Electrician for Centreville, VA Homes and Businesses

Whether it is for a business or residence choosing the right electrician is important. One minor mistake could have devastating and even life threatening consequences. When business and home owners need an electrician in Centreville, VA they know exactly who to call to ensure that the job is properly done. For thirty five years Pullin Electric has been proudly serving the Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. metro area, and their outstanding record of service more than speaks for itself.

Pullin Electric is a family owned company that is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all of their clients, regardless of the size of the job. Their three decades of experience has made the company well qualified to provide the service their customers need which includes,

  • Installation, maintenance and service of Generac standby generators
  • New wiring for residential and commercial buildings
  • Diagnosis and repair of electrical failure issues
  • Security lighting, video camera and DVR systems

The company also has the knowledge and experience needed for septic and well water system wiring. If needed Pullin Electric can even install data and low voltage wiring. Their experience allows then to provide exceptional electrical service using only top rated cutting edge products at a price that is unmatched by the majority of their competition.

Licensed and Experienced Centreville, VA Electrician

A licensed electrician in Centreville, VA must be able to meet the unique needs of each client, and that is what customers get when they schedule an appointment with Pullin Electric. The trained electrician will meet with Centreville, VA property owners to discuss any problems and will work closely with the client to find a solution that is safe, smart and secure. The same attention to detail will also be applied if the customer wants to upgrade the existing electrical system on the property.

Since power failures are becoming more frequent and common in rural and metro areas, Pullin Electric can recommend, install and provide maintenance on a standby generator. As an authorized dealer of Generac standby generators, customers can rest assured that they will never have to go without power during an outage. A Pullin electrician can even turn a Centreville, VA property into a smart home. The knowledgeable staff will provide a free energy assessment and evaluation to determine the exact energy needs of the property. The electrician will work closely with the customer to ensure that the products or service chosen will ensure uninterrupted energy regardless of the weather or circumstances outside. Since all of Pullin’s electricians are highly trained their clients never have to worry about the quality or safety of the job.

With their broad experience, courteous sales staff and licensed electricians it only makes sense to call Pullin Electric for service, installation or repairs.