Is A Standby Generator Worth It In Manassas Park, VA?

You never really think about the convenience of a standby generator until you experience a long-term power outage. Every time there is a snowstorm, hurricane, or utility repairs, you undoubtedly suffer the inconvenience of downtimes. You may worry about the food in the refrigerator. Those who run businesses may have to shut down temporarily. If you work from home, it forces you to take off time that you cannot afford. Please note that a standby generator is an important investment for your home.

Probably you may ask yourself; is a standby generator worth it in Manassas Park, VA? We believe it is, and with good reason. We will show you why.

Is A Standby Generator Worth It In Manassas Park, VA?

There are many benefits to having a standby generator. The most important, of course, is you get a back-up power supply. You can also obtain the utmost peace of mind knowing that you do not have to interrupt your normal operations because of an outage. Your business and household appliances can continue to operate as normal.

Power fluctuations can damage electrical appliances. The most significant advantage of a standby generator is that it kicks in immediately the power goes off. Once it comes back on, the automatic switch over shuts down the generator. It eliminates the need to worry about power overload that could further damage your equipment.

Do you also know that a standby generator can add value to your home? It is a valuable selling point when talking to potential buyers.

Considerations When Buying a Standby Generator

You have options with regards to the type of generator you may choose. It is important to understand your requirements before you go shopping. Once they outline what functionalities they are looking for, we often advise our clients on the best kind.

You have the option of the whole house on a standby generator. It is a permanent fixture and runs on propane or natural gas. It is very reliable and gives you peace of mind, knowing that you never have to worry about power interruptions.
The other option is the portable generators that typically run on gasoline or diesel. They work well for short power outages. They, however, have a lower capacity and may not be the best option for powering the whole house. You could also experience back feeding, which could put utility workers at risk.

When choosing the best standby generator for you, the size of the home or business matters. It is also important to advise on the devices or appliances within the home. It also helps to know whether your area experiences a lot of outages.

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