Making Your Home Smarter With Home Automation in McLean, VA

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More and more McLean, VA homeowners are making their homes smarter by investing in home automation. Home automation makes running a home more efficient and a whole lot easier. With home automation, you can connect all your devices to the internet, not just your computer or your Smartphone, but all things including lights, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, heating and air conditionings systems, speakers, TV and then some.

Home automation gives you the ability to control items around your McLean, VA home—from window shades to pet feeders—all with a simple push of a button or a voice command.

Some of the product categories for home automation to make life easier and smarter for your home in McLean, VA include:

Smart Lighting

  • Turn all lighting on or off in a room.
  • Turn on landscape lighting automatically at sunset and off at sunrise.
  • Motion sensors can signal the home automation system to turn the lights off if a room has been vacant for a period of time.

Smart Music

  • Stream music to different rooms or all rooms in your house in McLean, VA.
  • Have music start automatically when you turn on the shower lights.

Smart Video/Home Theater Home Automation

  • When you press play, have your lights dim gradually.
  • Press pause and have your lights brighten up.
  • Automatically lock your doors once a movie starts to play.

Smart Security

  • Have an image from a surveillance camera appear on your TV screen when someone rings your doorbell.
  • Access security video feeds remotely from your Smartphone from anywhere.
  • Receive a text message when your security camera detects motion.
  • Program your doors to lock a few minutes after your garage door closes when you leave for work or go somewhere.
  • Create temporary passports to let guests inside your home so they can punch into your home’s smart locks, notifying you when they arrive.

There is no limit on home automation for homeowners who live in McLean, VA. Receive text alerts and notifications when your mail gets delivered, if the garage door is left open, or your house has been left unlocked; just about anything that is going on at your McLean, VA home, you can receive a text to let you know its status.