House Generators for Centreville, VA Homeowners

House generators in Centreville, VA, are bringing peace of mind to homeowners, who no longer have to worry what a lack of power will bring. They are assured a steady supply of electricity throughout a storm.

Pullin Electric is the house generator expert in this area. They sell, install and service Generac generators, the most dependable and powerful units made.

What Do House Generators Do?

Whole house generators in Centreville, VA, provide power for all the appliances and electronics in a home, or for just those that the owner feels are essential. These units turn on automatically even if the family isn’t there. That means no more ruined food in the freezer and refrigerator. The security system stays on throughout the outage, keeping people safe.

These generators are simple to operate. They are connected directly to the home’s electrical panel. That means there is no need to run power cords all over the house. They derive their own power from the home’s propane or natural gas supply so no messy gas cans are necessary to keep them running.

Why Is Generac the Best?

Generac brand generators are the #1 selling models in the country. In fact, 7 out of 10 homeowners who invest in standby power equipment prefer Generac over all other brands. That’s because the company has a long history in the field, going back to 1959.

Generac pioneered the entire field of residential backup power. It developed the first workable motor for this equipment, making production feasible.

Generac has a reputation for making equipment that lasts and lasts and delivering the power that homeowners need.

Is the In-Home Assessment Free?

Whole house generators in Centreville, VA, are a major investment for a homeowner. That’s why Pullin Electric offers a free, no-obligation in-home assessment.

A trained technician goes over what they expect from the equipment, the best location for it, and all costs and deadlines involved. Pullin is known for transparent transactions, so there are no surprises down the line about costs.

The technician explains the entire installation process and lets the homeowner ask questions. Pullin wants homeowners to know what to expect and to give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

Work with the Experts

Pullin Electric, serving the area for more than three decades, has earned a reputation for dependability and competitive prices. The team at Pullin is committed to delivering quality workmanship on every job, big or small. The electricians on staff are experienced and fully trained.

Pullin is a family-owned electrical contractor that handles residential and commercial jobs, including:

  • Generator installation and repair
  • Tenant build-outs
  • Diagnosis and repair for all types of electrical problems
  • Wiring for new construction
  • Wiring for septic and well water systems
  • Security systems, including lighting, cameras and DVR
  • Wiring for data and low voltage systems

For a free, no-obligation quote for house generators in Centreville, VA, call the experts at Pullin Electric today.