Do Standby Generators Increase a Property’s Value in McLean, VA?

Most homeowners in McLean, VA never think about a standby generator for their homes until their power goes out and the temperature in the house reaches 95 degrees in the summer or 20 degrees in the winter, no running water, and the food has spoiled in the refrigerator, and the freezer is full of melted products. There is no way to charge the cell phones, and the candles are just about gone.

When homeowners invest money in their homes in McLean, VA, they usually go with an investment that will increase the value of their homes. With that taken into consideration, if you are wondering will standby generators increase a property’s value, the answer is yes. It might not be the best investment if you are looking to make a significant return on the purchase and the installation of a new standby generator for your McLean, VA home. But it will undoubtedly give you peace of mind.

Purchasing standby generators for homes in McLean, VA will bring higher returns to homeowner’s investments depending on these factors—

  • Home’s location—if you live in an area where there are frequent storms along with recurrent power outages, new home buyers are more apt to pay for the peace of mind that a standby generator can give them. On the flip side, if you don’t have that many damaging storms, then your investment won’t bring as much of a return.
  • How often you lose power—If you are in an area in McLean, VA with overhead lines, you are more likely to experience power loss than with underground lines. Maybe you experience frequent outages even when there is no storm. If this is the case, a standby generator is a must. Even with underground lines connected to a strong grid, you may still experience power outages at different times. For a home buyer, this would qualify as a “nice to have” but not a necessity.

Where ever your McLean, VA home falls on a scale of power outages, you may or may not recoup investing in a standby generator. But if you have ever been left in the dark for days on end, or maybe even weeks, just one time is enough to want to have peace of mind knowing that your life will continue as usual—no significant disruption for your household in McLean, VA.

Standby Generators Relieves Frustration for Centreville, VA Families

Have you ever experienced being without any electricity for extended periods of time at your home in Centreville, VA? If you have, you know first-hand how frustrating it can be for you and your family. We are a spoiled society who doesn’t like to be without the necessities to take care of our families.

Investing in standby generators could be your solution so that your future will never be dim when your lights go out. Standby generators will automatically take over whenever there is a power failure in Centreville, VA.

It doesn’t matter if you are home or away because you will never have to worry rather or not if your appliances at home weren’t operating such as your freezer or refrigerator. You won’t have to agonize about your food spoiling. You won’t ever again have to come home to a dark house with no way to cook meals for your family nor no way to take a shower.

Lately, it seems as though Centreville has been hit by one storm after another. Downpours of rain almost every single day and some hard enough to knock out power lines and families are being left with no utility power.

Purchasing standby generators will not only save you the frustration of being without power, but it also adds extra value to your home. If down the road you decide to sell your home, standby generators are certainly a great selling feature.

Centreville, VA homeowners are relying more and more on standby generators to make their life more stress-free and simple. You can protect your home with the comfort of knowing that when a disaster strikes such as a severe storm and all power is lost, when you look outside and everything has turned dark, you and your family will still be able to enjoy all the comforts of home.

Pullin Electric is a family-owned electrical contractor company who has been in the business for 35 years. We offer a free in-home assessment where we will come to your home and do an evaluation for the needs of your particular family and home and recommend the standby generator backup system that will best meet your families needs.

Selecting Standby Generators for Homes in Great Falls, VA

The hurricane season is upon us and now is the time for homeowners in Great Falls, VA to consider selecting a standby generator for their home and their family’s peace of mind. No longer do you have to be inconvenienced when your power goes out.

Power outages can be quite costly and extremely dangerous. Prolonged power outages can cause your food to spoil, pipes to freeze in freezing weather, basements to flood, and those people who depend on medical devices to be threatened for their life if these devices don’t have electrical power.

Standby generators can help make your life so much simpler in cases of prolonged power outages because these generators are permanently installed and turn on automatically once you lose utility power. You don’t even have to be at home.

To help in selecting of your standby generator, you will need to consider your family’s needs and exactly what you want your generator to power if you lose utility power.

How Much Power Will You Need?

First, you will need to decide if you want to power your central air conditioner unit during a power outage. If you have a 4-ton (48,000 BTU) air conditioner unit, you will need at least a 17-watt generator.

Next, add up the number of watts for all the electrical devices you want to supply power to with your generator.

Divide the total number of watts by 1,000 and that will give you the total kilowatts (KW) and then look for a generator rated for that output or higher.

Automatic Transfer Switch

This is the device that tells your generator to start once you lose electrical power. Automatic transfer switches come in a variety of sizes. Typically, match the transfer switch to the main breaker in your electrical panel. If you have a 200-Amp main breaker, then you will need a 200-Amp automatic transfer switch.

Alternatively, just leave it to the professionals at Pullin Electric and we will send one of our licensed and trained installers to your home in Great Falls, VA for a free assessment. You are under no obligation to purchase anything from us.

Our professionals will discuss your backup power needs for your family and home and then recommend the size generator unit you will need. They will also discuss what is involved during the installation process and where the best location will be outside for the unit to sit. They will then give you a written estimate for the cost of the standby generator and the installation costs at your home in Great Falls, VA.