How a Kohler Backup Generator Keeps Home Businesses Productive in Potomac, MD

More and more people are choosing to work from home in Potomac, MD and have come to depend on Kohler backup generators to keep their businesses running. Home based businesses and telecommuters cannot be productive if a natural disaster or severe weather disrupts their electrical power. Whereas many companies have a backup generator system, people who work from home typically do not. Many are investing in Kohler backup generators to keep their business productive, while at the same time protecting their families from the inconveniences that come from power outages.

How to Prepare Your Home Business for a Power Outage

  • Backup Data Often. Backing up your data to an external drive regularly will save valuable files. For extra protection, save files to an off-site or cloud-based backup solution. Schedule automatic backups at the end of each day and more often if you are working on a major project.
  • Protect Electronics. Power outages from lighting can cause downed power lines or distribution issues that cause spikes and surges which can fry or damage electronics. Investing in good surge protector will save your electronics from being destroyed.
  • Backup Plan. A Kohler backup generator offers the best backup plan for any home business as well as for your family’s convenience in Potomac, MD during a power outage. Kohler backup generators come in different sizes depending on your specific needs. Whether you just want to keep your lights, air conditioner or heat on, or power your computer, security system or any other electronics or appliances, Kohler has a backup generator unit that will suit your application in Potomac, MD.

Why Kohler Backup Generators?

  • Quality tested
  • Reliable
  • Commercial-grade engine
  • Withstands years of extreme workloads
  • Premium warranty

Within ten seconds of losing electrical power, a Kohler backup generator will have your lights, business equipment, air conditioner or heat, sump pump and major appliances including your refrigerator and cook stove automatically powered on. Once your electrical power has been restored, the unit automatically shuts off waiting for the next outage. To keep your business up and running and your family protected from electrical outages, call a Kohler backup generator dealer today for service in Potomac, MD and abroad.

How to Make an Informed Decision on Industrial Generators in Manassas, VA

The best way to make an informed decision on the purchase of an industrial generator for your business in Manassas, VA is to talk to several dealers who specialize in industrial generators such as Generac. These dealers are specially trained to assist you and answer any of your questions. They can help you select the best industrial generator that will serve your business electrical power requirements during a power outage. They can also give you an estimate on the unit itself and quote you an installation cost.

Generac dealers offer a free on-site risk assessment so that you can understand exactly the impact of lost revenue you would have if you could not run your business for several days or even longer. Different business industries that are benefiting from installing industrial generators are:

• Manufacturing and Warehouse
• Date Centers
• Banks and Offices
• Restaurants and Hospitality
• Education
• Government
• Gas and Convenience
• Grocery
• Retail
• Telecommunications
• Healthcare Facilities

No matter what type of business you own or operate in Manassas, VA, you definitely want an industrial generator such as Generac to take over when the electrical power goes out. Generac industrial generators are available in diesel, natural gas, and liquid propane (LP). Each generator has its own benefits. Your dealer can explain each one to you and which one would benefit your particular business.

Power outages can strike anytime and anywhere. Being prepared to protect your business is a smart move for every business owner. Industrial generators are becoming the popular investment for most businesses in Manassas, VA because companies cannot afford to lose revenues for hours or days of being shut down in the event of a major power outage.

If you are not open for business, your customers will find a competitor who can service their needs. Do not take for granted your long time customers when it comes to a major power outage. Your customers need products or service. If you can not provide these products or services because your business does not have the up-to-date equipment needed to survive a power outage, you not only lose money because your business is shut down, but you may lose long-time customers who know they can depend on other businesses who have invested in industrial generators in Manassas, VA to keep their businesses open at all times.