Smart Home Systems for Centreville, VA Homes

In Centreville, VA, smart home systems have moved from sci-fi to reality. Many homeowners just like you are investing in the new technology to stay safer, save money and be more efficient.

Need to let a repair person in to fix the dishwasher, but don’t want to miss time at work? You can do it easily with smart home technology. Right in your office, you can check the technician’s credentials via your security camera and unlock the door. When he is finished, you can lock the door after him.

Have you ever left the stove on and only realized it when you were already at work? No problem. Just open an app on your smartphone and turn off the stove with a click.

Smart home systems in Centreville, VA, let you:

  • Turn appliances on and off
  • Manage lighting and temperature control
  • Check who is on your property
  • Let people into your home and lock up after them

You can do this while you are miles away, even on vacation. The system uses the Internet of Things, usually called IoT, to let you easily and effectively control the various functions in your house.

Here is a closer look at how these new advances can help you and your family.

Save money. You can regulate the temperature level from anywhere. Don’t heat or cool the house when you’re not home. That saves you money on heating bills. And when it’s time to sell your home, your home has greater curb appeal. Many buyers list smart home functionality as one of their features they want in their next house.

Stay safer. You can check your security cameras from anywhere with a smartphone. You can give access to your house to the people you choose. You can lock and unlock doors using an app on your phone.

Be more efficient. From any room in the house, or from miles away, you can turn appliances on and off, check security devices, and control your heating and air conditioning. You get control audio equipment and other entertainment systems with just a click of the app. You can set up a video intercom to easily communicate with people in other rooms of the house.

The pros at Pullin Electric have been staying on top of technology and putting it to work for local homeowners for more than 35 years. Not sure what is involved to you’re your home smart? The team at Pullin can explain what it all means, and do it without a lot of jargon. Ask your questions and find out how new advances can help you stay safe and comfortable.

Call the experts at Pullin Electric today for a free, no-obligation quote for smart home systems in Centreville, VA.