Receptacle Electric Repairs in Potomac, MD

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Are you having electrical problems and can’t quite figure out the problem. To prevent electrical fires, electric repairs, upgrades and installations for homes in Potomac, MD should be done by a licensed and certified electrician such as Pullen Electric. Electric repairs are something homeowner should leave to the experts.

Thousands of people are hurt every year in electrical accidents in homes. Some DIYers in Potomac, MD who think they are knowledgeable enough for some electric repairs end up spending twice the money. Once for the materials they purchased to do it themselves at the time and later if they sell their Potomac, MD home and it doesn’t pass inspection, another electric repair will be required by a certified electrician.

Receptacle Electric Repairs

  • Worn out receptacles and cracks—over time the metal contact points for hot, neutral, and ground connections will wear and lose their gripping power which holds the cord in place tightly. Not making a good connection causes the outlet to overheat and will usually throw the breaker.
  • Loose wires—outlets with loose wiring on the connection points of the terminal makes for a bad connection causing heat buildup. Sparking in the junction box can cause arcing and burn marks around the terminals. This is a fire waiting to happen. An electric repair needs to be handled by an electrician immediately.

Periodically you should go around and check your outlets for cracks, tension, bad connections and burn marks and repair as soon as possible. Otherwise, ignoring these electric repairs for your home in Potomac, MD could cause severe damage to you, your family and your home.

Overloading circuits can also weaken and damage outlets which can lead to electrical fires to homes in Potomac, MD. This is especially true during holiday decorating when homeowners are trying to light up their house inside and outside. Divide lights among two or more circuits to avoid overload.

If you live in an older home in Potomac, MD it might be time to upgrade your electrical box by an electrician from Pullen Electric. Pullen Electric has over 35 years of experience and can handle most electric repairs for homes in Potomac, MD along with—

  • New construction wiring
  • Installation, maintenance, and service of home generators
  • Security lighting
  • Septic and well water system wiring
  • Home control systems