Common Devices Controlled with Home Automation in McLean, VA

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A home automation system is the use of multiple subsystems that are controlled by a master controller which reduces the need for homeowners to physically turn devices on and off at their McLean, VA homes. These multiple devices can perform tasks at specific times each day such as adjusting room shades or turning on an outside light 10 minutes before sunset. Many home automation systems integrate an astronomic time clock which keeps up with the changing sunrise and sunset events and syncs its clock with the internet to remain accurate.

Triggered events can be controlled by the home automation system to execute an action to make something happen at your home in McLean, VA such as—

  1. When a particular door opens, turns the light on.
  2. If there is motion detected, turns on the lights; once there is no motion for 5 minutes, turns off the lights.
  3. If the temperature at your McLean, VA home gets above or below a certain degree, sends a text to the homeowner.

Smart homes incorporate many varieties of subsystems. A home automation system’s most common elements include—

    Shade and Blinds

  • Motorized shades and blinds that can respond to commands from a home automation system.
  • Lighting

  • Turn on one light, a set of lights, or all lights.
  • Smart switches and dimmers can control the level of lighting.


  • Video cameras can be installed and seen on your smartphone while you are away from home.
  • Video doorbells can show you who is at your front door and these events can be recorded.


  • Automatically adjust the thermostat to be a comfortable temperature by the time you get home from work. This saves energy by not heating or cooling an empty home in McLean, VA.
  • Irrigation

  • Your McLean, VA home’s irrigation system can be controlled by your home automation system.
  • Pool or Spa

  • Pre-heat your pool or spa driving home from work so it will be just the right temperature when you get home.

Many homeowners in McLean, VA are getting a return for their investment with a home automation system by saving on high utility bills. A home that is fully automated will protect your home while saving you time and money for other things.