Smart Home Control for Great Falls, VA Homes

Smart homes have become a staple in science fiction movies and TV shows like Star Trek and The Orville. The occupant merely has to ask, and everything from climate control to meal preparation is taken care of automatically. We are not at that level of technology yet, but smart home control in Great Falls, VA is getting more impressive every year.

Pullin Electric has helped area homes advance with every new technology for 35 years. What was a small, family business is now a licensed, electrical contractor serving the D.C. metro area, Maryland, and Virginia. We now install wireless networks, residential generators, and digital security cameras in some of the same homes we installed wiring for garage openers and upgraded circuit breakers to handle larger appliances like deep freezers.

When it comes to smart home control for Great Falls, VA, we install a system that links your appliances, residential systems like heating and air with your electronic and digital devices. Once it is up and running, you can turn on your home alarm, lower the heat to 73 degrees and see if you need milk without having to open the refrigerator door.

We do this by determining what you want in your home and the expectations you have for it. Then, we design your automated system which includes smart appliances, indoor and outdoor lighting with digital controls, upgrade wiring where needed, the heating and air system (HVAC), and the latest in digital security to include 24-hour DVR coverage and support.

In addition to the actual equipment, our planners also build your new smart home around your family and lifestyle. It is important to know how many devices are on the new system and which ones have access. For teenagers and older children, granting limited access to lighting and other features in their rooms is important. If you operate a home business, this may require additional internet speed as well. Depending on preferences, we can tie access to only certain devices or make smart home control in your Great Falls, VA residence password accessible on any phone, tablet, or laptop.

Our support does not stop at installation. Our digital experts examine trending home technology every day to find out how we can improve support and upgrade our systems. We constantly upgrade our services and make recommendations to each customer when we come across something that we think improves their home.

Pullin Electric has served our customers for 35 years. We have seen incredible changes in that time and today and do everything we can to improve the homes and lives of our customers. If you are interested in upgrading and automating your house, contact us for a quote to install a smart home control system in your Great Falls, VA residence. Call today at (571) 428-2326 to schedule a visit.