How to Know Which Residential Generator is Right for you in Potomac, MD

There are two different categories of residential generators. How do you know which residential generator is right for your home in Potomac, MD? Power outages disable heating and air-conditioning systems, refrigerators and freezers, water pumps and lighting. Without power your pipes could freeze and burst, your food could spoil, and your sump pump could fail, flooding your basement.

As a homeowner, you would need to determine how much you are willing to spend and how much inconvenience you and your family are willing to endure if you lost electrical power for days.

Categories of Residential Generators

Automatic standby systems are the easiest and most reliable sources of backup energy you can invest in. These types of residential generators offer unlimited and continuous run times for your family’s safety and convenience at your home in Potomac, MD.

Powered by natural or propane gas, an automatic standby residential generator will automatically turn on whenever the electrical power goes out. The best thing about these generators is that you do not even have to be home.

Sometimes in a bad storm, you can be left stranded away from your home in Potomac, MD and with a standby residential generator, you will no longer have to worry about your pipes freezing, your food spoiling, or your basement flooding. Once your electrical power comes back on, the standby residential generator will shut off on its own.

Portable generators require you to connect manually. This particular type of residential generator is powered by gasoline, and some can provide electric up to ten hours before refueling. A portable residential generator is on a wheeled frame which allows you to transport to provide power where needed in Potomac, MD.

During a power outage in Potomac, MD, a portable generator can power the more important items you need such as lights, refrigerator, space heaters, and a window air-conditioner. Portable generators are great because they can power household items during an emergency but they can also be useful for other reasons including:

• Tailgate parties
• Camping
• DIY projects

The most critical reason for investing in a residential generator is for your family’s safety during an emergency power outage in Potomac, MD.