Know the Importance of Outdoor Lighting with an Electrician in McLean, VA

Have you ever thought about exterior lighting for your home in McLean, VA.? It just makes good sense to be able to see outside your home as well as inside your home at all times. There are plenty of important reasons electricians recommend homeowners to add functional exterior lighting to their McLean, VA homes.

  • Safety— Most accidents happen at home and quite often in the dark. McLean, VA electricians recommend outdoor lighting for pathways so families can see late at night to get in and out of the house. High traffic areas such as decks, outdoor seating, or around swimming pools should definitely have outdoor lighting installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Radiance—Lighting up the outside of your house is especially nice when you are entertaining guests, and they aren’t familiar with the layout of your property. It is also a great way to illuminate light on your deck so that you can still grill late into the evening. This helps to prevent accidents from happening around your McLean, VA home. Your electrician can recommend lights that would best suit your landscaping.
  • Curb Appeal—The right lighting can showcase your home in the areas you want people to see, and it can take the focus off the areas you don’t want to be seen. Outdoor landscape lighting adds to your home’s curb appeal and will add significant value to your home as well. Work with an electrician for ideas of how to add curb appeal with outdoor lighting at your home in McLean, VA.
  • Security—One of the main reasons any electrician will recommend outdoor lighting for homes in McLean, VA is to add security for you and your family. Most criminals are looking for a dark area where they are not easily seen when they are burglarizing or vandalizing a neighborhood. Moreover, when a home is lit up like a Christmas tree, they usually move on to another home.

Another thing your electrician may recommend for your McLean, VA home is home automation where you can put your lights on sensors or timers to come on at a certain time or to come on when someone walks by. You can even control your lighting with your fingertip and your cell phone. Call the team at Pullin Electric for all the details about outdoor lighting for your home in McLean, VA.


Protect your Home in Potomac, MD with Outdoor Security Lighting

Not only does outdoor security lighting protect your home and family by discouraging would-be intruders from targeting your Potomac, MD home, but also adds dimension and beauty to your home. Outside security lighting allows physical detection and facial recognition diminishes hiding spots and expands your sense of security.

There is a right way and a wrong way to light up your house with outdoor security lighting, but you never want to light your home up like a Christmas tree. When you over-illuminate with security lighting, you draw awareness to precious items at your home in Potomac, MD. The team at Pullin Electric can help you with your choices for security lighting both inside and out and install your new lighting for your Potomac, MD home. They will come to your home and help you determine the placement of each light that will ensure you and your family’s security and safety.

When choosing your home security lighting, aim for the following—

  • Security lighting should provide a clear view of the area which should include people, fences, and walls.
  • Allow facial recognition for at least a distance of 30 feet.
  • Tasks, like finding your keys, walking your dog, getting the mail, and taking out the trash, should be made more comfortable and much safer.
  • When spending time outdoors around your home in Potomac, MD, you should feel a great sense of safety and security.

Installation Guidelines for Security Lighting—

  • Pick a place where the light fixtures can’t be easily tampered with.
  • Adjust light fixtures downward, so they are not directly pointing to the street or your neighbor’s home.
  • For sensor lights, test the light’s fixture sensitivity to motion and adjust as needed.
  • Always use wire covers to protect the fixtures.
  • Integrate indoor and outdoor lighting to work together to give you the most safety.
  • Add timers so your lamps indoors will come on automatically when you are away from home. This gives your home the appearance that someone is home and deters intruders.

Outdoor security lighting should be appealing. It should help you to navigate around the outside of your Potomac, MD property and allow you to identify obstacles and possible hazards such as a change in the elevation of the property. Last but not least, outdoor security lighting should discourage trespassers and provide security for you and your family.