At Home Safety Electrical Repairs for McLean, VA Homeowners

For those do-it-yourselfers and some who are not in McLean, VA, repairing and replacing switches and outlets might be within your reach of common sense electrical repairs for your home.

With numerous help books and websites, with a little bit of guidance, patience, and persistence, you might even be able to handle electrical repairs such as installing a new light fixture or possibly a ceiling fan.

However, when it comes to changing a service panel or adding a new circuit to your home in McLean, VA, these electrical repairs should be left to the experts.

Anyone who attempts any home electrical repair should have a healthy respect for electricity. Practicing safety for home electrical repairs in McLean, VA includes—

Turn the Power Off—The most critical safety tip for electrical repairs. Never work on anything electric that is hooked up to power.

Turn the Breakers Off—Turning off the switch is not enough. Someone could come along and turn it on. Make sure you turn off the breaker in the panel box.

Tag or Tape the Breaker—Take the time to tape the breaker to warn others in the household that you are working on this particular circuit breaker. Tagging each breaker with its location at your home in McLean, VA helps to know which breaker goes where within the home, so you do not have to keep flipping breakers to know which one you need to turn off for electrical repairs or if you trip a breaker.

Let Others Know—Whenever working on anything electrical in your McLean, VA home, make others aware so they will not accidentally turn something back on.

Check for Power at the Boxes—Even though you have turned off the power and turned off the breaker, make sure the power is off. It could be possible that you might have turned off the wrong breaker. Always use a voltage tester to make sure the power is off at your McLean, VA home.


  • Never work on electrical repairs at your McLean, VA home in locations that are wet.
  • Never work near power lines. You cannot shut these power lines off. You might be killed if you come in contact with these lines.

Forget No More with Home Automation Systems in McLean, VA

Nothing smells better than to wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you have probably already had one of the coffee pots where you can program your coffee to be ready at such and such a time. Expand on that with a vast number of devices that can be programmed to do what you want and when you want. Home automation systems for homes in McLean, VA can do most anything you forget to do or no longer want to do.

A home automation system for homes in McLean, VA can put your mind to ease so you no longer have to be concerned about things such as—

  • Forgetting to lock your door.
  • Forgetting to turn on the sprinkler system to water the lawn and turn it off afterward.
  • Forgetting to turn off the coffee pot or curling iron.
  • Forgetting to cut back the throttle on the thermostat for your heat or air conditioning.
  • Forgetting to turn off the lights.

Maybe you are not one to forget most everyday mundane tasks, but occasionally, don’t you ever wonder whether or not you turned off an appliance that heats up and could catch on fire? With modern technology of home automation systems, you can design your home in McLean, VA with everything right at your fingertip.

Home automation systems allow you to come home to a toasty house because you were able to turn up the heat on the thermostat before leaving from work so that it would be comfortable when you walked inside the door. As you pull up your driveway, sensors can brighten up your driveway and walkways with illuminating landscaping lights.

The inside of your home in McLean, VA can be lit up, so you do not have to walk into a completely darkened home. You can even unlock your front door after parking your car. No need to have to search for your house key. Home automation systems can make life much more relaxed and convenient for McLean, VA homeowners.

Once you come indoors and settle into your routine, you do not have to worry about turning all the outside lights off because they can be programmed to go off at a particular time with home automation systems in McLean, VA.

Pullin Electric has been installing home automation systems for McLean, VA homeowners for many years. With over 35 years experience in all things electric, Pullin Electric offers excellent customer service with high-quality merchandise.

Kohler Home Generators Give Peace of Mind to Homeowners in Centreville, VA

A Kohler home generator for homes in Centreville, VA can offer your family peace of mind during a major electrical outage. Generators provide safety in so many ways that today it is almost a must-have appliance for homes. We depend on electricity for most everything in our home, and without these things, some families are totally lost.

Unlike portable generators, Kohler home generators are installed permanently outside your home in Centreville, VA on a concrete pad just like your central air-conditioning unit. It will provide your Centreville, VA home with uninterrupted backup service for days.

These generators are powered by an external fuel supply, either by natural or propane gas and hooked up directly to your electrical panel box. Remember if you are not hooked up to natural gas and rely on liquid propane gas, you will depend on the tank to be filled in times of emergency. If your tank is not full and the roads are bad, you might not be able to get a delivery of gas.

An automatic transfer switch will disconnect you from your utility once it determines there has been an interruption in your electrical service. The switch will start up your Kohler home generator transferring the power to your home’s electrical panel.

Once your power comes back on, the automatic transfer switch will shut down the Kohler home generator and reconnect your house to the grid. This convenient, automatic process is what puts Centreville, VA homeowners at ease giving them the peace of mind of owning Kohler home generators.

The transfer switch prevents electricity from back feeding to the grid, which can start fires and also harm utility workers who are attempting to restore the power back to your Centreville, VA neighborhood; making it a safety mechanism also.

Generators are purchased according to the number of appliances and gadgets that you will need to operate at your home during an emergency. The price of generators goes up the more you want to power up in your Centreville, VA home. Keep in mind that you will only be using your Kohler home generator in a temporary situation.

Have peace of mind with a Kohler home generator. Be prepared for the next major electrical outage in your Centreville, VA neighborhood.

Conserve Energy with Home Lighting Control in McLean, VA

The ability to control the level and quality of light to a definite space for specific tasks or situations can be achieved with home lighting control. Quality lighting is often never fulfilled. Whatever came with the house when you bought or built in McLean, VA is usually what you have grown accustomed to in your everyday life. With home lighting control at your home in McLean, VA, you can enjoy more of what lighting should be to so that you can see better for mundane tasks and dim light for a more relaxing experience.

You can also save quite a bit of energy for your home in McLean, VA with home lighting control.

Dimming Light—most average light controls in McLean, VA homes are a simple on/off switch. Your fixture is putting out the same amount of light whether it is in the middle of the day or late at night. Dimmers can control the amount of light needed for certain tasks, situations, or moods. This also saves energy as well.

Dynamic Lighting—affects how one thinks and feels. Changes in brightness and hue stimulate a person’s well-being and keeps one feeling refreshed and alerted.

Daylight Harvesting—manages energy by reducing the amount of light needed to light up a space by utilizing natural and artificial light present and dimming or turning off lighting when enough ambient light is present or if the space is no longer occupied. Home lighting control systems can dim or switch lighting according to the changing daylight availability. Shades can be used along with dimmers to control lighting in your McLean, VA home.

Your home in McLean, VA can be more energy efficient with a home lighting control system. With daylight sensors, you can adjust shades and overhead lights to maintain the perfect lighting for your daily schedule. You can set the mood for any room in your house with home lighting control.

With an added security system for your home in McLean, VA, home lighting control can switch all of the lights on if an intruder would enter your home while also making the intruder aware and notifying the law enforcement to know where your home is located.


Weather the Storms with Kohler Home Generators in Potomac, MD

Hurricane season this year has been overwhelmingly brutal causing some areas major devastation. In other areas, high gusty winds and excessive rain still caused a great deal of tree damage and extensive flash flooding. Fallen trees and limbs brought about an overwhelmingly widespread of power outages.

Are you prepared to weather future storms in Potomac, MD? Unfortunately, you never know when Mother Nature can cause havoc for you and your family. Why not be ready for the next blackout in your area with a new Kohler home generator from Pullin Electric serving Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area. Pullin has been providing residential and business owners in Potomac, MD exceptional Kohler home generator sales, installation, and service to make life easier and much more comfortable when unexpected power losses occur.

Older adults who live alone in Potomac, MD might not be able to survive a power outage for too long. Losing electrical power in the dead of winter with freezing temperatures could cause hypothermia—extreme cold or in the summer with intense heat could cause hyperthermia—extreme heat. Losing power for some adults who depend on electricity for medical devices can be life-threatening.

Elderly adults living in Potomac, MD could greatly benefit by investing in a Kohler home generator. Once it is installed, they can just sit back and rest assured they won’t freeze or get overheated, their food won’t spoil, they can cook, bath, wash dishes and curl up with a good book or watch a little TV.

Kohler home generators are installed just outside the home usually on a pad and close to your air conditioning unit if you have one. The Kohler home generators run on either propane or natural gas depending on what is available in your area in Potomac, MD. Your Kohler home generator will automatically come on within seconds of a power outage. Whether you are at home in Potomac, MD or miles and miles away, it will turn on within seconds of losing electricity.

Call Pullin Electric in Potomac, MD and get all the important facts about Kohler home generators. They can work with you and your budget to provide the best Kohler home generator to meet the needs of you your family.

Weather the next storm with a Kohler home generator.

Commercial Generators in Manassas, VA Serviced by Industrial Electric Contractors

Now that winter is close by, it would be wise to have your industrial generator serviced by industrial electric contractors in Manassas, VA. Pullin Electric offers 24/7 emergency generator service but it would better benefit your business by keeping a maintenance plan so your generator continues to perform at peak performance when you experience a power loss.

It is imperative to schedule regular service for your industrial generator in Manassas, VA to keep it running efficiently. Having industrial electric contractors service your generator is critical to your business, to keep it up and running. It just might prolong the lifecycle or your unit as well.

Industries in Manassas, VA that benefits the most when industrial electric contractors service industrial generators include—

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Financial Institutions
  • Data Centers
  • Control Centers
  • Medical Facilities
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Military Operations

To keep your generator in top condition, these services are recommended and should be done by a Manassas, VA industrial electric contractor—

  • Screen for rodents and leaves inside the unit
  • Fluid Sampling—yearly
  • Load Bank Test—yearly
  • Block Heater Replacement—every 2 years
  • Battery Replacement—every 3 years
  • Coolant Flush—every 3 years
  • Belts and Hoses Replacement—every 5 years

Your industrial electric contractor will be able to diagnose and correct any minor problems during a scheduled service before it becomes a much bigger problem and more costly to repair.

Correctly maintained generators by your local Manassas, VA industrial electric contractor on a regular basis should eliminate your industrial generator from failing and needing an emergency repair which can be a little pricier. This also causes your business downtime until either the power comes back on or your generator is fixed.

The production of a workplace relies on power to operate. Having an industrial electric contractor such as Pullin Electric in Manassas, VA at your service will enable your generator to keep your business running and profiting through a power loss. Pullin Electric is an industrial electrical contractor whose experience and superior service to their clients have benefited businesses by relying on their 24/7 emergency service.

Making Life Easier With a Home Control System in Great Falls, VA

Adding new technology to your home in Great Falls, VA such as a home control system can be extremely confusing for those who are not technically inclined. With Pullin Electric by your side, in no way should that make you any less likely to venture into something entirely new.

You can manage your home rather you have a small home or large home, a new home or an older home. There is always a home control system that can be installed for you and your family at your Great Falls, VA home and with a little bit of instruction, you can enjoy all the comforts of managing your home at the touch of your fingertip.

Most older children are pretty savvy in technology, so if you have teenage children, they too can help you out until you get the hang of all that can be done with a home control system.

A home control system for your Great Falls, VA home can control your lights, thermostats, security system, audio system or home theater equipment; basically, anything that uses electrical power.

With busy schedules that most families have these days, a home control system is ideal. You can turn off lights automatically when leaving your home or leaving a room; you can have them automatically come back on when you are due to arrive home or manually turn them on from your phone shortly before your arrival. This way you will no longer waste electricity if you forget to turn lights off and no longer have to come into an unlit home in Great Falls, VA.

You can save on energy with thermostat controls which enable you to cut back on the heat or air during the day when no one is at home and then having it turn on shortly before you come home from your long day at work.

If you have young children coming home from school while you are still at work, cameras can be installed as part of your home control system, and you can watch remotely from your phone or computer at work to see that they arrive home safe and keep an eye on them until you return home.

So many devices can be incorporated into your home control system in Great Falls, VA to make your life easier and less stressful. Consult with Pullin Electric, a local home control system dealer near you in Great Falls, VA  and see what options are available for the needs of your family and one that will meet your budget.


The Generator Installation Process for your Home in McLean, VA

During an outage usually the first thing to go is your food. If your McLean, VA home doesn’t have a gas or wood stove for a backup heating source and you were without electrical power during extremely cold weather, how would you stay warm? A generator installation keeps your power on during a power outage. The unit sits outside your home and comes on automatically within a couple of seconds of losing power. Your generator works rather you are at home or away from home.

A home generator installation powers your home in McLean, VA including lights, heating and air condition units, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems, refrigerators and freezers and other home appliances depending on the size unit you purchase. Generators come in different sizes to accommodate which items you want to be powered during an outage.

A generator installation at your McLean, VA home involves more than just plugging it in and cranking it up. If you have an HOA where you live in McLean, VA you will first need to get their approval for a generator installation as well as any permits that are needed in McLean, VA. After you decide on the brand and size generator you need for your particular lifestyle during a power outage, choose the location for the unit outside your McLean, VA home.

Most homeowners will install their generators close to their heating and air-conditioning unit. This may mean pouring a slab for your generator to sit on. Once the slab has cured, your generator can be delivered. Then you will need a certified electrician and plumber to hook it up to the home.

  • An electrical subpanel with a transfer switch will need to be installed next to the main electrical panel box.
  • Critical circuits will need to be redirected from the main to the subpanel.
  •  Electric lines from the transfer switch need to be connected to the generator.
  • Proper connections need to be made from the fuel source (propane or natural gas) to the generator.
  • Gas and electrical connection need to be made to the rear of the generator.

Once your generator installation has been properly completed, it will be tested, and then you should be good to go when the next storm takes out your electrical power. Most generator installations will pay for themselves if you are ever without power for a long period of time. When you have no way to keep your food cold or keep water from flowing into your basement when your sump pump no longer works because of an outage, you are looking at major repair and replacement costs. Invest in a generator installation for your McLean, VA and keep your home working when you lose power.

Homes in McLean, VA Never in the Dark Again With Kohler Generators

Never be in the dark again at your home in McLean, VA with a Kohler Generator. A standby home generator from Kohler will keep your power running during an outage at your home. Kohler Generators are placed outside your home, usually on a concrete slab just like your AC unit. The generator will automatically come on within seconds of a power outage—whether you are home or away.

A standby home Kohler Generator runs either on propane or natural gas, so you never need to leave your home in McLean, VA to refuel.

Power your whole house in Mclean, VA or the bare necessities that you and your family might need to survive a power outage. The bigger the unit, the more it will power up. The larger the unit, the more expensive it will cost, but the great thing is that Kohler Generators will have a unit that will meet your budget to power your home in McLean, VA.

Take a look at what Kohler Generators can power up for homes in McLean, VA—

  1. Fridge/Freezer—Normally the first thing to go bad during an outage is food. Installing a Kohler Generator for your home in McLean, VA will save you much hard-earned cash.
  2. Electronics—Stay connected with the outside world by keeping the TV, tablet, computer, and cell phones powered and protected from erratic power surges.
  3. Lights—Never be in the dark again.
  4. Water—Running water is high on most people’s list especially with no power. Water is needed for drinking, cleaning and flushing toilets. Kohler Generators will keep it flowing if you have well water and will also keep water out of your basement if your home depends on a sump pump. The generator will keep your faucets, toilets, showers, washing machine, sump pump and more working as it should be.
  5. Heat/AC—Whatever time of the year, winter or summer, extremely chilly or hot, your HVAC will keep your home comfy and well protected.

With a unit such as a Kohler Generator for your McLean, VA home, you will never be in the dark again for most power outages.

Home Automation Systems Offer Convenience to Homeowners in Manassas, VA

Flash back to the days at your home in Manassas, VA when changing the channels on TV had to be done manually. Surfing for a channel or turning up the volume meant you had to get up off the couch and go to the TV set and manually operate it.

Generations who remember manually operating a TV know what an inconvenience it was and now enjoy today’s remote control which saves them the steps back and forth from their chair to the TV. Later generations only know how to operate a TV with a remote control right at your fingertips. A home automation system at your home in Manassas, VA offers the same convenience as your remote control but expands on a broader scale.

Using home automation systems for homes in Manassas, VA allows homeowners to adjust lights, temperature and other elements of the home for arrival or departure, at bedtime and other occasions. This is a huge convenience and time saver for those with a busy schedule.

Benefits of installing home automation systems—

  • Safety and Security. Your Manassas, VA home security system can be enhanced even more when tied into a home automation systems which allows you to receive a text message the instant there is an unauthorized access at your home. You no longer have to wait for the provider to call you. You can also link your surveillance camera to your smartphone and can view the situation so you can react accordingly.
  • Instant Status. With a home automation system for your Manassas, VA home, you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of your children, know if the lights are on or off in a particular room if the doors or windows are opened or closed, and if the garage door is open or shut. All this information can be shared with you while either at home, away from home at work, or miles and miles away from home at a remote vacation spot.
  • Comfort and Enjoyment. A home automation system installed at your home in Manassas, VA can add comfort and enjoyment to your everyday busy schedule by providing you access to home electronics or appliances at the tip of your fingers on your smartphone, tablet, or touch screen.