Generator Installations Fueled by Power Outages in Great Falls, VA

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The weather these days is so unpredictable that homeowners in Great Falls, VA are noticing more and more power outages and are impelled to purchase home generators. Home generator installations are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury because the actual costs imposed on families who lose power for long periods of time can be quite costly.

Common Costs of Power Outages according to a Harris Interactive survey by Briggs and Stratton

  • 40% had to pay to replace spoiled food.
  • 29% paying for emergency supplies including candles, flashlights, firewood among other things to protect the home and families.
  • 16% purchasing a portable generator.
  • 11% paying for property damaging such as repairing sump pumps and flooding in basement.
  • 8% reported having to pay for other housing accommodations such as a motel/hotel.

When a home without a professionally installed generator experiences a power loss, refrigerators, heating and air conditionings and most importantly medical devices quit working. In the winter time and extreme cold, pipes can burst. In the summertime, temperatures can become unbearable, and food spoils easier.

As an authorized Generac Power Systems Dealer, Pullin Electric can come to your Great Falls, VA home and give you an in-home assessment. Our professional team will help you in the selection process by recommending which home generator installation is required to meet the needs for your particular situation, explain the installation process, and where the best location would be to install your generator. We will provide you with a free written estimate with no obligation to buy so you can make an informed decision.

Investing in a home backup generator installation from Pullin Electric is one way to protect your family in Great Falls, VA. If your home experiences a power outage, rather you are home or not, your generator will automatically turn on and restore your home with on site generated power and will continue until your utility power has been restored. We have been helping homes and businesses in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area for over 35 years. We are licensed and trained to provide continuous generator power to your home in case of an emergency with our products, installation, and quality, dependable service.