How to Afford a Residential Generator in Great Falls, VA

Losing electrical power in Great Falls, VA without a backup plan such as a residential generator can be extremely frustrating and even a hardship on some. Have you ever been in the shower and the power goes out? If you have a well which needs power to run the pump, you would be left with no running water and left in the dark. Hopefully, you do not step on the bar of soap and have washed the shampoo out of your hair.

Sometimes in cases such as a severe weather storm, you can almost pre-plan and have the necessary supplies to survive if you lose electricity. Unless you are a true native of the wild, how long would your supplies last and how much staying power do you have to weather the storm? Some people are completely lost without power, and a lot older adults have a much harder time surviving for a long period of time.

If you are not a pioneer family and have a hard time adapting to abrupt changes such as a major power outage, you might want to consider investing in a residential generator for your Great Falls, VA home. Residential generators come in different sizes for the different needs of each family living in Great Falls, VA.

When you have a whole house residential generator and your power goes out in Great Falls, VA—life goes on as usual. Within a couple of seconds your Great Falls, VA house will be up and running so you can continue what you were doing.

A residential generator will pretty much pay for itself. Tragedies can happen to homes in Great Falls, VA when there is a major outage for days and could end up costing you thousands of dollars such as—

  • Spoiled food—A refrigerator full of food and a freezer full of meat could cost hundreds of dollars to replace if you had no way to keep the food chilled or frozen, and it can be a mess to clean up as well.
  • Busted water pipes—Prolong freezing weather in a house with no power can be damaging to water pipes. Busted water pipes can cost thousands of dollars to fix the pipes and repair the property damage from the water.
  • Many people in Great Falls, VA work from home and if they were unable to work several days during an outage, it could cost them thousands of dollars in revenue.

The damage from just one power outage to your home in Great Falls, VA that lasts several days could more than pay for a whole house residential generator. So many people wait until after they lose thousands of dollars on personal and property damage due to a major outage caused by mother nature rather than invest early in a residential generator.

Call today and schedule an appointment with a residential generator dealer to come to your Great Falls, Va home for a free and under no obligation assessment.

How to Know Which Residential Generator is Right for you in Potomac, MD

There are two different categories of residential generators. How do you know which residential generator is right for your home in Potomac, MD? Power outages disable heating and air-conditioning systems, refrigerators and freezers, water pumps and lighting. Without power your pipes could freeze and burst, your food could spoil, and your sump pump could fail, flooding your basement.

As a homeowner, you would need to determine how much you are willing to spend and how much inconvenience you and your family are willing to endure if you lost electrical power for days.

Categories of Residential Generators

Automatic standby systems are the easiest and most reliable sources of backup energy you can invest in. These types of residential generators offer unlimited and continuous run times for your family’s safety and convenience at your home in Potomac, MD.

Powered by natural or propane gas, an automatic standby residential generator will automatically turn on whenever the electrical power goes out. The best thing about these generators is that you do not even have to be home.

Sometimes in a bad storm, you can be left stranded away from your home in Potomac, MD and with a standby residential generator, you will no longer have to worry about your pipes freezing, your food spoiling, or your basement flooding. Once your electrical power comes back on, the standby residential generator will shut off on its own.

Portable generators require you to connect manually. This particular type of residential generator is powered by gasoline, and some can provide electric up to ten hours before refueling. A portable residential generator is on a wheeled frame which allows you to transport to provide power where needed in Potomac, MD.

During a power outage in Potomac, MD, a portable generator can power the more important items you need such as lights, refrigerator, space heaters, and a window air-conditioner. Portable generators are great because they can power household items during an emergency but they can also be useful for other reasons including:

• Tailgate parties
• Camping
• DIY projects

The most critical reason for investing in a residential generator is for your family’s safety during an emergency power outage in Potomac, MD.