Portable Propane Generators versus Gas Generators in Great Falls, VA

Portable Propane Generators versus Gas Generators in Great Falls, VA
Portable generators are great for many uses in Great Falls, VA when you need power such as powering up a TV for a camper, power tools for contractors when electricity hasn’t been hooked up at the site where they are working, and to power necessities at home and for businesses during a power outage. Most portable generators will either use propane or gasoline, each with advantages and disadvantages.
Portable gas generators are common because gasoline is easily obtainable and usually within miles from where you are located in Great Falls, VA. The disadvantage to gas-fueled generators is that gas is expensive and during emergency situations, gas prices typically increase. Gasoline also pollutes the air when burned, it can be spilled easily, the fumes are toxic, and gas is flammable. If your area in Great Falls, VA is without any power, electricity is needed to pump gas, and filling containers and storing it is dangerous and has a short shelf life.
Propane is largely used for outside grilling in Great Falls, VA, but it is also becoming more popular for generators because of the following advantages over gasoline generators.
* The cylinders that propane come in are virtually impossible to spill, and if it does, it will evaporate.
* Propane generators are clean burning.
* Using a propane generator costs less to run than a gas generator.
* Propane engines are usually much quieter to run.
* Propane generators do not require electricity to fill up propane tanks.
* Propane has a longer shelf life and doesn’t degrade like gasoline, so it’s there when you need it.
Propane can also be stored in large tanks, and home delivery is available in most areas of Great Falls, VA. A disadvantage to propane generators is that using propane can be dangerous if a line is broken. A propane generator is not as efficient as gasoline generators and doesn’t work in colder climates below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Propane generators are still a great choice when investing in a generator. Many Great Falls, VA homeowners like the idea that you can use propane for both grills and their generators and propane generators drastically reduce the risk of fire.