Endless Possibilities with Home Automation Systems in Great Falls, VA

There are endless possibilities In today’s world when you install home automation systems for your home in Great Falls, VA. With home automation systems, you can control just about anything in your home, including lights, temperature, appliances, security systems, home entertainment, and the list goes on.

Lighting—With the touch of a button or by using your Smartphone, you can turn all the lights on in a given room and turn them off. Motion sensors can signal your home automation system to turn lights on in designated areas when you enter and off once you leave.

You can preset your system to automatically turn on outside landscape lighting at a particular time in the evening when the sun is setting and to turn off when the sun is rising. Have your landscaping lights come on brighter at sunset and then dim them 20% at 11 PM to save on energy.

If you have kids who forget to turn the lights out before leaving for school, your home automation system can be set to turn the lights off automatically once they leave for school.

There are endless possibilities to control your lighting systems at your home in Great Falls, VA.

Security—Again, there are endless possibilities for home automation systems when it comes to your Great Falls, VA home’s security. Have you ever left your home in Great Falls, VA and get miles away from your home and wonder, ‘Did I lock the door?’ You can program your house doors when you leave for work to lock after your garage door closes. Set a timer for your garage door to close if it has been open for more than 10 minutes. Motion detectors installed in the garage will keep the doors open if you are working in your garage.

When video cameras are included with home automation systems,  Great Falls, VA homeowners can see who is at their front door, how well their children are playing in another room, and see what kind of critters pay them a visit at night.

Call the team at Pullin Electric, and they can help recommend home automation systems that will meet all the needs of your particular family in Great Falls, VA.