Whole House Generators Are Lifesavers for Homeowners in Potomac, MD

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A power outage for a couple of hours is a mere inconvenience. A major storm that knocks out electricity for days in Potomac, MD, is overwhelming when nothing can be done as you watch your food spoil, your basements flood because your sump pump can’t do its job, and you’re unable to stay warm because of unbearable freezing temperatures, and the list goes on. We live in a society of comforts where most people are unable to bear the burden when it comes to going without electricity for extended periods of time. Most people never plan ahead so when it hits; they are at a total loss of living without the modern conveniences.

In situations like these, whole house generators can be a lifesaver especially to the youngest and oldest members of families that are hit the hardest by plunging temperatures in Potomac, MD. Power outages have been happening in the United States since the creation of the power grid, but recently we are experiencing more and more loss of power. Investing in whole house generators are the way many people in Potomac, MD are trending towards.

How Much Generator Is Enough?

Typically, whole house generators will power first floor bathrooms, a couple of lighting circuits, refrigerator, furnace, well pump, and your garage door opener. Depending on your budget and what your particular needs are for your family, as to the size of generator you will need. Some families just want the bare necessities to have power while others want to live life to the fullest without any disruption in their day to day activities that require power.

Some whole house generator manufacturers have a handy sizing tool on their websites. Consumers enter the square footage of their home and then check off which appliances, devices or systems such as refrigerators, microwaves, central air, personal computer, and TV that you want to be powered by the generator during a power outage. The calculator then tallies up the total wattage of the selected units and the startup-volt-amps and from that determines the size generator you will need.

Homeowners can get a general idea online and then call an expert like Pullin Electric who will come to your home and give you a free no-obligation assessment to help you decide which whole house generator system would be right for you and your family.