Why Should You Have a Backup Generator in Manassas, VA?

Most homeowners never think about a backup generator for their homes in Manassas, VA until they lose power because of a major storm or possibly an accident hitting a power line. You might also live in an area in Manassas, VA that often suffers from frequent outages. By then it is a little too late. Although most power outages last only for a couple of hours or a day, sometimes a power outage can last for days or weeks making most things you do at home a challenge or impossible.

In the past, Manassas, VA homeowners thought that a backup generator was a luxury instead of a necessity. Now they realize that a backup generator for their homes can save them money in the long run and almost pay for itself with just one major power outage. A backup generator helps Manassas, VA homeowners:

  • Being able to survive power outages in a comfortable and safe environment enjoying life, as usual, depending on the size of your backup generator.
  • Prevents damage to household things including sump pumps and loss of food from a powerless refrigerator or freezer. Saves money by keeping refrigerated food cold if your power goes off.
  • Life remains almost normal.

One type of generator is a standby which is recommended for whole home power for Manassas, VA residents. You can power your whole house or just the bare necessities depending on the size of the backup generator unit. There are portable ones as well to supply power to a select number of household items in cases of an emergency. Portable generators run off of gasoline or diesel, so if you are in a storm and can’t drive to get gas, it will not serve its purpose for you.

Standby Generator –This is a permanent device installed outside of your home much like your air conditioning/heating unit. This type of generator runs on either propane or natural gas and turns on automatically within seconds when your electrical power goes off. This gives you the gratification of having minimal interruptions while supplying you and your family power to your home during a power outage in the Manassas, VA area.

A standby (whole house) backup generator for homes in Manassas, VA can provide you lights, sump pump, refrigerator, freezer, cooking appliances, furnace, medical devices and business equipment. This alone saves you hundreds of dollars when you do not have to replace spoiled food or repair damage if your sump pump stops working or costly repairs if your pipes freeze and burst. If you work remotely from home, it can save you hours of lost work when your power automatically comes back on within seconds.