How to Prevent Household Tragedies with an Emergency Generator in Manassas, VA

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Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, ice storms, and blizzards can knock out your electrical power for hours, sometimes days and even weeks. A blown transformer or a car crashing into a utility pole can put you and your Manassas, VA neighborhood in the dark for a long time.

An emergency generator can be your answer to preventing most household tragedies due to power outages including:

  1. During freezing weather, a power outage would leave you without any heat and can be extremely hard on older adults. As your house cools down, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to frozen water pipes.
  2. Power failure will stop your refrigerator and your freezer from running which could cost you a lot of money because of food thawing and spoiling. This is especially true for those who invest in large amounts of meats.
  3. For those people who experience a power outage and whose life depends on special medical equipment, it could be a life or death situation.
  4. If you have your own well, a power outage will cut off your water supply.

An emergency generator installed at your home in Manassas, VA will help you to eliminate these misfortunes that sadly so many families will face at one time or the other no matter where you live. Mother Nature can be as beautiful as a warm sunny day or as disruptive as a snow blizzard in sub-zero weather. Being prepared for these disasters in Manassas, VA with an emergency generator is the best way to prevent these disasters from disrupting the lives of your family members.

Once you decide to install an emergency generator for your Manassas, VA home, you will first need to consider what your goals are when there is a power outage in your area.

Emergency Power Options

  • To be able to power a couple of lights and power a cell phone.
  • To be able to operate a microwave, a TV, a few lights and a computer.
  • To be able to keep a refrigerator and freezer running to keep food cold and preserve food from spoiling, to run some lights and maybe a few small appliances.
  • To be able to power a well pump, water heater, heating and cooling system, refrigerator, lights, and some basic appliances.

Purchase an emergency generator with your family’s needs in mind. The size unit of an emergency generator will be determined by the number of devices you wish to power at your home in Manassas, VA. The more you want to power, of course, the more you will pay for an emergency generator.

It is best to speak to a professional emergency generator dealer in Manassas, VA by allowing them to come to your home and give you an estimate for the unit and all installation costs. Most emergency generator dealers will come to your Manassas, VA home and give you an estimate, free of charge and under no obligation.