Whole Home Generator Brings Comfort to Homes in Potomac, MD

Whole Home Generator Brings Comfort to Homes in Potomac, MD
If you’ve ever been without electrical power for longer than a day in Potomac, MD, you have probably lost a refrigerator and/or a freezer full of food and maybe even taken your family to a motel to stay in to be comfortable. Being without power in extremely cold weather can be devastating when you can’t keep your family warm. Installing a whole home generator for your home in Potomac, MD will definitely make your next outage go much easier.
Losing electricity is especially hard on elderly adults. Older adults are more susceptible to hypothermia which is below normal body temperature during extremely low temperatures; also, hyperthermia, an exceptionally high fever during extremely high temperatures. Many older people require medical equipment to run off power, and without electricity, this situation could be devastating to their health.
With a whole home generator for your home in Potomac, MD you won’t have to worry about spoiled foods, busted pipes, being without a TV or a means to recharge your cell phone or use your computer. People who rely on electricity for medical equipment, their whole home generator will kick on in a few seconds, and everything will continue to work within your home.
The team at Pullin Electric will come to your home in Potomac, MD and give you a free in-home assessment to determine the size unit you will need to keep your entire home up and running during a power outage. You will need to decide which appliances are critical for your particular needs during an outage such as your refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning and heating units, and anything else that you can’t live without during an outage.
Whole home generators operate with the use of either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. A permanent whole house generator will be connected to your natural gas or propane tank to provide the fuel it needs to run.
A built=in transfer switch will automatically turn your whole home generator on once you lose power at your Potomac, MD home and then turn itself off once your electrical power has been turned back on. You basically have nothing to do; once your unit is installed, you are good to go. Install a whole home generator for your Potomac, MD home and enjoy the comfort it will bring you during your next power outage.

Why Electric Repairs in Manassas, VA Should Be Done By an Electrician

Why Electric Repairs in Manassas, VA Should Be Done By an Electrician
If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer and know the basics of some electrical repairs, you might be okay to do some repairs yourself. Always turn off the power to whichever electrical device you are working on. If you have no experience working on anything electrical, call a professional electrician for all your electrical repairs at your home in Manassas, VA.
Reasons to Hire a Professional Electrician for Electric Repairs
Save Time and Money—Hiring a professional electrician in Manassas, VA can save you time and money in the long run. A licensed electrician will be able to correctly diagnose your electrical problems and perform electric repairs in less time and possibly save you money if you misdiagnose the problem yourself and try and fix it.
Licensed—A licensed, professional electrician adheres to local and federal regulations, whereas someone who is not licensed is not bound by the same standards and may put your Manassas, VA home and family at risk.
Avoid Other Problems—Electric repairs can be complicated and if not done properly, could cause problems in the future or possibly a fire at your Manassas, VA home. Electricians are trained to test your electrical system and make sure it is up to code to help avoid other issues later.
Knowledgeable—A well trained, professional electrician can advise you of any upgrades that you should make on your electrical system and detect any electric repairs that need to be done in order to keep your home and family safe in Manassas, VA. You can expect a licensed electrician to be up to date on the latest solutions and ways to save electricity while keeping your family and home well protected.
Asking a friend or doing an electric repair yourself to save money isn’t always the best solution to your problem. Fixing an outlet that has gone bad might seem easy at first, but it could be more serious than just replacing the outlet itself.
The team at Pullen Electric are well-qualified, licensed electricians that offer a wide variety of electrical services and repairs including home standby power generators, addition or renovation wiring, and appliance installations. Call them for all your electrical repair needs in Manassas, VA

Why Backup Generator Maintenance in Great Falls, VA is Necessary

Investing in Backup Generator Maintenance in Great Falls, VA Makes Sense
A backup generator is one of the best investments you can make for your business in Great Falls, VA. Having enough power to keep your Great Falls, VA business up and running during a power outage is essential to continue to profit from your business. A few days of being shut down can cost a business lost revenue and employees, lost wages.
It is extremely necessary for periodic backup generator maintenance so that when you need it, it will start up and provide your business in Great Falls, VA the power it needs to continue your company’s daily operations. Installing a backup generator is an expensive investment, so investing in backup generator maintenance just makes good sense.
Setting up a schedule for backup generator maintenance is as simple as calling the team at Pullin Electric. Depending on its use will determine how often you should have it serviced. With that said, if you have just recently installed a backup generator for your Great Falls, VA business, even if you have never experienced a time yet that you have used your generator, it still requires a minimum amount of maintenance.
Your backup generator maintenance schedule for your business in Great Falls, VA should include–
* Once a week, run the generator to ensure it is operating properly and check to see that there are not any fluid leaks.
* Once a month, check fluid levels while the engine is cool and make sure the areas around your backup generator are clear of debris. Check the battery charger as well.
* Once every six months, inspect the enclosure, inspect the belts, lines, hoses and connectors, exhaust system and air filter. Test the battery.
* Once a year, check the electrical connections flush the cooling system, change the oil and filter, change fuel and air filter, and perform load bank testing and fuel reconditioning if needed. Change spark plugs.
It is recommended that every six months you should have backup generator maintenance by an authorized independent service dealer in Great Falls, VA such as Pullin Electric. The owner’s manual that came with your generator unit will have a routine backup generator maintenance procedures and schedules that you should follow to get the best performance from your generator.

Portable Propane Generators versus Gas Generators in Great Falls, VA

Portable Propane Generators versus Gas Generators in Great Falls, VA
Portable generators are great for many uses in Great Falls, VA when you need power such as powering up a TV for a camper, power tools for contractors when electricity hasn’t been hooked up at the site where they are working, and to power necessities at home and for businesses during a power outage. Most portable generators will either use propane or gasoline, each with advantages and disadvantages.
Portable gas generators are common because gasoline is easily obtainable and usually within miles from where you are located in Great Falls, VA. The disadvantage to gas-fueled generators is that gas is expensive and during emergency situations, gas prices typically increase. Gasoline also pollutes the air when burned, it can be spilled easily, the fumes are toxic, and gas is flammable. If your area in Great Falls, VA is without any power, electricity is needed to pump gas, and filling containers and storing it is dangerous and has a short shelf life.
Propane is largely used for outside grilling in Great Falls, VA, but it is also becoming more popular for generators because of the following advantages over gasoline generators.
* The cylinders that propane come in are virtually impossible to spill, and if it does, it will evaporate.
* Propane generators are clean burning.
* Using a propane generator costs less to run than a gas generator.
* Propane engines are usually much quieter to run.
* Propane generators do not require electricity to fill up propane tanks.
* Propane has a longer shelf life and doesn’t degrade like gasoline, so it’s there when you need it.
Propane can also be stored in large tanks, and home delivery is available in most areas of Great Falls, VA. A disadvantage to propane generators is that using propane can be dangerous if a line is broken. A propane generator is not as efficient as gasoline generators and doesn’t work in colder climates below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Propane generators are still a great choice when investing in a generator. Many Great Falls, VA homeowners like the idea that you can use propane for both grills and their generators and propane generators drastically reduce the risk of fire.

When You Should Call an Electrician for Your Home in McLean, VA

When Should You Call an Electrician for Your Home in McLean, VA?
If you recently purchased a brand new home in McLean, VA, the likelihood of needing an electrician is pretty slim unless there is something you want to be installed that didn’t come with the sale of the home. On the other note, if you live in an older home, at some point, you might consider hiring an electrician to come to your home in McLean, VA to make sure your home’s electrical system is up to code.
Some of the things that you should be aware of that may be telling you to hire an electrician for your McLean, VA home might be—
* Your electrical circuit-breakers are tripping quite frequently. This means your circuits are drawing more electrical current than they can provide safely. You could also have a dangerous fault in one or more of your circuits.
* Lights keep flickering. Do your lights dim when your fridge or air conditioner cuts on? Sometimes motor-driven appliances draw a lot of current and should be wired on a dedicated circuit. When smaller appliances cause problems, you might consider hiring an electrician to upgrade your McLean, VA home’s electrical service.
* If you are running numerous extension cords to power different electrical devices in your home, you could either not have enough outlets, or they are too far apart and need to be moved to the area where you need outlets.
* Some older homes only have two-prong outlets. This is a major issue and should be addressed by a qualified McLean, VA electrician to upgrade your electrical system to a three-prong outlet. These older outlets are not fully grounded, which makes it unsafe for you and your family.
Upgrading an older McLean, VA home is necessary to keep up with more modern appliances. Whenever you feel that your outlet is warm to the touch or you see blackening on the switchplate or close by, quit using the outlet and call an electrician to come and fix the issue.
If your home does not include outlets near water that are protected by GFCIs or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, you should have an electrician update these outlets at your McLean, VA home as soon as possible.
Call the team at Pullin Electric for all your electrical needs.

Selection and Generator Installation for Homes in Potomac, MD

Preparing for Outages with a Generator Installation for Potomac, MD Homes
Having an emergency standby generator installation for your home in Potomac, MD will supply power during an outage in your area. These generator installations are permanently connected appliances that will operate automatically whenever the utility power supply is interrupted. It will begin to supply your Potomac, MD home with power seconds after the power outage occurs.
Most generator installations for homes in Potomac, MD operate either off of natural gas or propane gas (LP gas) depending on what is available in your area. A generator installation is a relatively large project and requires several trade skills; therefore, you should always hire a professional such as the team at Pullin Electric who have years of experience with generators. They are an authorized Generac generator dealer who provides sales, service and the installation of residential and commercial generators for homes and businesses in the Potomac, MD area.
You will first need to determine the size generator that will be right for your Potomac, MD home. Outages can last for a couple of hours, days or even weeks so you should envision being without electricity for long periods and what you can and cannot live without. Consider which appliances such as your refrigerator, freezer, heating and air-conditioning unit that you will definitely need during an outage. Food is costly to replace and depending on the time of year, why be miserable in cold or hot weather when you can remain comfortable with a new generator.
A professional generator dealer like Pullin Electic will come to your home and access the number of appliances and circuits you will need to be comfortable when you lose power. More and more people are working from home these days and can’t afford to go without power too long. A generator installation will make your life and your family’s much, much easier.
A generator installation will require an electrician to connect the generator to your electrical panel at your home in Potomac, MD. It also requires your natural gas or propane provider to connect the generator to your fuel source. Call Pullin Electric for your generator installation for your home in Potomac, MD and be prepared for the next outage.

Save Money—Rely on a Commercial Electrician for your Potomac, MD Business

Save Money—Rely on a Commercial Electrician for your Potomac, MD Business
If you are wondering on ways to save on costs for your Potomac, MD business, look no further than a commercial electrician. Relying on your local commercial electrician in Potomac, MD can save you energy costs and increase productivity. Most companies only call for a commercial electrician when something goes wrong, which is a smart business decision. Whereas some businesses, if it isn’t anything that will keep them from being productive, often let those annoying electrical problems manifest by just putting a bandaid on it as long as their business is running which is costing them more money.
There are several ways that a commercial electrician can help you save money on energy costs by keeping the commercial electrician on speed dial when anything electrical goes wrong. When you deal with one local Potomac, MD commercial electrician, such as Pullin Electric, they get a feel for your particular facility and after several visits to make things right, they may start to offer their expertise on ways to make your electrical system more efficient and safer for your employees and customers.
Take it for what it is worth and not as a way of a company trying to get more money out of your business. Safety is the utmost importance that you can show your employees and customers. Any good commercial electrician is trying to make suggestions that will cut costs in the long run while making your facility in Potomac, MD a safer place.
Hiring a commercial electrician will assure you that the wiring and electrical systems are correctly installed and are up to code at your business facility in Potomac, MD. Having an electrician inspect your electrical system regularly keeps your business safer, and making any updates will help save energy costs. Lighting is a high cost to any business in Potomac, MD, and by updating your lighting system, you could recoup the costs in the utility bills alone, not to mention, with better lighting you should see an increase in productivity and work performance.
Backup power supply will keep you up and running during a power outage. Discuss installing a commercial generator for your Potomac, MD facility with your local commercial electrician. This is another way to save your business money because just a short outage could cost you thousands of dollars in profits lost because your business shut down when you lost power.

Why a Commercial Electrician is Essential for Manassas, VA Businesses

Why a Commercial Electrician is Essential for Manassas, VA Businesses
A commercial business in Manassas, VA needs to ensure that their electrical system is maintained correctly in order to be protected and reliable. It is essential for a Manassas, VA business to have a commercial electrician such as the ones at Pullin Electric to do regular maintenance and have regular electrical inspections to keep their electrical system in excellent condition.
Here are a few reasons why a commercial electrician is essential for your business in Manassas, VA—
Prevents Major Electrical Issues—
Even though your property’s electrical system seems to be running smoothly, there could be serious issues about to happen that you are unaware of. With proper maintenance from a commercial electrician, these issues can be addressed and repaired before your business confronts major problems. A commercial electrician can diagnose and repair problems that could likely cause major problems that would go unnoticed without regular maintenance or inspections at your business in Manassas, VA.
Keeps Electrical Equipment Reliable—
Whatever kind of commercial business you own or run in Manassas, VA, you rely on your electrical system and equipment every day. It is imperative to properly maintain your electrical system, equipment, appliances, machines, and outlets. Your commercial electrician can prevent major shutdowns due to malfunctioning equipment and keep your electrical system and equipment functioning to its full potential at all times.
Keeps your Employees and Customers Safe—
Owning a commercial business in Manassas, VA is a great responsibility that can’t be taken lightly. When you have employees that you are responsible for along with customers and tenants, depending on the type of business you own or run, your first accountability is for everyone’s safety. Any issues you have with your electrical system could result in accidents, fire, and even death. No business owner in Manassas, VA wants to be held accountable for any injuries resulting from a malfunctioning electrical system or equipment. By simply having regular maintenance on your electrical system and any electrical equipment and appliances, you can prevent this from happening.
Pullin Electric is a local family-owned electrical company that services the local businesses in Manassas, VA. With over 35 years of experience with different commercial businesses, they offer high-quality electrical services at a competitive price. Call Pullin Electric for all your business electrical needs.

Why Commercial Electricians are Essential for Businesses in McLean, VA

Why Commercial Electricians are Essential for Businesses in McLean, VA
Running a business is quite costly, and it is essential that you have functional lights, computers, generators, appliances, and other electrical equipment at all times to be productive. Commercial electricians keep your business up and running. A commercial electrician in McLean, VA can work in a variety of locations including retail centers, office buildings, or restaurants.
Skills of McLean, VA commercial electricians include working with power distribution, setting up data centers and computer room power systems, connecting HVAC and freezer equipment, installing lighting systems and street lights, and repairs to these systems as well.
Commercial electricians can also save money for your McLean, VA business. Energy efficient components and lighting uses less power. It is essential to have proper lighting so your employees can be more efficient and productive. By having a commercial electrician update the lighting fixtures and placing them where your employees are getting the most benefit so they can do the best work possible for your company can be quite a savings for your company in McLean, VA.
Your commercial electrician can also minimize wasted lighting. By installing an automated lighting system, you can control the lights in your office building in McLean, VA from your Smartphone. An automated system can also control a security system for your building. As much as you might rely on employees to power down your lighting system and set the alarm system when away, sometimes things happen unexpectedly and with an automated control system for your business, you are still in control even when away from work.
Having a backup generator installed by a commercial electrician is one of the best investments you can make for your company. A backup power supply will keep your business up and running at all times during a power outage or interruption. It provides security for your employees and customers if or when the lights suddenly go out. Backup generators are designed to come on within seconds of an electrical power outage in your area.
When you hire commercial electricians such as the ones at Pullin Electric, you can be guaranteed their work is of the utmost quality and professional workmanship.

Protect your Home in Potomac, MD with Outdoor Security Lighting

Protect your Home in Potomac, MD with Outdoor Security Lighting
Not only does outdoor security lighting protect your home and family by discouraging would-be intruders from targeting your Potomac, MD home, but also adds dimension and beauty to your home. Outside security lighting allows physical detection and facial recognition, diminishes hiding spots and expands your sense of security.
There is a right way and a wrong way to light up your house with outdoor security lighting, but you never want to light your home up like a Christmas tree. When you over-illuminate with security lighting, you draw awareness to precious items at your home in Potomac, MD. The team at Pullin Electric can help you with your choices for security lighting both inside and out and install your new lighting for your Potomac, MD home. They will come to your home and help you determine the placement of each light that will ensure you and your family’s security and safety.
When choosing your home security lighting, aim for the following—
* Security lighting should provide a clear view of the area which should include people, fences, and walls.
* Allow facial recognition for at least a distance of 30 feet.
* Tasks like finding your keys, walking your dog, getting the mail, and taking out the trash should be made more comfortable and much safer.
* When spending time outdoors around your home in Potomac, MD, you should feel a great sense of safety and security.
Installation Guidelines for Security Lighting—
* Pick a place where the light fixtures can’t be easily tampered with.
* Adjust light fixtures downward, so they are not directly pointing to the street or your neighbor’s home.
* For sensor lights, test the light’s fixture sensitivity to motion and adjust as needed.
* Always use wire covers to protect the fixtures.
* Integrate indoor and outdoor lighting to work together to give you the most safety.
* Add timers so your lamps indoors will come on automatically when you are away from home. This gives your home the appearance that someone is home and deters intruders.
Outdoor security lighting should be appealing. It should help you to navigate around the outside of your Potomac, MD property and allow you to identify obstacles and possible hazards such as a change in the elevation of the property. Last but not least, outdoor security lighting should discourage trespassers and provide security for you and your family.