Factors to Consider for Generator Installation in Potomac, MD

Thinking about a generator installation at your home in Potomac, MD should entail a long thought process. Don’t just jump in there and think this generator is okay, an easy fix when the lights go out. Installing a backup generator adds value to your home and shows how much you value your family. Don’t cut yourself short and just settle for something temporary when you are in a tight fix, no power. Plan out your new generator installation as an investment to your Potomac, MD home, a necessity, not just a “got-to-have-one” and then never use it.

Portable generators are accommodating and can indeed serve their purpose when your power goes out at your Potomac, MD home. Most homeowners, unless they are without electricity for hours or days, won’t even go to the trouble of hooking them up. It means running extension cords throughout your home in Potomac, MD. That’s why you need to factor in a few things before making a hasty decision.

Portable or Standby Generator Installation

Portables are great and a more affordable option for the short term, but with a standby generator installation, your generator will operate by a transfer switch which senses a power loss and tells the generator to start, transferring the electrical load to the standby generator. A standby generator is a backup electrical system which operates automatically. Just seconds after a power outage, your standby generator will start to power your Potomac, MD home. You may not even realize you have lost power. They operate efficiently and quietly.


A backup generator installation is a more reliable form of emergency power for your home when compared to a portable generator. A portable generator can be easily stolen, whereas because a backup generator is permanently installed at your home in Potomac, MD, most likely you will be safe. If you have a home security system, a standby generator installation will keep it running.
Portable generators also produce toxic carbon monoxide fumes that are extremely harmful to one’s health whereas backup generators are designed with exhaust systems.

Calm and Quiet Feeling

Having a home generator installation will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family in Potomac, MD will be well protected in a power outage.