Manage your McLean, VA Home with Home Automation

Imagine getting up in the morning at your home in McLean, VA, and your coffee is ready, your house is vacuumed, the temperature is comfortable, and your shower is running at the right temperature waiting for you to step in. There is no limit as to how home automation can help you manage your home with Smart Home technology.

You can control your complete home with home automation with these smart devices and your cell phone.

  • Lighting—You can manage your lighting to come on at a specific time, use sensors that will turn on the lights when you enter a room and off when you leave the room. You can set outside path lighting to come on when you pull into your driveway and go off once you are inside your home. How cool is that? Never come home in McLean, VA to an unlit house.
  • Thermostats—Manage your thermostats wherever you are. With home automation, you will never have to waste energy when you are not at your home in McLean, VA, or when you retire for the night. Schedule your thermostat to stay at a set temperature when at home and at a different temperature when you are away—no sense in overheating or overcooling your home if there is no one home.
  • Video Doorbells—These doorbells can alert you when someone is at your door and show you video footage of who is there. With intercom technology as part of your home automation system for your McLean, VA home, you can even talk to the visitor outside your door.
  • Robot Vacuums—While you are sleeping or away at work, your robot maid can vacuum for you so that you wake up or come home to a clean vacuumed house in McLean, VA. How great is that?
  • Automatic Sprinklers—Never look at a dry, brown-grass lawn again. So many homeowners in McLean, VA have such busy lives that they often miss watering their yards. With home automation for your sprinkler system, you can schedule when your sprinklers come on and go off, typically early in the morning is the best time.

Whatever your home automation needs are for your home in McLean, VA, call the team at Pullin Electric, and they can advise you of all the different ways to manage your home and make your life more enjoyable.