FAQs About Residential Backup Power for Potomac, MD Homes

It is unavailable, power outages are going to occur. Sometimes it will be caused by a severe storm, and other times it will be due to a manmade accident. Regardless of the cause, the results are still the same homeowners are left without electricity. This is why the experts at Pullin Electric recommends investing in residential backup power for their Potomac, VA clients. The staff at Pullin Electric also understands that their clients have concerns about backup power, which is why they have put together this brief list of their customers most frequently asked questions.

1. Should an electrical technician be licensed and insured?

This is one of the most important things home owners should check before hiring an electrical service company. If the electrician is not licensed, their work will not be covered by most home insurance policies. This means that if there is property damage, the home owner will be responsible. This also applies to insurance. If the electrical service company is not insured, the home owner might be liable for any costs due to accidents.

2. Is it expensive to have a residential backup power system installed in Potomac, VA?

One of the advantages to contacting Pullin Electric is their commitment to providing their customers with the best service at a competitive price. When a residential property owner is interested in backup power, the first step is the free home assessment. The licensed technician will carefully evaluate the residence, and determine its exact power needs. They will work closely with home owners to find a solution that meets their budget and backup power needs. It is this commitment to their customers that has made Pullin Electric one of the premier electrical service companies in the area.

3. What is “residential backup power”?

When Pullin Electric is discussing residential backup power with their Potomac, VA clients, they are referring to standby generators. They are proud to be a recognized service provider of Generac Power Systems, the top selling manufacture of residential and commercial generators in the United States. When the electricity goes out, the backup generator will automatically kick in. This way property owners never have to worry about being left in the dark.

4. Is experience important in an electrical service company?

When it comes to electrical service, how experienced the company is should be a priority. Pullin Electric has been proudly serving its customers in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the Washington D.C. metro area for over thirty five years. Their technicians are current with the latest technical advances, and have the knowledge and skill their customers have come to depend on.

When a residential backup power system on a Potomac, MD property is installed by Pullin Electric, customers never have to worry about being “left in the dark” again.