New Home Electric Installation in Centreville, VA

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Whenever building a new house in Centreville, VA, consider all the appliances and devices that you might eventually want to bring into your new home. Then have your electric installation for your home in Centreville, VA done by a professional residential electrician such as Pullen Electric. With over 35 years of quality service, Pullin Electric offers competitive pricing with high-quality products and electric installation for new home construction.

Building a new home in Centreville, VA can be expensive and even though you might not be able to budget all the bells and whistles into your new home construction right now, plan for ideas you may have in the future such as—

  • Security System
  • Outside Lighting
  • Surround Sound
  • Lighting Controls
  • Home Automation System
  • Home Generator
  • Central Vacuum

Although these devices may not fit into your budget at the time you are doing the electric installation for your new home in Centreville, VA, discuss these options with your electrician so he can pre-wire any additional wiring that you might need in the future. Electric installation is much easier to do before the drywall is hung than afterward.

Make sure your Centreville, VA electric installation includes enough outlets for all your appliances. Control panels for heating and cooling, lighting and home security need to be put in the most practical and least conspicuous place. Consider picture placement when installing light switches or control panels. These should never be placed in the middle of a wall.

If you are planning on adding a garage or shed later to your Centreville, VA home, you will definitely want include that in your planning. Electric panel boxes will need to be able to accommodate devices and any electric installations you are planning for in the future.

Don’t forget the closets. If lighting for your closets is not in the initial planning of your new construction in Centreville, VA, this is one electric installation that will not want to skimp on. Even some cabinets benefit from having lights installed inside so it is easier to see what you are reaching for. With today's technology, you can wire the lights to come on when you open doors and cabinets and turn off when you close them. Lighting underneath kitchen cabinets is a great feature to have as well.

Pullen Electric, a family-owned electrical contracting company, is dedicated to giving their customers the best quality service from the beginning of the design process to the completion of the electric installation for new homes in Centreville, VA.