Simplify your Lifestyle with Smart Home Installation in Manassas, VA

Many homeowners in Manassas, VA are simplifying their life by turning to smart home installation. You can live smarter with the benefit of the web and how it connects to different devices that can make your life more convenient and comfortable while saving energy and putting more money in your pocket each month.

What if a smart home installation at your home in Manassas, VA could connect all your devices to the internet. Not just your smartphone or computer, but cameras, speakers, lights, doorbells, window blinds, water heaters, and appliances that you can communicate with. You can command these devices and receive information about them no matter where you are.

Smart thermostat devices can be remotely controlled from your cellphone, tablet, or PC. Thermostat devices can be programmed to maintain a specific temperature throughout the day and then a lower temperature at night, which can save money on your electric bill. With a smart home installation, you can schedule your heat or air conditioning to run less when you are away from home, and have it be a comfortable temperature for when you arrive home in Manassas, VA from your workday.

Your smart home installation certainly should include smart lighting for your Manassas, VA home. There are numerous devices to select from that can do anything from scheduling when the lights come on, go off, or how bright or dim. With smart lighting, you will never again have to come home to a dark house. You can control the lighting from your smartphone on the way home so that your Manassas, VA house is well-lit for you and your family upon arrival.

There are an overwhelming amount of smart devices on the market today for your smart home installation at your home in Manassas, VA. The great thing is, you don’t have to go all out at once and get everything on the market, you can do a little at a time. Call the team at Pullin Electric, and they will be glad to help you select the right devices for your smart home installation to simplify you and your family’s lifestyle.



Keeping Elderly Parents Safe with a Smart Home Installation in McLean, VA

Taking care of elderly parents can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you are trying to keep them in their own home because you know that’s where they want to be. It’s not easy and can be extremely stressful. If you are in this scenario, maybe now is the time to consider a smart home installation at your parent’s McLean, VA home.

Even if your parents have cell phones, more than likely, they don’t pay attention to when they need to be charged. Then when they do charge them after they are completely dead, they forget to turn the phone back on. You try calling for hours or maybe even days with no answer; it goes straight to voice mail. You’re wondering if they are ok or just forgot to charge their phone or turn it back on. The solution to all of your anxiety could be solved with a smart home installation at their home in McLean, VA.

For their safety, you might want to consider these devices for their smart home installation in McLean, VA to make their life easier and yours less stressful.

Safe and Convenient Lighting—Smart lighting can save your elderly parent from taking falls because of no light. Adding an outside floodlight cam will ensure your parents of always having a well-lit entrance to enter their home late at night. Your smart home installation in McLean, VA should include smart lighting that makes their house look like someone is at home when they are out for the evening. Also, motion lights for when they move throughout the house, so they don’t have to reach for a switch should be installed.

Security Cameras—Security cameras are a great way to be able to check on your elderly parents from wherever you are; rather it’s on your cellphone, laptop, or iPad. Once the security cameras are placed throughout the McLean, VA home, you can view any area where they are placed. So if they don’t answer their phone, this way you can see if they are safe or know if one of them is hurt. 

If you are considering a smart home installation for your parents home in McLean, VA, call the team at Pullin Electric, and they can advise you on the best devices for your parents that would make their life much easier and safer and yours less stressful. A smart home installation at your parent’s home in McLean, VA is the best way to keep an eye on them 24/7.



The Convenience of a Backup Generator Installation in Potomac, MD

How have you dealt with power outages in the past at your home in Potomac, MD? Did you just tough it out and hope for the best? Maybe you had a good supply of candles, or a gas grill for cooking, plenty of stored up water . . . for just in case. Whether you were freezing or roasting or maintaining a comfortable temperature would depend on the temperature outside. More than a day or two of this gets old, and you might have had to resort to going to a hotel or a friend’s house. Hotels are expensive, and friendships can be quite costly, too, if things don’t go well.

Have you ever considered a backup generator installation for your Potomac, MD home to give your family the convenience of being well protected in the event of a major storm that knocks the power out for days or weeks at a time? With a backup generator installation at your home, you will no longer have to be unprepared during the next power outage in Potomac, MD.

How does a backup generator work at your home in Potomac, MD? It will run on either natural or propane gas. The backup generator installation of the unit itself will sit outside your house in Potomac, MD, much like your central air conditioning unit does, preferably on a concrete slab or a bed of pea gravels. Once the generator has been placed, the fuel line is then connected. Next, the transfer switch is installed next to the main breaker inside your home. 

Your backup generator installation at your home in Potomac, MD is complete. The transfer switch senses where the power is coming and when to switch over to the power of the generator. Your backup generator installation technician will check to make sure everything is running and works properly and will instruct you to do a self-test weekly to make sure your generator continues to work correctly.

With your new backup generator installation, you can rest assured that during the next outage in Potomac, MD, you can fix yourself a hot cup of coffee, fix dinner for your family, take showers and flush the toilet, keep your food from spoiling and charge those cell phones.




Why Invest in a Backup Generator Installation at Home in Great Falls, VA?

More and more power outages are happening in Great Falls, VA increasing in frequency and duration. Most are caused by violent storms but some are caused by equipment failure due to our nation’s aging and overloaded electrical grid. Without a backup generator installation, when your power goes out at your home in Great Falls, VA, all you can do is rough it out, stay with family or friends who still have power, or go to a hotel which can be quite pricey.

Maybe now is the time to ask yourself if you should invest in a backup generator installation at your home in Great Falls, VA. Having a backup generator installation is your own personal electrical power source. During a blackout, within seconds, a backup generator will automatically kick on and power your home’s electrical circuits.

Some Great Falls, VA households who are avid campers are use to not having all the modern conveniences of home and can survive for a few days without electricity. But those who thrive on their conveniences and detest the idea of camping, not so much. It could be that you have never experienced any length of time of going without electricity, but sooner or later it can happen and then what? Are you prepared?

How will you bath, flush the toilet, cook meals, fix your coffee, charge your cell phones, use your computer, or keep your food from spoiling? How will you stay warm or cool, depending on the time of the year? For a few hours, being without these conveniences might not impact your life too bad, but what if you were without electricity for days or weeks? Do you think you could survive or should you invest in a backup generator installation for your Great Falls, VA home?

A backup generator installation for your home in Great Falls, VA will ensure you that your power will not be interrupted. Depending on the size unit of your generator, will determine the appliances that it can power. The more devices you want to power, the more expensive the unit will cost.

Leave it to the experts at Pullin Electric for your backup generator installation at your Great Falls, VA home. They will come to your home and advice you on the size of unit you need to power the appliances you want powered during an outage, discuss the installation process, and give you a written estimate of all charges.