Electrical Repair Homeowners Should Never Attempt in Manassas, VA

Even if you are an avid do–it–yourselfer for projects around your home in Manassas, VA, there are some electrical repairs that you should never attempt to do on your own. Too often, homeowners attempt an electrical repair on their own, only later to regret it if something goes wrong. It is best to hire an electrician for a home electrical repair to be safe.

Electricity is the leading cause of home fires in the United States. What you may consider being a “simple” electrical repair can lead to a hazardous or lethal fire at your home in Manassas, VA.

If you experience one of your circuit breakers tripping, locate your panel box and reset it. This is a simple fix; however, if you are experiencing frequent circuit breakers in your electrical panel tripping most every day at your home in Manassas, VA, you may have an electrical panel that is outdated and not distributing electricity throughout your home effectively. Any electric repair to your panel box should be left in the hands of a licensed electrician. Attempting to do any electrical repairs to your panel box is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.

Homeowners who make electrical repairs could be seriously injured or even killed if you attempt any repairs on live electrical wires. Shutting off part of the home where you are doing the electrical repairs may not be enough. Some older Manassas, VA homes may not be wired properly, and you could make the mistake of shutting off a specific breaker and still deal with live wires. Electricians know how to test your home to make sure live electrical wires aren’t a problem. By having an electrician do your electrical repairs at your home in Manassas, VA, you avoid getting shocked.

Trying to save a few bucks on electrical repairs is not worth your life. One electrical repair done the wrong way could damage your body severely and even make your house go up in smoke. If you need any electrical repairs at your home in Manassas, VA, call the Pullin Electric team.






Simple Electric Repairs for Homeowners in Great Falls, VA

For those homeowners in Great Falls, VA, who have never attempted any electric repairs around the house, there are simple ones that you might want to try to save the cost of hiring an electrician. Of course, if you are not a do–it–yourselfer in home repairs or other home projects and always hire someone for the job, you might want to consider hiring an electrical company such as Pullin Electric for all your Great Falls, VA home electrical needs. Electricity is something you don’t want to mess with unless you feel confident you can do the electric repairs yourself.

The first thing you must do is turn off the power. If your breaker panel is labeled, turn off the breaker that powers whatever you will be working on. If your breaker panel isn’t labeled, start turning off breakers until you get the right one. Having someone help you makes this task much easier and faster. If your electric repair involves something that quit working, use a multimeter to test to make sure it’s not getting any power.

If you are still not sure you turned off the right breaker, turn off your Great Falls, VA house’s main power. This is a sure way to know you have killed all power to whatever you might be working on. You might want to do these electric repairs during daylight hours, or you could use a flashlight. Turning off the main power to your home in Great Falls, VA gives you the maximum safety when it comes to home electric repairs.

Replacing light switches, outlets, and light fixtures are fairly simple electric repairs that homeowners in Great Falls, VA might want to attempt on their own. There are plenty of do–it–yourself manuals or videos online to guide you through each process. Most of these electric repairs are as simple as replacing the wires in the same manner as you removed them and understanding the different outlets or switches you may run into and want to replace.

To be on the safe side, call Pullin Electric, and they will be happy to answer your questions or help you with any electric repairs you might have at your home in Great Falls, VA.  




Homeowners Who Do Their Own Electric Repairs in Potomac, MD

Some Potomac, MD homeowners like to do their own electric repairs. Electric repairs such as fixing a loose outlet or repairing an extension cord can be done by most homeowners who have done electric repairs before.

Sometimes an electrical outlet becomes loose and can create a safety hazard for your home in Potomac, MD. First, turn off the power and use a voltage tester to make sure that there is no power to the outlet you are working on. Once you know no power is on to the outlet, unscrew the cover and outlet. It could be that your outlet is recessed too deeply. If that is the case, you can add outlet shims, purchased from your local Potomac, MD home improvement store, until the outlet is flush with your wall. Then screw the outlet back into the box and replace your cover plate.

Extension cords are not cheap, so an electric repair can save you from buying a new one. If your extension cord is damaged near the plug, this electric repair is quite simple. Start with cutting off the old plug and then cut back the insultation to the jacket by making a lengthwise incision and score it until you can peel back the jacket. With a wire stripper, strip each of the wires and then twist each wire tightly. Screw the wires into the back of the plug, black wire to the gold screw, white wire to the silver screw, green wire to the green screw. Next, close the plug and secure the wires depending on the type of extension cord plug you have.

If the extension cord is cut in the middle, an electric repair would consist of cutting the cord in half and then add male and female ends to each half. This will turn your damaged extension cord into two new cords.

Most Potomac, MD homeowners are all for saving a few bucks, but some electric repairs require a licensed electrician. In that case, call the team at Pullin Electric, and they will be happy to come to your home in Potomac, MD, and help you with any needed electric repairs which you are unable to do yourself. When you hire a licensed electrician for your electric repairs at your home in Potomac, MD you put your family’s safety first.

Simple Electric Repairs and Upgrades for Homes in McLean, VA

If you are quite the handyman around your home in McLean, VA and you pay close attention to detail, you can probably handle a few simple electric repairs around your house. The main thing to remember is to turn off the breaker to the circuit you are working on. Put tape over the breaker to worn others in the household that someone is working on this particular circuit, and please leave it alone until the tape has been removed by the one who put it there.

A simple electric repair that you should be able to do is to replace a light switch or receptacle at your McLean, VA home. You pretty much just redo what you undo with new parts unless it’s a receptacle, and you need to upgrade it to GFCI for those outlets near water, outside, or in the basement.

The metal contacts of the outlets overtime become loose because of constant use. Plugs slide out of the sockets turning off the lamp or electronics. When this happens, these outlets should be replaced as soon as possible, and you should discontinue the use of the outlet until after the electric repair.

If you are using an abundance of power strips or extension cords that are an eyesore, not to mention unsafe, you should consider adding more outlets at your home in McLean, VA. Anytime you want to add more outlets to your home in McLean, VA, you should hire an electrician for this electric repair. New wiring will need to be run as well as holes cut into existing walls.

If you are uneasy about diving into an electric repair at your home in McLean, VA, call the team at Pullllin Electric. Whatever electric repairs you might need on your property in McLean, VA, they will be glad to help. Their team can also make suggestions about any necessary electric repairs that should be done in order to upgrade your electrical system, so your home is up to code and a much safer place for your family.

Electric Repairs for Damaged Receptacles in Potomac, MD

When you are constantly plugging and unplugging appliances into receptacles at your home in Potomac, MD, they can become easily damaged and require electric repairs. These electrical receptacles provide constant and convenient use. Still, oftentimes you might forget the electrical current is only shielded by a thin plastic cover that covers the inner metal parts of the outlet.

Receptacles are the workhorses of your Potomac, MD home’s electrical system. These outlets where lamps, space heaters, electrical equipment, small appliances over and over are always being plugged into will eventually wear out or become damaged and will need electric repair.

Sometimes just to upgrade your electrical system at your home in Potomac, MD, you may want to replace your receptacles to be up with the latest electrical code requirements.

Some common problems with outlet receptacles that need electric repairs include—

  • Worn-out Slots—The metal contact points inside the outlet are designed to grip the prongs on cord plugs firmly. Sometimes these contact will wear and lose their power to grip. Plugs will feel loose inside the slots in the receptacle. This creates greater electrical resistance and heat, which can cause issues in the wiring and may cause your circuit breaker to trip. You may also hear crackling or see sparks. This electric repair should be done asap, and you should quit using the outlet until it is repaired.
  • GFCI Protection—Depending on how old your electrical system is at your Potomac, MD home, you should replace any outlets next to water, such as in the bathroom or kitchen countertops near a sink or outdoors, with a GFCI outlet for protection.

Anytime you make an electric repair at your home in Potomac, MD, you should always upgrade to the newest requirements to meet current electrical codes. Any necessary electric repairs are for you and your family’s protection. The last thing you want is for a fire to start because of a faulty electrical wire that gets too hot.

When you hire the team at Pullin Electric, you can rest assured that they will suggest the best way to go about any upgrades your electrical system may need while making any electric repairs at your home in Potomac, MD.

Simple Home Electrical Repair for your Home in McLean, VA

Most all McLean, VA homeowners will eventually need a few minor electrical repairs for their homes. Some electrical issues may need a professional electrician, while homeowners can do other simpler home electric repairs in McLean, VA. A quick electrical repair can save homeowners the added cost of hiring a certified electrician.

Sometimes overuse of an electrical socket can cause the metal contacts to loosen. When you insert a plug, and it slides out, it could be time to replace the outlet. Replacing an outlet is a much simpler electrical repair than installing a new one and can usually be done by the do-it-yourselfer McLean, VA homeowner.

Often times you are stuck with a lighting fixture that doesn’t provide you with enough light and think it is just okay to replace the bulb with a higher wattage bulb. Wrong. The easiest way to fix this problem is to replace the light fixture with one that can handle higher wattage bulbs.

Flickering lights is another electrical repair that often pops up for homeowners in McLean, VA. Different issues can cause flickering lights, some easy to fix, while others will need to be done by a professional.

 A fluorescent ballast regulates the current that travels to your lights. An aging fluorescent ballast becomes less efficient and can lead to flickering lights and decrease the life of the lamp.

A loose dimmer or light switch can create an incomplete connection of the current flow to the light. A faulty switch is often the cause of flickering lights when using incandescent lamps.

Flickering lights could also be a sign of faulty wiring or loose terminal connections. If you are unable to diagnose the flickering problem, it is best to hire an electrician. You could have some other issues with your wiring that you are unaware of that could be a fire hazard. An electrical repair for flickering lights should be done immediately or discontinue using the fixture until the problem is solved.    

For all of your electrical repair needs, call the team at Pullin Electric.




Benefits of a Hiring an Electrician for Home Electric Repairs in Potomac, MD

When you attempt home electric repairs for your home in Potomac, MD, you could be putting your home and your family in extreme danger. There are many benefits to hiring an electrician for all your home electric repairs, and the first and foremost is SAFETY.

If you don’t approach home electric repairs at your Potomac, MD home with the right knowledge and vigilance, you take a chance of putting yourself and your family in great jeopardy. Not knowing exactly what you are doing and taking a chance can lead to electrical shocks and fires, which can lead to death.

Hiring an electrician for your home electric repairs guarantees the job will be done correctly and by code. If there are other issues your electrician finds, he will inform you what issues you should correct or upgrade to make your Potomac, MD home a safe place.

In the long run, if you attempt your own home electrical repairs in Potomac, MD, your mistakes may cost you an excessive amount of money to fix the problem later. It makes more sense to go ahead and hire an electrician to do the electrical repairs correct the first time so you can be assured the home electric repairs were done correctly.  

In some instances, if your electrical system at your home in Potomac, MD is going a little crazy, and you have no idea what is causing your lights to flicker, your bulbs to pop, or outlets that no longer work, an electrician has the understanding of how your system works so he can fix the problem with little time involved.

As a do-it-yourselfer, many homeowners who are always trying to save money and do repairs themselves may think that their house wiring may look simple, but it is actually connected to a much broader source that they don’t want to mess with.

By attempting to do your own home electric repairs for your home in Potomac, MD, you could find yourself getting into other circuits you didn’t even know you had and will just make matters that much worse. In the end, it will cost you even more in additional repairs. It is always beneficial to hire a certified electrician such as Pullin Electric. The team at Pullin Electric always puts your safety first.







Common Problems Requiring Residential Electrical Repairs in Manassas, VA

Homeowners in Manassas, VA who experience flickering lights, damaged appliances, or high electric bills can all be signs of electrical problems and might require residential electrical repairs for your home. Some of the more common electrical problems for homes in Manassas, VA that might need residential electrical repairs include—

  • Light Switches That Do Not Work Properly—Shoddy workmanship or inferior quality products could result in dimmer switches not adjusting the light properly at your Manassas, VA home. If you have switches that you find which do not activate anything at all, the fixtures may have been removed, or it could be a faulty outlet, circuit, or wiring. These problems should be addressed by a qualified electrician for residential electrical repairs.
  • Lights That Are Too Bright or Too Dim—Do you have some lights that burn excessively bright while others are dim? It could just be that you are using a different wattage light bulb. Check to see if the globes are the same. This could be the result of a bad main neutral connection and will continue until your electrician completes necessary residential electrical repairs at your home in Manassas, VA.
  • Light Bulbs Than Keep Burning Out Frequently—There could be several different reasons which are causing your light bulbs to burn out all too often at your Manassas, VA home such as the wattage is too high, bad wiring on the circuit, bad wiring on the mains, insulation is too close to the light, poor connection on the circuit, or too much wattage on one switch. This issue may require a residential electrical repair by a certified electrician who can isolate the problem and identify the root cause.
  • Electric Bill Climbing—The bill homeowners dread the most is their electric bill. With the help of an electrician and a few needed residential electrical repairs you might be able to reduce your electric bill by doing the following—identify devices that could be causing power surges, unplug appliances and chargers when not using, automate your lighting system, repair damaged wiring or circuits.

Whatever electrical issues you are experiencing at your home in Manassas, VA, call the team at Pullin Electric for their years of experience in dealing with residential electrical repairs.

Safety Comes First with Home Electric Repairs in Great Falls, VA

The safety of your family and home should never be put at risk. All homes in Great Falls, VA will eventually need home electric repairs and should only be done by a professional electrician. While many do-it-yourselfer homeowners in Great Falls, VA attempt to do home repairs such as fixing a leaky faucet or hole in the drywall, home electric repairs should not be one of them.

Unfortunately, a DIY might end up turning a small home electric repair into a major repair and quite frankly, could lead to other dangers such as a fire at your Great Falls, VA home. Messing with your home’s electrical system is a big no-no; keep your family safe and hire a professional electrician for all your home electric repairs.

Electricity can be dangerous to work with if you don’t have the expertise, equipment, and training in safety. Certified electricians have these qualifications; therefore, your home electric repairs in Great Falls, VA will be performed correctly when you hire a professional. Doing it yourself or hiring your brother-in-law, unless he is a certified electrician, may only create safety hazards that could lead to electrical shocks or fires.

The leading cause of house fires is faulty wiring. Old wiring, loose or damaged wiring, and DIY home electrical repairs can all cause your home’s wiring system to fail, which can lead to a house fire or death by electric shock. An electrician can advise Great Falls, VA homeowners of any updates they need to make their electrical system safer for their family and home.

Nowadays, with all the modern household appliances, gadgets, entertainment equipment, and other electronic devices, it is imperative to be up to date on your home’s electrical system. Old wiring in Great Falls, VA homes or home electric repairs that were not done correctly can cause havoc to all your new appliances and electronic investments.

For all your home electrical repairs in Great Falls, VA, call the team at Pullin Electric. Pullin Electric is a family-owned business that has been serving the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. metro for over 35 years.

Common Mistakes Made Undertaking Home Electrical Repairs in Manassas, VA

Most do it yourself homeowners are easily ready to pick up a saw and hammer, but when it comes to a home electrical repair, they recoil. No one wants to get the shock of their life, or maybe even their last. If you know nothing about anything electric, other than flip the switch on and off, then you might want to sit out on attempting even the easiest home electrical repair in Manassas, VA.

Even if you have dabbled with electrical projects before at your Manassas, VA home, sometimes it pays to employ the hands of a professional electrician from Pullin Electric once in a great while to see if your electrical projects are up to electrical codes. The last thing you want is an electrical FIRE.

Common mistakes to avoid when doing your own home electrical repairs in Manassas, VA—

  1. Failure to use a junction box—Not using a junction box or otherwise known as an electrical box or connection box is a fire waiting to happen. These are inexpensive boxes, and these devices protect the electrical connections while containing sparks or heat if a short circuit would occur; plus, it’s required by code in most areas. During any home electrical repairs at your home in Manassas, VA, always, remember to use a junction box when adding outlets, light switches, and ceiling lights and fans.
  2. Wires cut too short—Electrical wires that are cut too short can cause poor connections; therefore, creating a potentially hazardous situation.
  3. Filling a junction box too full—It is extremely dangerous to overfill a junction box with too many wires; plus it is against the National Electric Code. Always protect yourself and your family by reading up on any of the home electrical repairs you want to take on at home in Manassas, VA.
  4. Not installing GFCI Outlets—Any outlet you install near a water source when doing a home electrical repair at your home in Manassas, VA must be a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet.

If you have any home electrical repairs that need to be done in Manassas, VA and are a little tense in making a common mistake don’t hesitate to call the team at Pullin Electric and let them help.