Smart Home Control for McLean, VA Homes

New technologies make our homes easier to live in and use as one system with various parts. The goal is for every homeowner to feel like a member of The Jetsons cartoon show. Walk in through an automatic door, have a robot take your briefcase and shoes, greet your family while traveling on a sliding floor, and then relax before dinner. A smart house that sees your needs and acts to meet them.

Smart home control in McLean, VA means creating what Pullin Electric calls your residential Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is how we bring the items you use daily such as light control, appliance usage, heat and air control, and security all onto one system. We cannot take your shoes or open and close your doors, but it is possible to unlock them and turn off your alarm from your phone at a touch or with a voice command.

As long as we can link your appliances to the IoT, your access is now 100 percent, no matter if you are in your living room or driving up I-5 for a weekend getaway. A common problem for many people is loading the dishwasher, putting in the soap, and then failing to turn it on. That is in the past because your IoT network can start every machine plugged into it. Once installed, the smart home control in your McLean, VA home can finish the dishes just in time for you to come home with take-out and unload clean, dry dishes.

Pullin Electric can do the same with your lighting and climate control. Wireless connections let you adjust your home temperature to whatever level you want and program it to change throughout the day or evening. Our system lets you lower the heat to a level that is fine for your home while you are out but would be uncomfortable for anyone inside. You can set the IoT network to start raising the temperature until it is a comfortable level just as you arrive home from work or your children come home from school.

With 35 years of matching new technology with our customers, Pullin Electric has the work experience few other electrical contractors can match. In addition to smart home controls for McLean, VA, we now service Maryland, Virginia, and the D.C. metro area. Our family-owned business still understands that we must treat every home and homeowner as an individual.

That is why we do not simply come into your home, attach wireless connections to the lights and appliances, place a control panel in the kitchen and master bedroom, and then call it a day. Our planners determine the best network for your home by not just seeing what is there, but by asking what you need and expect out of your IoT network once we are finished.

Technology changes rapidly, but Pullin Electric is here to make it all work for you. Regardless if it is a McLean, VA smart home control package or another electrical service, we are the licensed contractor for you. Call us today at (571) 428-2326 to schedule an appointment and receive a quote.