Simple Home Electrical Repair for your Home in McLean, VA

Most all McLean, VA homeowners will eventually need a few minor electrical repairs for their homes. Some electrical issues may need a professional electrician, while homeowners can do other simpler home electric repairs in McLean, VA. A quick electrical repair can save homeowners the added cost of hiring a certified electrician.

Sometimes overuse of an electrical socket can cause the metal contacts to loosen. When you insert a plug, and it slides out, it could be time to replace the outlet. Replacing an outlet is a much simpler electrical repair than installing a new one and can usually be done by the do-it-yourselfer McLean, VA homeowner.

Often times you are stuck with a lighting fixture that doesn’t provide you with enough light and think it is just okay to replace the bulb with a higher wattage bulb. Wrong. The easiest way to fix this problem is to replace the light fixture with one that can handle higher wattage bulbs.

Flickering lights is another electrical repair that often pops up for homeowners in McLean, VA. Different issues can cause flickering lights, some easy to fix, while others will need to be done by a professional.

 A fluorescent ballast regulates the current that travels to your lights. An aging fluorescent ballast becomes less efficient and can lead to flickering lights and decrease the life of the lamp.

A loose dimmer or light switch can create an incomplete connection of the current flow to the light. A faulty switch is often the cause of flickering lights when using incandescent lamps.

Flickering lights could also be a sign of faulty wiring or loose terminal connections. If you are unable to diagnose the flickering problem, it is best to hire an electrician. You could have some other issues with your wiring that you are unaware of that could be a fire hazard. An electrical repair for flickering lights should be done immediately or discontinue using the fixture until the problem is solved.    

For all of your electrical repair needs, call the team at Pullin Electric.




Expand Home Automation Systems to Meet your Family’s Needs in Great Falls, VA

Once you have installed your home automation system for your home in Great Falls, VA you can expand it and customize your system any time in the future. That’s the great idea of home automation systems. You don’t have to go all out during the initial installation. You can add to it as your budget will allow, and your needs grow.

Home automation systems for homes in Great Falls, VA can coordinate your temperatures, lighting, and security for your safety, energy savings, and convenience. With remote access, you can view security video on your laptop or cell phone.

You can adjust the temperature in your home so that while you are away, so you are not eating up extra energy, and before you come home to Great Falls, VA, you can adjust it to be a comfortable temperature before you walk through the door. You can do the same with lighting. You can have it set to turn on right before you come home, so you don’t walk into a dark house, or each time you enter a room and have it turn off when you leave the room.

With just the touch of your cell phone or a few keys on your laptop, you can monitor and control your temperature, lights, and security from anywhere. You can set home automation systems to automatically notify you when your children arrive home safe from school; with video cameras, you can actually watch what they are doing, keeping in touch with your children at all times at your Great Falls, VA home.

Once your budget allows for the added cost, add irrigation controls to maintain a healthy yard, window treatments to control the sunlight entering a room, home theatre controls, and wireless door locks to your home automation system in Great Falls, VA. Whatever your lifestyle, you can enjoy the convenience of home automation systems suited for your particular family’s needs.

Call the team at Pullin Electric, and they will be glad to help you with choosing additional devices for your home automation system in Great Falls, VA which are available to make your life easier.


Why Invest in a Home Backup Generator in Manassas, VA?

Because you don’t want to be in the dark is a good reason to invest in a home backup generator for your Manassas, VA home. However, you could just light a few candles and wait until the lights come back on and save all that money. But what happens when your lights go out for days or even a week?  How have those candles worked out?

Lights are probably the easiest thing to provide yourself with during a power outage. Flashlights, candles, lanterns, and many other devices that are on the market today can provide lighting. However, what happens to your food? How will you bath? Charge your phone? Make that cup of coffee? Cook your meals?

The loss of electricity at your Manassas, VA home can have significant consequences on your life, depending on your situation. It can be the end of life to some who have medical equipment, no income for those who work from home, flooded basements from sub pumps that won’t work, burst water pipes from no heat in the house, and food spoilage. Investing in a home backup generator can protect your family and your property.

A home backup generator for your home in Manassas, VA can give you the security and added comfort of never being without power. Keeping a small home warm using gas heaters may work to prevent pipes from bursting but is next to impossible for larger homes in Manassas, VA. A cooler with ice can keep some food from spoiling, but if you have a lot of frozen food, you better be prepared for a big cookout. With a home backup generator installed at your Manassas, VA home, you can have peace of mind knowing that within seconds of a power failure, you will have power to designated appliances.

Call the team at Pullin Electric, and they will be glad to come to your home and give you a free no-obligation estimate for the cost for a new home backup generator and installation. You only need a unit big enough for those things you can’t live without, such as lights, heat or air conditioning, and a few appliances to get you through the power outage.

However, depending on your budget, you can get one big enough to have all the conveniences you have grown accustomed to. The choice is up to you and what size home backup generator you can feasibly afford for your home in Manassas, VA


Industrial Electric Contractors Help Businesses in McLean, VA Avoid Downtime

For industrial businesses in McLean, VA to survive, these companies depend on industrial electric contractors to keep their production lines up and running with little to no downtime. Rather you have your own industrial electrician on your payroll in McLean, VA, or you outsource your electrical maintenance to an industrial electric contractor such as Pullin Electric, it is a valuable service that is the basis for your company’s survival.

Industrial electric contractors cover repairs, installation, and maintenance of your industrial production and processing machines and equipment for your McLean, VA business. These contractors will cover other industries as well, including food and medical industries. Regular maintenance by an electrical contractor will avoid any reduction in downtime and consistently keep your business functioning.

You can improve your McLean, VA business operation, the safety of your employees, and save money in the long run with the services from industrial electric contractors. Having an industrial electric contractor on your payroll or speed dial increases your chances of continuing the production of all your equipment. Preventive maintenance is also vital to decrease your chances of major breakdowns, which costs your business production time and profits.

Anytime you want to install new equipment or replace outdated equipment, your industrial electric contractor will bring those skills to the table and have you up and running in no time. When you deal with the same electrical company such as Pullin Electric, their team grows accustomed to your company’s particular set up and equipment and can faster service the needs of your business.

Neglecting equipment and upgrades that can improve your business will only cost more in the long term of your business. One of the unpredicted costs of lost income to businesses is when your electricity goes off, and you are left standing in the dark.

To set you apart from other companies, why not install a backup generator for your McLean, VA business. Pullin Electric offers sales, installation, and 24/7 service on their generators for companies in McLean, VA 

Keeping your equipment safe and working is as easy as picking up the phone and calling the team at Pullin Electric and requesting their services. Let Pullin Electric be the industrial electric contractor you grow to trust for all your electrical needs.