How a Propane-Powered Generator Works in McLean, VA

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The single leading cause of power outages in the United States is severe weather. These outages can cause hardship on those homes in McLean, VA that do not have a backup source of power such as a propane-powered generator.

There are all different types of generators including portable and whole home backup generators. Most McLean, VA homeowners choose a whole home propane-powered generator that runs off of your existing LP fuel supply. You do not have to run extension cords through windows or doors as you would with a portable generator. Furthermore, a portable generator that operates off of gas is only good if you can drive your vehicle to the gas station in hopes that they still have power and you can get gas.

A propane-powered generator can be installed outside your house just like an AC unit. An automatic transfer switch is also installed which is the brains of your generator, always monitoring your home’s power. Whenever your electrical power goes out in McLean, VA, your propane-powered generator will automatically come on and restore your home’s power within seconds. Once your utility power has been restored, the automatic transfer switch turns off your propane-powered generator and returns power at your home to the utility grid.

You can power your McLean, VA home including sump pumps, well pumps, security systems and small and large appliances, lights, and air conditioning and heating units with a propane-powered generator. There is no refueling. As long as you keep your propane tank supply filled, you should be okay. It is best to keep an eye out on your supply in case you are getting low, and a severe storm is headed your way.

How Is Your Propane-Powered Generator Installed?

  1. An electrician will install the automatic transfer switch.
  2. The propane-powered generator will be moved into place outside your home in McLean, VA.
  3. The electrical lines are then connected from the transfer switch to the generator.
  4. A pipefitter will connect your fuel source to the generator.

Once your unit is installed, you are ready for any future power outages at your McLean, VA home. Call a propane-powered generator dealer in McLean, VA and set up an appointment for a free assessment to determine the size unit you will need and all costs related to get you installed and up and running.