safety Measures

Turn off the main breaker at the panel box because someone can always come along and flip the breaker back on.

Tag breakers as a precaution. Put a piece of tape over the breaker with a note to not turn it back on.  Make sure to let all family members know that you are working on an electrical item to eliminate the chance of someone turning something on.

Use a tester when you open up a fixture or electrical box to make sure none of the wires are hot when you are doing electrical repairs.

Personal protective equipment should be worn such as conductive shoes and gloves when working on electrical repairs.

Insulated ladders should be used such as wooden or fiberglass ladders with insulated feet. Never use a metal a ladder.

Wet locations should always be avoided. Never work on any electrical repairs in wet areas. A receptacle that is near a wet location should be GFCI protected.

Power Lines are off limits. Never work near or use a ladder near power lines. You cannot shut off power to these lines and can be killed if you come in contact with them.

If you do not feel confident enough to do home electrical repairs to your Potomac, MD home, by all means, call your local certified electrician – Pullin Electric. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Reasons to Call an Electric Repair Service in Great Falls, VA

Messing with electric can give you the shock of your life. Most homeowners don’t like to even attempt anything electrical because of the dangers of electrical shocks. For these reasons, calling an electric repair service is your best bet; especially, if you aren’t experienced in dealing with anything electrical.

Some do-it-yourselfers who attempt minor electrical repairs can bend a wire,  tighten a screw, and wrap electrical tape and hopefully remember to turn off the power. However, some things electrical are definitely a no-no to homeowners living in Great Falls, VA.

Avoid These No-Nos

  1. Never do any electrical wiring with the power on.
  2. Never mess with the service lugs in a breaker box. If you don’t know what a service lug is in your breaker box, you shouldn’t be messing with anything in it except to reset a tripped breaker. Service lugs are the big screw terminals or posts securing the service cables; they are hot even after you shut off the main breaker. Stay away from the cigar-sized cables connected to the lugs.
  3. Never work on the weatherhead. This is called the service mast or periscope, which is the metal pole or other structure that connects your electrical service lines leading from the utility pole to your house in Great Falls, VA. If it is leaning or a bolt needs tightening, 200 amps running through your body should convince you to call an electric repair service and let them handle it.
  4. Never repair big appliances such as air conditioning units. A capacitor is a device that stores electricity to help boost the startup of such appliances. Even once you turn off the power or pull the plug to the appliance, it doesn’t discharge the capacitors, but touching the contacts with a metal tool will. Yowie!

Remember:  Electrocution means death by electric shock. There is no coming back to say, “That really hurt.” The best way to avoid the dangers that come with working on electrical wires that you aren’t too sure about is to call a certified and licensed electric repair service for all your electrical needs in Great Falls, VA. Be safe at all times. It’s not worth the chance.