Securing Homes in Great Falls, VA with Home Automation

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Homeowners in Great Falls, VA are now taking advantage of home automation. By installing home automation systems with security cameras, Great Falls, VA homeowners are providing their families with the utmost security they can possibly acquire.

Most families living in Great Falls, VA have two working parents and no one at home when the kids leave or come home from school. With home automation systems that incorporate home security devices, families can now relax knowing that whenever they are away from their children, they can still watch their children and keep an eye on their activities. They can tell when their kids leave for school in the morning and can make sure they get home to a safe home after school.

By installing video cameras inside your home in Great Falls, VA, you can watch and see exactly what your children are doing at all times. You can see who they bring home from school to play with or entertain. Sitting at your desk at work or whatever your profession, with the use of your office computer or your Smartphone, you can know precisely what is going on in your home when you can’t be there.

Advantages of Home Automation with an Integrated Security System

  • By using your Smartphone, you can view live streaming video while away from your property.
  • Remotely move pan/tilt cameras via the web, with either your Smartphone or a tablet to see different views of a particular location indoors and outdoors.
  • View multiple locations, your primary residence or your vacation home simultaneously on the same screen.
  • Set alerts to receive by email or text message when someone is pulling into your driveway, when the front door or window is opening, or when a package is delivered to your front porch.

With home automation you can control most of your electronic devices from anywhere you have an internet connection. Control your heating and air conditioning by adjusting the temperature to a comfortable setting for when you arrive at your Great Falls, VA home. Control your lights by setting a trigger to automatically turn your lights off and lock the door when you leave each morning so that you don’t have to remember. With motion sensors, you can program your outside lights to come on when entering your driveway and walking up to your front door. With home automation systems, life just gets simpler and safer.

Pullin Electric offers home automation systems that can be adapted to your lifestyle and the needs of your family. Give us a call and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.