Smart Home Control for Manassas, VA Homes

Smart homes have become a part of routine life in the last two years. Remember the Clapper device for your lights or stereo? While there have been remote control devices like that for decades, only recently has technology developed enough to allows us to link our appliances, lighting, and security alarms and cameras into one connected system. Smart home control in Manassas, VA homes places everything at the fingertips of the homeowner.

What was science fiction just a decade ago, is now accepted just like dishwashers and flat-screen televisions. In a few more years, we believe that smart homes are going to be the basic home new home buyers expect to purchase.

Pullin Electric has served our area homes and businesses for 35 years. We began by installing electric wiring in new homes and upgrading wiring to prevent the risk of house fires and handle new, more powerful appliances Now, we serve the D.C. metro area, Maryland, and Virginia. For our customers in Manassas, VA, the smart home control systems we install are the next generation of devices needed to improve homes and the lives of homeowners.

We pull it all together on what we describe as the Internet of Things or IoT, a residential network designed around your home, the contents, and most importantly, you. Adding wireless controllers to light fixtures is fairly simple. The same is true for outdoor lighting, cameras, and other security devices. Many appliances are adaptable to an IoT, but for those that cannot, replacing them is relatively easy. It can be expensive, but new appliances are now virtually plug-and-play for most smart home networks.

The final product makes it appear that your home is now working for you. Homeowners can now program their appliances to run automatically during low-peak hours according to their utility companies, saving money. Smart refrigerators linked to an IoT can send texts to your phone or present a list of what is missing to a laptop, tablet, or another device. More importantly for some, you can turn on your coffee maker with a voice command before ever getting out of bed.

Finally, we design the smart home control in Manassas, VA homes to assist families. Parents can unlock doors and turn off alarms just as children arrive home. For teenagers, we can program temporary access so that parents know that their families are safe without depending on a key in a fake brick or the short attention span of their fifteen-year-old to disable and then re-engage the security system.

For information on how safer and energy efficient your Manassas, VA residence is with smart home control, contact us today. Simply call (581) 428-2326 to schedule a home visit and receive an estimate of what we can do for you.