How to Get the Most From Your Commercial Electrician in McLean, VA

A commercial electrician in McLean, VA is a necessity for any business. They are capable of handling a variety of tasks so if you hire one, understand exactly what they can do for you and your business to get the most for your money.

Commercial electricians in McLean, VA are capable of working with blueprints from a general contractor, but they can also help you in a project before the construction phase begins. They have the knowledge to help you design and map out an electrical system for your building. This can save you from headaches down the road by resting assured the work will be done according to electrical code requirements. This can avoid your project from being held up because of violations or even worse, possibly fines.

Commercial electricians in McLean, VA can do much more than just design an electrical system for your business. They can handle a variety of tasks including any common occurrence that might be needed for a commercial job site. These electric services and products include:

  • Handling conduit installations
  • Running necessary wiring, including hazardous locations
  • Wiring devices which control a building’s heating, lighting, and power
  • Running wiring for air conditioners and refrigeration units
  • Using testing devices to confirm wiring is run current and safe
  • Efficiently resolve issues that may be uncovered during testing
  • Install commercial standby generator power systems
  • Installation and wiring of switchgear
  • Site lighting and lighting control systems
  • Energy equipment service and maintenance
  • LED retrofits and new installations

A commercial electrician might be able to help your business by suggesting upgrades to your electrical system and particularly older lighting systems that drain your company’s pocket in utility bills. By simply replacing some outdated outdoor lighting with state-of-the-art technology at your business in McLean, VA, you could save your company in utility bills, and the cost of the lights are quite affordable for any small or large business.

Outdoor lighting is essential to any business in McLean, VA for the safety of their workers and customers. The next time your commercial electrician is at your business site in McLean, VA working, inquire about energy saving features that you can invest in for the future of your company.

How to Perform a Minor Electrical Repair in Manassas, VA

As a homeowner living in Manassas, VA, there are certain simple electrical repairs that you can do on your own. Some minor electrical repairs you can do around your home in Manassas, VA includes:

Repair a Light Fixture

Do you have bulbs that flicker, bulbs that burn out quickly or possibly doesn’t work at all? Turn the power off to the light socket. This simple electrical repair for a light fixture at your home in Manassas, VA can be easily fixed by bending the tab in the bottom of the socket upward with a flat tip screwdriver to restore good contact with the bulb.

Repair an Extension Cord

The cost of extension cords has gone up in price so with a quick electrical repair at your home in Manassas, VA you can fix a damaged one with a new plug or receptacle end and save a few bucks.  Cut off the old plug or receptacle end. With a sharp razor knife, make a shallow cut lengthwise through the rubber insulation jacket and then score around the cord until you can remove the jacket to get to the electrical wires. Strip the wires and separate and screw them into place into the new plug. Close the plug or receptacle end and screw it together tightly so the cord is locked into place.

If you ever accidently cut your good, heavy-duty extension cord, do not splice. If both pieces are worth saving,  add a new high-quality plug on the piece with the receptacle and a new receptacle on the piece with the plug. Now you have two cords instead of one, just a little bit shorter or plug them into each other to make longer.

Replacing a Plug on a Lamp

Plugs on lamp cords sometimes get weak where the cord enters the plug leaving you with a lamp that flickers when you jiggle the cord. This electrical repair can be done at your home in Manassas, VA by replacing the plug instead of buying a whole new lamp.

To be safe with this electrical repair in Manassas, VA, buy a polarized plug which is a plug that has one blade wider than the other that can only be plugged into your outlet one way. Buy a plug with the same SPT-1 or SPT-2 which refers to the thickness of the cord’s sheathing so that the plug will fit over the sheathing. Split the two halves of the cord being careful not to expose any wire. Strip the wire ends with a wire stripper and make your connections. The neutral wire must connect to the wider blade.

These simple electrical repairs around your home in Manassas, VA are just a few things that you should be able to fix on your own.