Know the Importance of Outdoor Lighting with an Electrician in McLean, VA

Have you ever thought about exterior lighting for your home in McLean, VA.? It just makes good sense to be able to see outside your home as well as inside your home at all times. There are plenty of important reasons electricians recommend homeowners to add functional exterior lighting to their McLean, VA homes.

  • Safety— Most accidents happen at home and quite often in the dark. McLean, VA electricians recommend outdoor lighting for pathways so families can see late at night to get in and out of the house. High traffic areas such as decks, outdoor seating, or around swimming pools should definitely have outdoor lighting installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Radiance—Lighting up the outside of your house is especially nice when you are entertaining guests, and they aren’t familiar with the layout of your property. It is also a great way to illuminate light on your deck so that you can still grill late into the evening. This helps to prevent accidents from happening around your McLean, VA home. Your electrician can recommend lights that would best suit your landscaping.
  • Curb Appeal—The right lighting can showcase your home in the areas you want people to see, and it can take the focus off the areas you don’t want to be seen. Outdoor landscape lighting adds to your home’s curb appeal and will add significant value to your home as well. Work with an electrician for ideas of how to add curb appeal with outdoor lighting at your home in McLean, VA.
  • Security—One of the main reasons any electrician will recommend outdoor lighting for homes in McLean, VA is to add security for you and your family. Most criminals are looking for a dark area where they are not easily seen when they are burglarizing or vandalizing a neighborhood. Moreover, when a home is lit up like a Christmas tree, they usually move on to another home.

Another thing your electrician may recommend for your McLean, VA home is home automation where you can put your lights on sensors or timers to come on at a certain time or to come on when someone walks by. You can even control your lighting with your fingertip and your cell phone. Call the team at Pullin Electric for all the details about outdoor lighting for your home in McLean, VA.


When Should You Call an Electrician for Your Home in McLean, VA?

If you recently purchased a brand new home in McLean, VA, the likelihood of needing an electrician is pretty slim unless there is something you want to be installed that didn’t come with the sale of the home. On the other note, if you live in an older home, at some point, you might consider hiring an electrician to come to your home in McLean, VA to make sure your home’s electrical system is up to code.

Some of the things that you should be aware of that may be telling you to hire an electrician for your McLean, VA home might be—

    1. Your electrical circuit-breakers are tripping quite frequently. This means your circuits are drawing more electrical current than they can provide safely. You could also have a dangerous fault in one or more of your circuits.
    2. Lights keep flickering. Do your lights dim when your fridge or air conditioner cuts on? Sometimes motor-driven appliances draw a lot of current and should be wired on a dedicated circuit. When smaller appliances cause problems, you might consider hiring an electrician to upgrade your McLean, VA home’s electrical service.
    3. If you are running numerous extension cords to power different electrical devices in your home, you could either not have enough outlets, or they are too far apart and need to be moved to the area where you need outlets.
    4. Some older homes only have two-prong outlets. This is a major issue and should be addressed by a qualified McLean, VA electrician to upgrade your electrical system to a three-prong outlet. These older outlets are not fully grounded, which makes it unsafe for you and your family.

Upgrading an older McLean, VA home is necessary to keep up with more modern appliances. Whenever you feel that your outlet is warm to the touch or you see blackening on the switch plate or close by, quit using the outlet and call an electrician to come and fix the issue.

If your home does not include outlets near water that are protected by GFCIs or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, you should have an electrician update these outlets at your McLean, VA home as soon as possible.

Call the team at Pullin Electric for all your electrical needs.

When to Call an Electrician for Great Falls, VA Homes Built Before 1970

Unless you are an electrician, leave all electrical work at your older Great Falls, VA home to a professional electrician. Sure there are minor electrical issues you might be able to take care of on your own, but to be completely safe, it is always best to hire a certified electrician. Anytime you own an older house, there could be electrical dangers that are hidden in your home which you may know nothing about.

Hidden Dangers of Older Great Falls, VA Homes

Knob and Tube Wiring—This particular type of electrical wiring was used between the years of 1800 to 1930 in Great Falls, VA homes. Wiring runs through ceramic tubing and then is connected to knobs which prevent it from coming in contact with wood framing. If you notice this type of wiring in your older Great Falls, VA home, you should highly consider having your entire home rewired by an electrician. Knob and tube wiring is not safe and is considered a fire hazard because it is not a grounded system. It is recommended to call a professional electrician such as the team at Pullin Electric.

Arc Faults—An arc fault happens when electricity is unintentionally released from wiring or cords.

Common causes of arc faults include—

Damaged cords or wires which are caused by age, heat, or rodents.

  • Pierced wires come from nails or screws pierced into the wiring behind hidden walls or from a chair sitting on extension cords.
  • Overheated wires or cords come from too many lights or appliances connected to one circuit causing your fuse box or circuit breaker to trip.
  • Improper electrical connections could be from a loose connection in an outlet or light switch.  

No GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)—Any electrical outlet close to water at your home in Great Falls, VA should have GFCIs installed by a certified electrician. These improve the safety of your outlet by continuously monitoring the electrical flow in and out of the circuit. These should be installed in all bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any other room in your Great Falls, VA home where the outlet could come in contact with water.

These new outlets should be installed by a professional Great Falls, VA electrician.

Why Homeowners in Potomac, MD Benefit from Hiring a Licensed Electrician

If you are a Potomac, MD homeowner, your first concern for your family is their safety. Even though most Potomac, MD homeowners, like everyone else, are trying to cut back on expenses of running their household, cutting back on their family’s safety is not even in the equation. When it comes to anything electrical, most often these homeowners protect their families by hiring a licensed electrician for anything pertaining to electricity.

What happens if you attempt to do some electrical work around your home in Potomac, MD and it fails? Unlike the do-it-yourself home projects like building a bookshelf for your home office or a workbench for your garage, if you don’t get it right with electricity, you could actually burn your house down.

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Electrician

  • Safety—Licensed electricians have the knowledge to do the job and do it right. A licensed electrician does work according to the safety guidelines set by the National Electrical Code.
  • Troubleshooting—You may have an issue at your home in Potomac, MD such as lights flickering and you don’t know why. If you live in an older home, the wiring may need to be brought up to code. An electrician can troubleshoot the issue and diagnose the problem better than a novice do-it-yourselfer. Homeowners in Potomac, MD know hiring an electrician will save them time and money while ensuring their family’s safety.
  • Protection of Equipment—Poorly designed circuits or those that are worn can damage appliances or electronics. A licensed electrician in Potomac, MD has the proper equipment to test your electrical system and recommend any upgrades or repairs you might need to make your home safer.
  • Guarantee—Hiring an electrician will guarantee the job is done correctly. Most companies will come back out later if you develop any problems with any repairs done by the company.
  • Experience—Homeowners who just dabble in home repairs do not have the knowledge or skills of a licensed electrician. These electricians have years of hands-on experience that is necessary to get the job done properly and safely.

Pullin electric has 35 years of experience in specialized electrical expertise is new construction wiring; installation of home generators, security lighting, and home automation systems; and diagnosis and repair of electrical systems. They provide high-quality service at a competitive price for their customers in Potomac, MD.


Power Issues and What Electricians Can Do To Help in Manassas, VA

Power outages are unpredictable and extremely common for a number of reasons and can be inconvenient and even pose a risk to your family. With the help of your local electrician in Manassas, VA, he may be able to help you avoid some of these risks and inconveniences.

Let’s look at some of the causes of power issues and how an electrician can help.

Brownouts—Brownouts or power sags happen when the power supply temporarily drops and cause lights to dim or flicker.

Controlled brownouts are intended reductions in voltage implemented by power utilities in response to the distribution grid or excessive demands that threaten to overload the system. Typically it reduces voltage by 10% to 20% to prevent complete outages.

Brownouts that aren’t controlled happen when demand exceeds supply causing a brief voltage drop. These may last a few minutes or hours. To reduce your risk of damage and to help prevent an outage, shut down electronic components and turn off as many appliances and lights as possible.

Blackouts—Unplanned blackouts happen when your power is completely disrupted caused by animals, a vehicle accident, human error, equipment failure or severe weather.

Blackouts are also planned by utilities to offset excessive demand, system problems, or maintenance and repairs. Usually, these are announced ahead of time to your particular area.

Severe storms cause more blackouts and are usually more widespread and harder to repair. Sometimes in severe storms, a family could be without electrical power for days and weeks. To avoid the risk of being without electrical power during these blackouts or power outages, check with your electrician in Manassas, VA, and inquire about having an automatic standby generator installed at your home.

Surges—Spikes or surges happen once something disrupts the power supply causing lights to dim or brighten.

External surges may occur when tree limbs brush power lines, lightning strikes equipment, and animals get into a transformer. Spikes or surges also occur once power is restored after an outage or controlled blackout.

Internal surges occur when furnaces and air conditioners turn on because of the amount of power required to turn on this type of equipment.

Check with your local electrician about installing a whole-house surge suppressor at the main panel box, which will protect your electric system from external surges but continue to use individual power surge protectors to defend against internal surges at your Manassas, VA, home.