What to Expect During a Home Generator Installation in McLean, VA

What to Expect During a Home Generator Installation in McLean, VA
Looking to install a new home generator for your home in McLean, VA? Unfortunately, a home generator installation isn’t as simple as plugging it in, and it starts running. Most McLean, VA homeowners who are trying to save money and who are leery of anything electrical will try to get their electrician buddy or hire a professional home generator installation team such as the ones at Pullin Electric.
Home Generator Installation Expectations
* Obtain Necessary Permits—Check with your local municipality to see if you need a permit for a home generator installation at your home in McLean, VA. Normally when you hire a professional installer, they will secure any permits you will need.
* Selecting a Location—Local ordinances need to be obeyed which is why hiring a professional for your home generator installation is preferred. The professionals such as Pullin Electric will find a safe location that will not pose a threat of carbon monoxide to your family members or neighbors and one that is cost effective by installing close to your gas meter to increase the fuel efficiency and quite possibly reduce the home generator installation costs. Usually, the generator is placed beside your air conditioner unit at your McLean, VA home.
* Preparing the Surface—If your air conditioner unit is sitting on a concrete pad, normally another will be placed beside it for your home generator.
* Gas Hookup—Your McLean, VA local gas company should come out and make the necessary hookups for your home generator.
* Transfer Switch—Once the generator has been placed outside your home a transfer switch will need to be connected to your home’s electrical system by a qualified and licensed electrician. When your power goes out at your McLean, VA home, the transfer switch automatically senses the disruption in the power and signals the generator to turn on which transfers the power from the utility to the generator until your electrical power returns. Once the utility power has been restored, the transfer switch senses this and shuts down the generator and resumes monitoring until the next outage.
* Electrical Connections to the Home Generator—After the gas has been hooked up to the generator and the transfer switch has been installed all necessary electrical connections are made to the generator. This should be done by professionals such as Pullin Electric.
Pullin Electric offers a free, no-obligation assessment at your McLean, VA home at which time you can discuss all your options for a home generator installation.

How to Plan for a Home Generator Installation in Centreville, VA

Protect your family the next time a wind storm or a fallen power line leaves you in the dark at your home in Centreville, VA. Once you have decided you want a home generator installation, you will need help to determine the size of unit you will need in order to power up the necessities you want for your home during a power outage in Centreville, VA.

Pullin Electric offers a FREE in-home assessment. A professional will come to your home and explain the different models that will best suit your particular needs for you and your family. The home generator installation process will be explained to you including the best location to sit your generator unit outside your Centreville, VA home. Normally, a home generator installation will be next to your existing air conditioning and heating unit on a concrete pad. You will receive a written estimate, free of charge, with no obligation to purchase.

After you decide on a unit for your Centreville, VA home, you will need to check to see what building permits are required and acquire for the installation. You will then need to hire a Centreville, VA electrician, preferably one with experience in home generator installations such as Pullin Electric.

You will most likely need a plumber or contractor to run the gas line to the generator installation location and connect the unit. They can tell you if your natural gas meter or LP gas regulator is sufficient or if meter changes will be necessary or a new regulator will need to be installed.

A home generator installation for your Centreville, VA home should always be left to professionals.

Most power outages that last for days or weeks at a time will cost you more in the loss of food and in repairs for damages due to flooding and burst pipes than for the investment in a home generator installation in Centreville, VA.

Planning for a new home generator installation for your home in Centreville, VA is as easy as calling Pullin Electric. Don’t get caught the next time a major storm comes through and knocks your power out.

The Generator Installation Process for your Home in McLean, VA

During an outage usually the first thing to go is your food. If your McLean, VA home doesn’t have a gas or wood stove for a backup heating source and you were without electrical power during extremely cold weather, how would you stay warm? A generator installation keeps your power on during a power outage. The unit sits outside your home and comes on automatically within a couple of seconds of losing power. Your generator works rather you are at home or away from home.

A home generator installation powers your home in McLean, VA including lights, heating and air condition units, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems, refrigerators and freezers and other home appliances depending on the size unit you purchase. Generators come in different sizes to accommodate which items you want to be powered during an outage.

A generator installation at your McLean, VA home involves more than just plugging it in and cranking it up. If you have an HOA where you live in McLean, VA you will first need to get their approval for a generator installation as well as any permits that are needed in McLean, VA. After you decide on the brand and size generator you need for your particular lifestyle during a power outage, choose the location for the unit outside your McLean, VA home.

Most homeowners will install their generators close to their heating and air-conditioning unit. This may mean pouring a slab for your generator to sit on. Once the slab has cured, your generator can be delivered. Then you will need a certified electrician and plumber to hook it up to the home.

  • An electrical subpanel with a transfer switch will need to be installed next to the main electrical panel box.
  • Critical circuits will need to be redirected from the main to the subpanel.
  •  Electric lines from the transfer switch need to be connected to the generator.
  • Proper connections need to be made from the fuel source (propane or natural gas) to the generator.
  • Gas and electrical connection need to be made to the rear of the generator.

Once your generator installation has been properly completed, it will be tested, and then you should be good to go when the next storm takes out your electrical power. Most generator installations will pay for themselves if you are ever without power for a long period of time. When you have no way to keep your food cold or keep water from flowing into your basement when your sump pump no longer works because of an outage, you are looking at major repair and replacement costs. Invest in a generator installation for your McLean, VA and keep your home working when you lose power.

Generator Installation Makes Life Easier in McLean, VA

Are you tired of sitting in the dark during a bad storm when you’ve lost electrical power? Why not make your life easier with a generator installation for your McLean, VA home.

A generator installation from Pullin Electric is a permanent home backup generator system that turns on automatically whenever you lose electrical power. No need to be home either. Our generator units run off of natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel and sit outside your house just like your central air conditioning unit. Our generators are always hooked up and ready to go. It hooks up to your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. There is no need to keep refueling like portable gas units and with gas, sometimes in extremely bad snow storms, you aren’t able to get out to get gas, so what good are they? Our generator units deliver power right to your home’s electrical panel.

Here at Pullin Electric, we never try to oversell. We have generators that will meet whatever your specific power needs are for your home in McLean, VA. Rather you want to power your whole home or just a few bare necessities to make it through until your electrical utilities are restored, Pullin Electric can ensure your whole house is backed up or whatever you select to be backed up with our home generator installation.

What size generator?

The size of the generator unit you need intalled will be determined by the size of your home, and whether you plan on backing up your entire home or just the essential items such as sump pumps, refrigerators, and freezers to have backup power. Our professional staff can assist you in your selection by coming out to your home and giving you suggestions as to the best unit you would need for your particular electrical needs during a power outage. We provide a free onsite evaluation for our customers to determine what your needs are for your specific situation.

How do generators work?

Home back up generators work off a transfer switch which is an electronic monitor that switches power from the utility to the generator to start. These transfer switches are either part of a mini breaker panel that is powered by the generator or a whole house transfer switch which transfers the existing breaker panel to the generator power.

With a generator installation for your McLean, VA home from Pullin Electric, you’ll never have to be without power again.