McLean, VA Homeowners Taking Charge with Home Control Systems

How would you like to take charge of your McLean, VA home with home control systems? Home control systems allow you to control devices from your mobile phone anywhere you are. These devices include—

  • Thermostats
  • Lights
  • Appliances
  • Electrical outlets
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Alarm system including your doors, windows, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, and locks
  • And much more

With home control systems for your McLean, VA home you can take advantage of energy savings which for you means less money going out. Thermostats can be controlled by your remote or preset for specific times. During the hours you are away at work and the kids are at school, McLean, VA homeowners can keep their heating and cooling energy usage to a minimum. Your heating and air-conditioning systems can be programmed or be controlled remotely from your mobile phone.

If you’re an average family, lights are constantly being left on, and someone always forgets to lock the door when in a hurry leaving. No problem. With home control systems and just the touch of your finger, homeowners can control these devices from anywhere.

Do you have younger children and would like to know when they arrive home safely from school? Home control systems can be programmed to send you a text message or email to let you know when they have arrived home with smart locks. Surveillance cameras installed at your McLean, VA home allow you to see from your phone or work computer who your children have brought home from school or if they are safe in the home.

There are endless possibilities for home control systems for homeowners in McLean, VA. More and more smart devices and appliances are being created all the time to integrate with home control systems. Most anything that can connect to a network can be automated and controlled remotely with your mobile phone.

If you are looking to upgrade your McLean, VA home with a home control system, call the experts at Pullin Electric. They can guide you and discuss with you anything you want to automate at your home.

Whole Home Generator Brings Comfort to Homes in Potomac, MD

If you’ve ever been without electrical power for longer than a day in Potomac, MD, you have probably lost a refrigerator and/or a freezer full of food and maybe even taken your family to a motel to stay in to be comfortable. Being without power in extremely cold weather can be devastating when you can’t keep your family warm. Installing a whole home generator for your home in Potomac, MD will definitely make your next outage go much easier.

Losing electricity is especially hard on elderly adults. Older adults are more susceptible to hypothermia which is below normal body temperature during extremely low temperatures; also, hyperthermia, an exceptionally high fever during extremely high temperatures. Many older people require medical equipment to run off power, and without electricity, this situation could be devastating to their health.

With a whole home generator for your home in Potomac, MD you won’t have to worry about spoiled foods, busted pipes, being without a TV or a means to recharge your cell phone or use your computer. People who rely on electricity for medical equipment, their whole home generator will kick on in a few seconds, and everything will continue to work within your home.

The team at Pullin Electric will come to your home in Potomac, MD and give you a free in-home assessment to determine the size unit you will need to keep your entire home up and running during a power outage. You will need to decide which appliances are critical for your particular needs during an outage such as your refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning and heating units, and anything else that you can’t live without during an outage.

Whole home generators operate with the use of either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. A permanent whole house generator will be connected to your natural gas or propane tank to provide the fuel it needs to run.

A built=in transfer switch will automatically turn your whole home generator on once you lose power at your Potomac, MD home and then turn itself off once your electrical power has been turned back on. You basically have nothing to do; once your unit is installed, you are good to go. Install a whole home generator for your Potomac, MD home and enjoy the comfort it will bring you during your next power outage.

Why Electric Repairs in Manassas, VA Should Be Done By an Electrician

If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer and know the basics of some electrical repairs, you might be okay to do some repairs yourself. Always turn off the power to whichever electrical device you are working on. If you have no experience working on anything electrical, call a professional electrician for all your electrical repairs at your home in Manassas, VA.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Electrician for Electric Repairs

Save Time and Money—Hiring a professional electrician in Manassas, VA can save you time and money in the long run. A licensed electrician will be able to correctly diagnose your electrical problems and perform electric repairs in less time and possibly save you money if you misdiagnose the problem yourself and try and fix it.

Licensed—A licensed, professional electrician adheres to local and federal regulations, whereas someone who is not licensed is not bound by the same standards and may put your Manassas, VA home and family at risk.

Avoid Other Problems—Electric repairs can be complicated and if not done properly, could cause problems in the future or possibly a fire at your Manassas, VA home. Electricians are trained to test your electrical system and make sure it is up to code to help avoid other issues later.

Knowledgeable—A well trained, professional electrician can advise you of any upgrades that you should make on your electrical system and detect any electric repairs that need to be done in order to keep your home and family safe in Manassas, VA. You can expect a licensed electrician to be up to date on the latest solutions and ways to save electricity while keeping your family and home well protected.

Asking a friend or doing an electric repair yourself to save money isn’t always the best solution to your problem. Fixing an outlet that has gone bad might seem easy at first, but it could be more serious than just replacing the outlet itself.

The team at Pullen Electric are well-qualified, licensed electricians that offer a wide variety of electrical services and repairs including home standby power generators, addition or renovation wiring, and appliance installations. Call them for all your electrical repair needs in Manassas, VA

Manassas, VA Homeowners Get Comfy & Save Energy with Home Automation Systems

Imagine being able to control nearly all your electronics with the touch of your fingertip. Home automation systems are taking over homes in Manassas, VA making it easier for homeowners to manage their lights, the temperature of their house, window shades and watch their homes while they are away, all from their Smartphones, iPhones, and iPads. You can turn things on and off and up and down using a hand-held remote, a wall-mounted keypad, or a table top control from the comfort of your home as well.

The ability to monitor and manage nearly every electronic system in your home not only saves energy but provides you and your family added security.

Integration and Home Automation

Lighting Systems
Control your lights indoors and outdoors by turning them on and off or dimming to enhance the mood you wish to create. With occupancy/vacancy sensors installed, you can ensure that when a room is unoccupied, the lights will turn off automatically. This is a great feature when you have children who always forget to turn the lights off.

Security Systems
Security systems give you the ability to know if an intruder is lurking around your home. Sensors are placed at each window and entryway door of your home and an alarm will sound if someone tries to enter. By installing video cameras and audio into home automation systems in Manassas, VA, you can also monitor a sleeping baby in his or her room.

If you are away from home, you can see what activities are happening at home just by an app on your Smartphone or work computer. This is an excellent way to ensure your children’s safety. You can tell when they leave or arrive home from school and whom they are bringing in and out of your home. You can monitor any area with the installation of indoor and outdoor cameras. If you have a pool, what better way to keep an eye on everyone if you can’t be outside every minute.

Temperature Systems
Integrate temperature controls into home automation systems to manage the temperature of your home. You can turn the temperature down or up, depending on the season by controlling you HVAC system. When you leave, turn the temperature down and before you arrive home in the evenings, you can adjust the temperature to where it will be comfortable when you arrive home. All at your fingertips. Temperature systems will lower your energy bill and make your life more comfortable at all times.

If you have a vacation home such as in the mountains that you enjoy retreating to in the winter, you can monitor how much snow has accumulated with an outdoor camera system, while still at home in Manassas, VA, before you even leave for your trip. There are even snow melting systems for your driveway so that it will be clear of snow when you arrive in the mountains.

There is no end to the number of electronic devices that you can integrate into Manassas, VA home automation systems depending on the budget you have set aside for your system, or you can add to it as time goes on.