At Home Safety Electrical Repairs for McLean, VA Homeowners

For those do-it-yourselfers and some who are not in McLean, VA, repairing and replacing switches and outlets might be within your reach of common sense electrical repairs for your home.

With numerous help books and websites, with a little bit of guidance, patience, and persistence, you might even be able to handle electrical repairs such as installing a new light fixture or possibly a ceiling fan.

However, when it comes to changing a service panel or adding a new circuit to your home in McLean, VA, these electrical repairs should be left to the experts.

Anyone who attempts any home electrical repair should have a healthy respect for electricity. Practicing safety for home electrical repairs in McLean, VA includes—

Turn the Power Off—The most critical safety tip for electrical repairs. Never work on anything electric that is hooked up to power.

Turn the Breakers Off—Turning off the switch is not enough. Someone could come along and turn it on. Make sure you turn off the breaker in the panel box.

Tag or Tape the Breaker—Take the time to tape the breaker to warn others in the household that you are working on this particular circuit breaker. Tagging each breaker with its location at your home in McLean, VA helps to know which breaker goes where within the home, so you do not have to keep flipping breakers to know which one you need to turn off for electrical repairs or if you trip a breaker.

Let Others Know—Whenever working on anything electrical in your McLean, VA home, make others aware so they will not accidentally turn something back on.

Check for Power at the Boxes—Even though you have turned off the power and turned off the breaker, make sure the power is off. It could be possible that you might have turned off the wrong breaker. Always use a voltage tester to make sure the power is off at your McLean, VA home.


  • Never work on electrical repairs at your McLean, VA home in locations that are wet.
  • Never work near power lines. You cannot shut these power lines off. You might be killed if you come in contact with these lines.