When to Call an Electrician for Electric Repairs in Manassas, VA

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Many homeowners living in Manassas, VA are quick to fix things that go wrong at home except when it comes to anything electrical. You might do automotive repairs in your driveway with a few simple tools to save money or for the sake of convenience, you might take it to your local automotive repair center and pay for the service. You might use your hammer and your saw around the house to save money, but when it comes to using a screwdriver, wire strippers or a voltage tester for an electric repair at your home in Manassas, VA, you get a sense of insecurity and uneasiness.

Basic electric repairs can either be done by a hired electrician for convenience sake or to save money, many of these electric repairs can be done by the do-it-yourselfer. Here are a few reasons why you may consider doing these electric repairs yourself for your home in Manassas, VA.

Saves Money—Hiring an electrician for a large job such as running new wires or installing a service panel might be cost-effective as well as smart if you're not too inclined in this field. However, for things such as an electrical outlet, the charge is quite expensive.

Safe—As long as your turn off the circuit breaker to the outlet and you double-check with a voltage meter, you will be completely safe.

Logical—As long as you follow specific instructions, you should be okay in doing simpler electric repairs for your home in Manassas, VA.

Saves Time—By the time you call an electrician and set up an appointment and they arrive, you could already have the electric repair fixed.

Safety comes first. Anytime you start an electric repair you must follow these safety procedures:

  • Turn off circuit breaker.
  • Test your tester. Go to a known live outlet and turn on the voltage tester. Slide the flat end into any of the outlet slots. The tester should beep or flash which is an indication that the outlet is live.
  • Check outlet or light switch with your tester. Go to the outlet that you are repairing. Turn on the voltage tester and slide the flat end of the tester into the outlet slots. The tester should not beep or flash. For a switch, remove the switch and then touch the tester to the side of all wires to ensure none are live.

By following these safety guidelines and with a little determination, following a few instructions that you can find in any handbook or on the internet should help you fix these simple electric repairs for your home in Manassas, VA. This can also save on your monthly home maintenance bills.