Why invest in a Home Backup Generator in Oakton, VA home?

You may be experiencing power outages in your Oakton, VA home frequently nowadays. Even though storms are mostly the reason for such power outages, sometimes they are caused by hurricanes, equipment failure, fallen trees, and ice storms. If your house in Oakton, VA home does not have a backup generator installed, what you can do during a power failure is either stay without power or put up with a relative or friend. But for how long? After all, this is not practical for all.

That brings us to: Is a backup generator a good investment for your Oakton, VA home? The reply would be definitely. A standby backup generator offers a consistent supply of power automatically. This means that you need not be physically present in your home to ensure there is power in case of a power outage. Say you are on a vacation and a power outage occurs, a generator will make sure that the sump pump is up and running and the security system in your home is armed.

Is a backup generator a good investment for your Oakton, VA home?

Many people residing in Oakton, VA are campers and find it easy to survive without electricity since they are used to staying without power while in camps. However, surviving without power is difficult for those heavily dependent on gadgets and other electrical appliances. You are lucky if you have not had to spend days without power. That does not, however, guarantee that it is how it’ll always be as a power failure can happen any time. So, our question to you is, are you prepared to deal with a prolonged power failure?

During an unprecedented power outage, you will not be able to have access to air conditioning, lighting, running water, or hot water. If you or an elderly member in your family still uses a cordless phone, the person will also be left without a phone. If you do not have a battery-powered radio, you will not be able to follow the news. As you can well understand by now, you will be facing some significant challenges. We all have a responsibility to protect our families and homes, and the best way we can steer clear of a messy situation like this is by having a backup. Backup generator installation in your Oakton, VA home can greatly lessen the impact of a power outage by giving you enough time to be prepared in advance.

Pullin Electric’s expert team can assist you with your home’s generator installation process in Oakton, VA. You are only required to give Pullin Electric a call. On receiving the call, one of our highly qualified experts from the technical team will visit your accommodation to guide you regarding the size of the unit you need to purchase depending upon the electrical load it has to bear when a power outage happens. If all you are looking for is a quote, fret not; our team members will also share a free quote with you.

What Are The Benefits Of A Reston, Va Smart Home Automation System?

Modern life moves at a breakneck, crazy pace. Fortunately, with technology, many of us can keep up. Smart home automation is one such technology. Many homes are embracing the concept because of the convenience it offers. You don’t have to be within the home. You have total control over it from wherever you are. You can access everything from one central location, usually your mobile or smart device.

Pullin Electric has been in the home automation industry for over three decades. We have installed automation in thousands of homes. Nonetheless, there is one question that never fails to come up. What are the benefits of a Reston VA smart home automation system?

Allow us to answer the question with some details.

What are the Benefits of a Reston, VA Smart Home Automation System?

Clients can get tons of benefits with smart home automation. Such include:-

Safety – you can eliminate the chance of your house catching fire because someone in the home did not switch off an appliance. Those with smoke and fire detectors send alerts that can allow you to take the necessary action.

Security – remote control of your home increases your safety. You can lock or open doors or restrict or give access to whomever you choose.

Remote surveillance – allows you to keep watch over your house from wherever you are.

Deterrence to burglars when they see surveillance cameras. Those with motion sensors will alert you in case of a security breach.

You get real-time footage that can assist the police track burglars.

Better comfort and peace of mind knowing your home is safe.

Efficiency – isn’t it excellent to know you don’t have to get up to open the garage door for your partner? You can start that roast so that when you get home, the food is ready.

You enjoy the convenience of controlling devices within the home remotely. You can no longer have to ask your boss for permission to rush home because you forgot to lock up.

Cost savings by the remote control of specific features within the home. Before smart home automation, you had to leave the thermostat on, resulting in massive energy bills. Now, you can adjust the thermostat accordingly just as you go to work.

You can monitor what is going on in your home through video surveillance. You get to know that your loved ones are safe.

Your Search for Home Automation is Over with Pullin Electric

Entrust the installation of your Reston VA smart home automation to a company that has the right experience. Pullin Electric has been in the industry for decades. Learn more about us and smart home automation by filling in the form on our website. One of our professional technicians will get in touch with you ASAP.

Is A Standby Generator Worth It In Sterling, VA?

Perhaps you can barely get out of your home because the weather seems very unfriendly. Your area might have been experiencing the worst kind of weather. The snowstorms might be like the ones you’ve never seen before. On top of all that, there could have been power outages that last for days. You cannot work, and the kids might be getting impatient. They cannot watch television or even enjoy the internet. Several calls to the power company might not have yielded any fruit, and the frustration could be mounting. Do you know that you can avoid all these inconveniences with a standby generator?

So, is a standby generator worth it in Sterling, VA? At Pullin electric, we believe it is, and we will show you why.

Is A Standby Generator Worth It In Sterling, VA?

There are several advantages to having a standby generator. Such include:-

  • Uninterrupted power supply so that you can continue to enjoy the conveniences that you get from your electrical appliances
  • Protection and safety of your equipment. Power outages can damage electrical appliances, which can set you miles back.
  • Peace of mind with assurance that you can continue operating as usual. It is essential for businesses or those who work from home.
  • You do not need to discard the food in the refrigerator when there is an extended outage.
  • You get a seamless switch over from the main grid due to the automatic switch off. You may not even realize that the power has gone off because you don’t have to switch it on manually.
  • Critical industries, like the medical field, can continue to offer services even during an extended blackout.

What to Consider When Getting a Standby Generator

It is important to consult a company like Pullin Electric when buying a generator. There are specific things that will determine the type you get.

Ask yourself; what is the weather like in your area? Do you live in a place that experiences severe storms? If yes, a back-up generator is a must-have item.

How big is the home? The heating requirements for a bigger home, for example, are not similar to that of a smaller home. You will need a standby generator that has sufficient capacity to continue running the critical components within.

What kind of electrical devices or appliances do you have in the home? If, for instance, you have a patient who requires machines, you must ensure a constant supply all the time.

Call Pullin Electric for Your Standby Generator Installation

Getting the right standby generator can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. At Pullin Electric, we make it easy by giving you information on the best types. We have years of experience in the industry and many happy clients who can attest to our professionalism. We will remove the stress of looking for the best generator. Please fill in the form on our website, and we will get back to you.