The Role of Industrial Electric Contractors in McLean, VA

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Industrial electric contractors are the lifeblood of the industrial electrical industry. Although most industrial plants have full-time electricians on their payroll, they are usually kept busy trying to keep things up and running so when the time comes for expanding a McLean, VA business, it is time to call in industrial electric contractors who can complete the job in a timely manner.

Adding a new production line takes greater expertise and specialization such as an industrial electric contractor in McLean, VA. This leads to a faster delivery time so that businesses in McLean, VA can be up and running in less time. In-house electricians usually don’t have the experience that industrial electric contractors have to get the bigger job done or they are too busy keeping everything else running smoothly and safely for the entire facility.

Industrial electric contractors in McLean, VA work with companies such as plastic injection molding facilities, restaurants, hospitals and other medical facilities. They have expertise in reading blueprints and understanding electrical code specifications.

Growing businesses in McLean, VA come to depend on industrial electric contractors for installing electrical wiring throughout when a new addition is added to their business or when remodeling a facility. Many companies are installing commercial generators so that during a power outage they can still do business as usual and keep their customers satisfied. This requires the experience of an industrial electric contractor such as Pullin Electric who specializes in installations of commercial generators for all types of businesses in McLean, VA.

Other Services Offered By Industrial Electric Contractors

  • Maintenance and service of energy equipment
  • Lighting and light control systems for remodeling and new builds
  • LED retrofits and new installations
  • Complete wiring for new tenant build outs
  • Data/low voltage wiring
  • Commercial standby generator installation and maintenance
  • Wiring for hazardous locations
  • Wiring and installation of switchgear

Production is the livelihood of any business. Without being able to operate because of faulty electrical wiring or equipment means lost production and lost income. An industrial electric contractor like Pullin Electric is a company you can trust with the safety of your employees and customers.