Save Energy with Home Lighting Control in McLean, VA

By upgrading to home lighting control systems, McLean, VA homeowners can save on their energy bills. Lighting affects your everyday life and how you perform different tasks. There are different types of home lighting control systems and options from which to choose.

When homeowners in McLean, Va phase out older lighting with more modern technology, they can conserve energy and save money. Generally speaking, there are three types of home lighting control systems. There are dimmers, timers, and sensors—each with its own purpose and features.

Adding light dimmers to your home lighting control system in McLean, VA does exactly what it says; it dims lights. Besides turning lights on and off, light dimmers have the ability to decrease the brightness and reduce wattage and output, which can save on energy costs.

Motion sensor lighting controls are a great addition to McLean, VA homes as part of their home lighting control system. These sensors can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Sensor lighting controls use body heat and wavelengths, which make them particularly reliable too.

Motion sensor lighting is particularly useful for outdoor locations to light up areas after dark and lets you know someone is on your property. They are a great addition for your McLean, VA home’s security and utility lighting. These types of sensors will eliminate leaving lights on accidentally, which makes for big energy savings. It also saves the hassle of trying to find light switches inside your McLean, VA home after dark.

Lighting timer controls are programmable light switches that may be set for indoor and outside lights to turn on during a specific period of time, which regulates energy consumption. 

Two types of timer lighting controls are manual, which plug control lamps or light strings, and in–wall programmable digital timers, which automate outdoor and indoor lighting and looks like a digital thermostat.

Installing home lighting control systems benefits McLean, VA homeowners by saving money and energy. Call the team at Pullin Electric, and they will be more than glad to help you with all your home lighting control system needs.