Reasons to Employ an Electrician for Home Electrical Repairs in McLean, VA

Every day in McLean, VA, homeowners experience problems whether it is their air conditioning or heating unit, a flickering light, breakers that trip frequently, or just maybe they don’t have enough electrical outlets or need a new electrical device installed. Whenever these situations happen, it is always best to call a certified electrician for all home electrical repairs for these reasons—

  1. Peace of Mind—When you hire a professional electrician for home electrical repairs in McLean, VA, you can have peace of mind that you and your family’s safety is their priority. Working with anything electrical can be extremely dangerous, and often times can be fatal. Never risk the safety of the members in your household. Even the most avid do-it-yourselfers are, more often than not, up to date with the newest electrical codes. Save yourself the time and the money by having any home electrical repairs done by the professionals, such as the ones at Pullin Electric in McLean, VA.
  2. Guarantee—Remodeling your bathroom or any other room takes extreme skill which generally involves some home electrical repairs. When you employ an electrician for your home electrical repairs in McLean, VA, you are also getting a guarantee backed up by their insurance company, and their many years of experience in their professional field.
  3. Property Protection—Attempting to do your own home electrical repairs only to find out later something is not quite right, first can be a fire hazard, and second, will involve getting an expert to come your home in McLean, VA to fix the damages. There is no shame to not knowing how to do home electrical repairs yourself. It is best to be safe than sorry. Money is well spent when you hire a professional electrician for your home electrical repairs so you can keep your family safe. Keeping your family safe at all times is well worth the investment of hiring professionals.

Call the team at Pullin Electric for all your home electrical repairs at your McLean, VA home. Let our team give you peace of mind knowing your electrical system is up to code.

Common Mistakes Made Undertaking Home Electrical Repairs in Manassas, VA

Most do it yourself homeowners are easily ready to pick up a saw and hammer, but when it comes to a home electrical repair, they recoil. No one wants to get the shock of their life, or maybe even their last. If you know nothing about anything electric, other than flip the switch on and off, then you might want to sit out on attempting even the easiest home electrical repair in Manassas, VA.

Even if you have dabbled with electrical projects before at your Manassas, VA home, sometimes it pays to employ the hands of a professional electrician from Pullin Electric once in a great while to see if your electrical projects are up to electrical codes. The last thing you want is an electrical FIRE.

Common mistakes to avoid when doing your own home electrical repairs in Manassas, VA—

  1. Failure to use a junction box—Not using a junction box or otherwise known as an electrical box or connection box is a fire waiting to happen. These are inexpensive boxes, and these devices protect the electrical connections while containing sparks or heat if a short circuit would occur; plus, it’s required by code in most areas. During any home electrical repairs at your home in Manassas, VA, always, remember to use a junction box when adding outlets, light switches, and ceiling lights and fans.
  2. Wires cut too short—Electrical wires that are cut too short can cause poor connections; therefore, creating a potentially hazardous situation.
  3. Filling a junction box too full—It is extremely dangerous to overfill a junction box with too many wires; plus it is against the National Electric Code. Always protect yourself and your family by reading up on any of the home electrical repairs you want to take on at home in Manassas, VA.
  4. Not installing GFCI Outlets—Any outlet you install near a water source when doing a home electrical repair at your home in Manassas, VA must be a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet.

If you have any home electrical repairs that need to be done in Manassas, VA and are a little tense in making a common mistake don’t hesitate to call the team at Pullin Electric and let them help.

The Importance of an Industrial Electrician for Businesses in McLean, VA

Industrial businesses in McLean, VA depend on an industrial electrician to keep their businesses up and running proficiently and above all, safely. Specialized equipment and customized electrical connections need to work smoothly, performing at top peak in order for a company to be profitable. Hiring an industrial electrician for your business in McLean, VA is as simple as calling the team at Pullin Electric.

A family-owned business, Pullin Electric, with over 35 years of experience is your go-to when your business needs new equipment installed, reduce electricity bills with newer, more efficient lighting, become fully automated, and prevent downtime with a backup system when the power goes out.

An industrial electrician offers these services for businesses in McLean, VA—

  • Office Lighting Systems—Manage your office lighting system in McLean, VA by having an industrial electrician upgrade to newer lighting that provides better illumination for your employees; therefore, being more productive. Furthermore, by fully automating your lighting systems both inside and out so that you have complete control from one particular device can save considerably on your company’s utility costs.
  • Security Lighting and Fire Alarm Systems—As a McLean, VA business owner, your first priority should be for your employee’s safety. A quality security system installed by a certified industrial electrician can give you peace of mind knowing your building has a great lighting system and extra-sensitive fire alarm system.
  • Backup Industrial Generators—Not if, but when your business loses electrical power, it involves unforeseen costs, discontented customers and employees, and lost profits. When this happens, all too often, it could cost you your company’s reputation. The easy solution is to have an industrial electrician install a backup generator that will automatically kick on within seconds of a power failure, keeping your business up and running smoothly until the electric power is restored.
  • Automation—The turning trend is automation. If you haven’t started, call an industrial electrician and let them advise you on which devices may be fully automated which can save you time and money. How many times have you come into work and found someone left the lights on or even possibly, didn’t lock the doors? Lights left on add to utility costs and doors left unlocked makes it easier for thefts.

Whatever your McLean, VA industrial business needs are, call the team at Pullin Electric and let them come to your facility and advise you on the many services they can offer your company.

Maximize Downtime with an Industrial Electric Contractor in Manassas, VA

When you employ an Industrial electric contractor such as Pullin Electric, you can maximize downtime for your business in Manassas, VA. Any time you schedule a plant shutdown, utilize the time and have your Industrial electric contractor perform any upgrades, optimize automation, and run any critical tests so you can plan for the future of your Manassas, VA business.

Preventive maintenance is essential for the future of any business. Having your Industrial electric contractor examine your electrical system to see if it is up to code is a way to protect not only your business but your employees as well. Your employee’s safety should be your first priority; after all, they are the ones who make your company prosperous.

Regular inspections and keeping up to date on new automation that may help your business is something your Industrial electric contractor can help you with. Another way to avoid downtime is to have your Industrial electric contractor to install an industrial standby generator at your business in Manassas, VA.

Loss of power for any business in Manassas, VA can be quite costly when your daily operations cease to exist. Having your industrial electric contractor hook you up with a new generator can save you costly downtime for your business.

Power outages can also be unsafe when you have no power backup at your facility to make sure your employees can get out of the building safely, depending on the type of business and the time of day and if your facility has windows to allow some light to light up the place.

As much as you want your employees to remain safe, you also want your business to keep on running whenever the electricity goes out. Installing a new industrial standby generator for your facility shows your eagerness to survive and strive to continue to give back to your community in Manassas, VA.

Many industrial businesses in Manassas, VA have turned to newer automation as well. Keeping up with the times by using your industrial electric contractor for improvements to your business may allow you to save on expenses later on. Upgrading just your lighting system with automation can save money after the initial installation on the company’s utility expenses.

Call the team at Pullin Electric and discuss your options of installing a new generator and upgrading your business to be fully automated.


Why Have a Home Generator Installation in Great Falls, VA

Why Have a Home Generator Installation in Great Falls, VA?
Summer is slowly approaching and with the summer season; unfortunately, comes hurricanes. Hurricane season is between June 1 and runs to the end of November each year. One storm is enough to cause your life chaos. With a home generator installation at your home in Great Falls, VA, you no longer have to stress when you lose power.
When homeowners in Great Falls, VA lose power for any length of time, they have to make sure they have plenty of bottled water and nonperishable foods, batteries, flashlights, or candles and oil lamps for lights. A home generator installation for your Great Falls, VA home will save you from stressing about keeping these supplies on hand.
Once installed, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the next power outage to see just how convenient your generator will automatically come on within seconds of an outage. You will have power to your refrigerator and freezer, to all your lights, your heating or air conditioning system, and your electrical outlets so you can recharge your cell phones and use your computers.
Depending on your budget, your home generator installation can power a few essential appliances to meet your necessary needs or power up everything at your home in Great Falls, VA. The choice is yours based on the budget you have set aside for your home generator installation.
Reasons for a Home Generator Installation—
1. Keeps power to your refrigerator to keep perishable foods and medicines cold.
2. Keeps water pumped to your house if you are on a well.
3. Powers medical equipment.
4. Prevents your basement from flooding by keeping your sump pump running.
5. Keeps you cool or warm by powering your heating or air conditioning unit, depending on the time of the year.
6. A home generator installation at your home in Great Falls, VA will have an automatic transfer switch that switches your home from the electric grid to the generator. All within seconds rather you are at home or away.
Don’t get left in the dark the next time you have a power outage at your Great Falls, VA home. Call Pullin Electric for a FREE in-home assessment for your home generator installation.

Why You Might Need Electric Repair Service in McLean, VA

Why You Might Need Electric Repair Service in McLean, VA
Whenever you own a home or business in McLean, VA there is always a certain amount of electric repair service that will eventually be needed from a professional electrician. The team at Pullin Electric handle many of the electric repair services that you will need for your McLean, VA home or business. Some of these services include—
Residential Services
* Home standby power generators
* Security lighting
* LED lighting
* Appliance installations
* Security video cameras, DVR and smart home systems
* Service upgrades
* Additions and renovation wiring
* Wiring for septic and well water systems
* Electrical repairs and maintenance
Commercial Services
* Commercial standby generator power systems
* Wiring for tenant build outs
* Limited energy systems
* Site lighting and lighting control systems
* Wiring for hazardous locations
* Data/low voltage wiring
* LED retrofits and new installations
* Installation and wiring of switchgear
* Energy equipment maintenance and service
Electric repair services done by the professionals at Pullin Electric will guarantee safer electrical systems for McLean, VA businesses and homes.
As a homeowner, you may wish to upgrade your electrical system, or maybe you are interested in the latest home automation system. Other electric repair services that most homeowners will definitely want to have done is upgrading any outlet in their home that is close to water with the latest GFCI outlets.
If your breakers in your panel box keep switching off, you might need to have an electrician come to your home in McLean, VA for an electric repair service to your electrical panel box. It could be you need to upgrade to a bigger box or just replace a few breakers.
If you have a business in McLean, VA you may require electric repair services to upgrade your lighting system. Many older businesses do not have adequate lighting for employees to do their work properly or safely. You may want to install outdoor lighting so that it comes on automatically when it becomes dusk. This gives your employees in McLean, VA a safer environment in which to work. If you would experience an expensive loss if your business would shut down for an hour or two or several days because of a power outage, you might want to invest in a commercial standby generator so your business can carry on when there is a power outage at your business in McLean, VA.
Whatever your electrical needs for home or business, call the professionals at Pullin Electric for all your electric repair services.

Why Homeowners in Potomac, MD Benefit from Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Why Homeowners in Potomac, MD Benefit from Hiring a Licensed Electrician
If you are a Potomac, MD homeowner, your first concern for your family is their safety. Even though most Potomac, MD homeowners, like everyone else, are trying to cut back on expenses of running their household, cutting back on their family’s safety is not even in the equation. When it comes to anything electrical, most often these homeowners protect their families by hiring a licensed electrician for anything pertaining to electricity.
What happens if you attempt to do some electrical work around your home in Potomac, MD and it fails? Unlike the do-it-yourself home projects like building a bookshelf for your home office or a workbench for your garage, if you don’t get it right with electricity, you could actually burn your house down.
Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Electrician
* Safety—Licenced electricians have the knowledge to do the job and do it right. A licensed electrician does work according to the safety guidelines set by the National Electrical Code.
* Troubleshooting—You may have an issue at your home in Potomac, MD such as lights flickering and you don’t know why. If you live in an older home, the wiring may need to be brought up to code. An electrician can troubleshoot the issue and diagnose the problem better than a novice do-it-yourselfer. Homeowners in Potomac, MD know hiring an electrician will save them time and money while ensuring their family’s safety.
* Protection of Equipment—Poorly designed circuits or those that are worn can damage appliances or electronics. A licensed electrician in Potomac, MD has the proper equipment to test your electrical system and recommend any upgrades or repairs you might need to make your home safer.
* Guarantee-Hiring an electrician will guarantee the job is done correctly. Most companies will come back out later if you develop any problems with any repairs done by the company.
* Experience—Homeowners who just dabble in home repairs do not have the knowledge or skills of a licensed electrician. These electricians have years of hands-on experience that is necessary to get the job done properly and safely.
Pullin electric has 35 years of experience in specialized electrical expertise is new construction wiring; installation of home generators, security lighting, and home automation systems; and diagnosis and repair of electrical systems. They provide high-quality service at a competitive price for their customers in Potomac, MD.

Why Backup Generator Maintenance in Great Falls, VA is Necessary

Investing in Backup Generator Maintenance in Great Falls, VA Makes Sense
A backup generator is one of the best investments you can make for your business in Great Falls, VA. Having enough power to keep your Great Falls, VA business up and running during a power outage is essential to continue to profit from your business. A few days of being shut down can cost a business lost revenue and employees, lost wages.
It is extremely necessary for periodic backup generator maintenance so that when you need it, it will start up and provide your business in Great Falls, VA the power it needs to continue your company’s daily operations. Installing a backup generator is an expensive investment, so investing in backup generator maintenance just makes good sense.
Setting up a schedule for backup generator maintenance is as simple as calling the team at Pullin Electric. Depending on its use will determine how often you should have it serviced. With that said, if you have just recently installed a backup generator for your Great Falls, VA business, even if you have never experienced a time yet that you have used your generator, it still requires a minimum amount of maintenance.
Your backup generator maintenance schedule for your business in Great Falls, VA should include–
* Once a week, run the generator to ensure it is operating properly and check to see that there are not any fluid leaks.
* Once a month, check fluid levels while the engine is cool and make sure the areas around your backup generator are clear of debris. Check the battery charger as well.
* Once every six months, inspect the enclosure, inspect the belts, lines, hoses and connectors, exhaust system and air filter. Test the battery.
* Once a year, check the electrical connections flush the cooling system, change the oil and filter, change fuel and air filter, and perform load bank testing and fuel reconditioning if needed. Change spark plugs.
It is recommended that every six months you should have backup generator maintenance by an authorized independent service dealer in Great Falls, VA such as Pullin Electric. The owner’s manual that came with your generator unit will have a routine backup generator maintenance procedures and schedules that you should follow to get the best performance from your generator.

Ways a Commercial Electric Contractor in Manassas, VA Helps Businesses

Ways a Commercial Electric Contractor in Manassas, VA Helps Businesses
If you are a business owner in Manassas, VA, have you ever considered how much electricity your business building might be wasting? Having a dependable commercial electric contractor taking care of all your building’s electrical issues on a regular basis might help save you money.
When you use the same commercial electric contractor in Manassas, VA for all your electrical issues, they will get familiar with your electrical system and might possibly be able to save you money by upgrading your system or making other energy saving suggestions.
Lighting is usually one of the biggest burners of electricity for any business in Manassas, VA. No matter what time of day it is, during business hours the lights will be on. Your commercial electric contractor might suggest doing an LED lighting retrofit to save your business substantially on the electricity that it takes to illuminate the interior of your building, plus the exterior and parking lot. The electrician will replace all the fixtures with those made for LED light bulbs.
Your commercial electric contractor may suggest that you invest in an office control system for your Manassas, VA business. An automation system that will control your lighting system, your appliances, equipment, locks, heating, air-conditioning and security system can be quite a savings on your electrical use. Often time employees forget to shut down their computers, forget to turn the lights off in restrooms or areas of the building that isn’t used quite as often and are in a more remote part of the building.
With a control system installed by a commercial electrical contractor at your business in Manassas, VA, you can set your lighting, temperature, music to greet your employees and customers with a warm welcome. At the touch of a button, you can control your security system, your lights inside and outside the building, and your heating and air-conditioning systems. You can control your music or TV’s when to come on and turn off.
To keep your business up and running in times of bad weather or other electrical interruptions, your commercial electric contractor can also install a standby generator for your Manassas, VA business building. Your business will never have to lose revenue again when the power goes out.
Pullin Electric, a commercial electric contractor who serves the Manassas, VA area offers high-quality products electrical installations, repairs, and services as well as above board customer service; all at a competitive price.

What is Involved With a Generator Installation in Potomac, MD

What is Involved For a Generator Installation in Potomac, MD?
For those do-it-yourselfers, this isn’t for you. First, visit a local Potomac, MD Kohler dealer such as Pullin Electric. They will come to your home for a FREE in-home assessment at which time they will discuss the power needs of your family when your power goes out and recommend a standby generator for your specific needs. The generator installations process will be explained, and they will help you decide the best location at your home in Potomac, MD for the installation of your generator and transfer switch. There is no obligation to buy. You will be given a written estimate with all the information you need to make an informed decision.
Once you make your selection on the right size generator for your family’s needs, a time will be set up for your generator installation at your Potomac, MD home. On the average, installation takes one or two days, and it should go something like this—
1. The team at Pullin Electric will handle any local permits if required.
2. A licensed electrician will install a transfer switch.
3. Next, the installation team will place your generator in place. Usually, on a concrete pad just like the one most homeowners have for the heating and air condition unit.
4. The electrical lines will be connected from the transfer switch to the generator unit.
5. After the electricity is hooked up, a pipefitter will make the necessary connections from the fuel source to your generator.
6. Once the electrical hookups are complete, and the generator is hooked up to your fuel source, you are set to go. Your generator installation is now complete.
Now that your generator installation is complete, the next time there is a power outage in the area where you live in Potomac, MD, within seconds your power will come back on automatically. There is nothing you have to do, and what’s even better, you don’t have to be home. No more spoiled food, no more walking around in the dark when you have a standby generator installation at your Potomac, MD home.
A generator installation for homes in Potomac, MD will not only make your life much more comfortable during a power outage, but it will save you money in the long run. The number one expense that most homeowners complain about when they lose power is the loss of food. A standby home generator installation is a great investment for your Potomac, MD home as well; it should increase your property’s value.