Backup Generator Maintenance for McLean, VA Homes

Are you ready, should a disaster strike? How much trouble would you be in if the lights went out right now?

If you’re like most people, you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about electricity. It’s easy to understand why. You flip a switch and like magic, the light, or your stove, or your furnace or air conditioner rumbles to life. Electricity is such an integral part of our daily lives that we tend to take it for granted.

Unfortunately, our electrical grid is a lot more fragile than most people realize, and we’re not talking about the potential of a terrorist attack, either. Just take a quick look at the news headlines on any given week, and you’ll find plenty of examples that highlight how fragile the grid really is.

Hurricanes can knock power out for millions, or even tens of millions, often for weeks at a time. Ice and snow can do the same. Hackers can blow up transformers from thousands of miles away which can have the same effect.

Think about how many things you have in your home that rely on electricity. Your refrigerator. Your stove. Your computer. The charging cable for your smartphone. The washer and dryer. Your microwave. The list goes on and on.

Now, imagine what your life would be like if all that went away in the blink of an eye. Just like that, you’d be living a hundred years in the past.

That might be fine for a day or two, but if the power stayed out for much longer than that, it would be a lot more than an inconvenience, it could easily become life-threatening, especially if the power outage happened in the dead of winter or during the hottest part of the summer.

Fortunately, there’s a super simple way to avoid those kinds of problems. Just invest in a home generator!

If you’ve never considered the possibility of a generator before, you might be surprised at how many there are to choose from. A trip to your local hardware store will reveal a number of makes and models, and you can find hundreds of different options online.

As the area’s top-rated electrical services company, we sell a complete line of world-class Generac generators in a variety of sizes. If you’re not sure how much generator you need, we can help with that too!

Just give us a call, and we’ll send one of our experienced technicians out to assess your situation. The right sized generator for your home depends on a number of different factors. For example:

  • Do you plan on taking a minimalist approach, only investing in enough generating capacity to power a few essential appliances, or do you want a more robust, whole-home approach?
  • How much juice do your various appliances actually use, and what can you do to minimize your power draw?
  • There are many different types of generators to choose from: gas powered, solar powered, generators that run on multiple types of fuel and the like. What’s your preference?
  • How long of an outage are you planning for?
  • And of course, the budget you’ve got to work with is a big factor to consider.

We can help you cut through the clutter, zero in on your specific needs, and help you pick the best generator for you.

Once you’ve made your selection, our team can install and configure it, then teach you how to use it. As important as all of that is though, that’s only one part of the equation. Generators are, after all, machines, and every machine needs regular maintenance.

After all, generators are a type of insurance. You hope you’ll never need it, but if and when you do, your generator just has to work. It has to be rock solid and reliable, and our backup generator maintenance program in Mclean, VA is a critical piece of that puzzle.

Consider it to be insurance for your insurance. After all, unless you know a lot about generators yourself, and are a committed do it yourselfer, it’s just easier and more efficient to let a trained expert handle the details for you.

Among other things, our backup generator maintenance service in Mclean, VA is comprehensive. Here are just some of the things we can do for you:

  • Perform a thorough visual inspection of the mechanical and electrical components
  • Check the oil and the oil filter and replace if and as needed
  • Check the fan belt, perform a coolant flush if applicable, depending on the kind of generator you’ve got
  • And test the generator under load to make sure that it’s functioning properly and there are no surprises

We also recommend starting your generator at least every few months and letting it run for a while. Consider it to be similar to a car you seldom use but want to keep in good working order in case you need it. If you don’t test your system periodically, how can you say for sure it’ll work when you need it to?

Of course, backup generator maintenance in Mclean, VA is just one of the things that what we do. We are the area’s top-rated electrical services company, serving both commercial and residential customers. Even better, we’re locally owned and operated, and have built a reputation for excellent service in the more than three decades we’ve been in business.

If you’ve got an outlet that’s not functioning, we can help. If you need your new workshop wired, we can do that. If you’re adding a room onto your home and need it wired, or if you’ve just bought an older home and the wiring needs to be brought up to code, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve also worked hard to stay current as technology has advanced. You’ve probably heard of the Internet of Things. Smart appliances of all shapes and sizes that can connect to the internet, allowing you to monitor them in real time, and allowing them to alert you if and when there’s a problem.

As you might suspect, they even make smart generators these days, and they make backup generator maintenance in Mclean, VA much easier and more convenient than it ever has been before. Imagine having a generator that can tell you when it powers on. Imagine having one you can monitor via an app on your smartphone so you can check to see how much power it’s generating, and what percent capacity it’s running at.

Imagine getting an alert the moment something stats to go wrong, so you can shut the system down right away and call in the experts to get the system working properly again.

Those are powerful enhancements to your backup generator maintenance plan in Mclean, VA, and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Our technicians have years of experience working with smart technology. We’ve been building smart features into the electrical systems of homes and businesses since the first products started becoming available on the market, and as with your home generator, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re interested in smart technology to enhance your backup generator maintenance plan in Mclean, VA, or just want to be able to turn the lights in your home off or on from your phone, we can help get you there! In fact, it’s never been easier to create a robust, end to end smart home you can control from your smartphone or PC, and our guys can work with you to plan it out, so it’s exactly what you want.

There’s a reason we’re the #1 electrical services company in the area, and we’d love to add you to our growing family of satisfied customers.

Whatever your needs are where your home’s electrical system is concerned, just give us a call. From wiring or rewiring a room to implementing smart technology in part of, or in your entire home, to finding the right generator and ensuring you have the benefit of proper backup generator maintenance in Mclean, VA, there’s just one company to call for peace of mind; Pullin Electric! We’ll be there when you need us.