Electric Repairs for Damaged Receptacles in Potomac, MD

When you are constantly plugging and unplugging appliances into receptacles at your home in Potomac, MD, they can become easily damaged and require electric repairs. These electrical receptacles provide constant and convenient use. Still, oftentimes you might forget the electrical current is only shielded by a thin plastic cover that covers the inner metal parts of the outlet.

Receptacles are the workhorses of your Potomac, MD home’s electrical system. These outlets where lamps, space heaters, electrical equipment, small appliances over and over are always being plugged into will eventually wear out or become damaged and will need electric repair.

Sometimes just to upgrade your electrical system at your home in Potomac, MD, you may want to replace your receptacles to be up with the latest electrical code requirements.

Some common problems with outlet receptacles that need electric repairs include—

  • Worn-out Slots—The metal contact points inside the outlet are designed to grip the prongs on cord plugs firmly. Sometimes these contact will wear and lose their power to grip. Plugs will feel loose inside the slots in the receptacle. This creates greater electrical resistance and heat, which can cause issues in the wiring and may cause your circuit breaker to trip. You may also hear crackling or see sparks. This electric repair should be done asap, and you should quit using the outlet until it is repaired.
  • GFCI Protection—Depending on how old your electrical system is at your Potomac, MD home, you should replace any outlets next to water, such as in the bathroom or kitchen countertops near a sink or outdoors, with a GFCI outlet for protection.

Anytime you make an electric repair at your home in Potomac, MD, you should always upgrade to the newest requirements to meet current electrical codes. Any necessary electric repairs are for you and your family’s protection. The last thing you want is for a fire to start because of a faulty electrical wire that gets too hot.

When you hire the team at Pullin Electric, you can rest assured that they will suggest the best way to go about any upgrades your electrical system may need while making any electric repairs at your home in Potomac, MD.